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Speakers’ Corner in London has been the home of free speech for more than 300 years, yet yesterday (SUN) this haven for open-air public speaking and debate was severely threatened as dozens of masked Antifa thugs descended on Hyde Park intent on violence.

Dressed all in black with bandanas, hoods and sunglasses protecting their identity, they were held back by lines of police as identitarian movement Generation Identity hosted a number of speeches including one from Cologne-born Freya Honold. The German was in Britain representing the #120dB movement which is campaigning to raise awareness over the increased sexual abuse and violence German women are facing thanks to Angela Merkel’s decision to import more than a million migrants and refugees from across South Asia and Africa.

Had it been up to Antifa, Honold’s voice would have been silenced and trampled upon. So, in the spirit of free speech, here is a transcript of her eleven-minute speech in full…

“Hello London, I am honoured to talk to you today. I am an activist from Germany and I am here to speak about a new campaign called 120dB.

“120 decibels is the sound volume of a standard pocket alarm. Those pocket alarms are designed to be activated in situations of urgent danger following a potential hazardous attack drawing attention to the victim and to scare off the attacker. Those pocket alarms are now being sold in your local jack stores creating the impression that this is now a regular part of our everyday life.

“The reason we started this movement is because sexual violence against women as a result of uncontrolled, mass immigration from mostly Muslim countries is swept under the carpet by our officials and media. The current state is unbearable for anyone with a healthy mind. Women are being raped, tortured and killed over nothing – just out of boredom and disrespect.

“It is not just directed at young or middle-aged women. Also ladies in their 80s and girls of maybe seven years are being molested. And it has become clear that those sexual predators have no boundaries and that the crimes are getting more and more perverted. As a women, I can literally feel the disrespect coming from some of those migrants when I ride the bus or walk along the streets of my city and have them look at me like I am some sort of fair game just because I dare to wear my hair open.

“And I can tell you, nothing is as frustrating as knowing that even if you stand up for yourself they will laugh in your face and give you a look like you are worth nothing just because you are a woman. This is something I have experienced growing up in Cologne and surrounding area and it is really no wonder that men with a mindset like this do not stop at anything when committing the most gruesome crimes. In their eyes, women are the property of men, and infidel women are worth no more than animals.

“You feel how the general feeling in the public spaces changed for women all across Europe. Women feel like it is necessary to visit self-defence classes before going out at night, meaning if they still do so. Criminals and sexual predators have existed before the beginning of mankind and it has always been risky to walk the streets alone at night as a woman. But I think we can all agree how the fact that the number of incidents of sexual violence has significantly increased in the past three years as well as the brutality and lack of remorse in which these crimes are being perpetrated. A set example of said crimes is the case of Maria Ladenburger a young German woman from Freiburg who was strangled until unconscious, and then raped and drowned in a local river. Upon being arrested, he stated ‘why all the fuss? It is just a woman’. Back in 2013, he was arrested in Greece and put in jail for 10 years for trying to rob a woman and then throwing her across the fence of a cliff. The woman just survived because she managed to turn herself mid-air and not hitting her head first thing when hitting the ground. Because of the change in the local law, he was able to get out of jail after serving only two of the 10 years of his sentence and then was able to come to Germany.

“The contempt for the lives and wellbeing of women is shocking and most people especially Western men can not relate to that. There is no doubt that there is some correlation between these men and being Muslim and their disregard for Western women’s basic rights.

“120dB is calling out things like this. We chose this name because we want to be loud against imported sexual violence and we want other women to be loud too. This is not just a movement for patriots, this is for every last women in Europe that now has to fear for her safety and the safety of her loved ones because our officials have no intention of protecting them. But also, this movement is not just for women, men play a major supporting role too. Those men care for their mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, wives, or girlfriends. Our first action, as you might know, was the disturbance of the #MeToo event in Berlin at the Berlinale Festival in February. It was meant to talk about sexual harassment of women in the film industry – these people are always the first to declare that you need to be brave and open about sexual harassment in this case, and that every victim has to be approached and heard. But when we went on stage and asked them to discuss the topic of imported sexual violence and its victims, a topic that is almost completely negated by the media, they suddenly got very quiet.

“They shouted ‘Nazis’ at us while we quietly held up pictures of the victims of current politics. After they told us that they are not going to discuss with us, we left the stage but not without triggering a pocket alarm at 120 decibel giving them a taste of their own medicine.

“The whole event was highly hypocritical – you can damage anyone’s reputation by saying ‘he raped you with his eyes’ and complimented you in an inappropriate way but as soon as you mention that there has been a significant increase in sexual violence of extraordinary brutality against women that correlates with the uncontrolled mass immigration from Muslim countries we are shut down by the media, calling you a Nazi and a fascist for simply stating facts and telling the truth. It is as if #MeToo is only for the victims of white, Western men.


“Our second big action took place at the end of March when a couple of brave young women went to the Parliament to draw attention to the severe deficits in the state of the German women’s safety. The triggering for this action was the death of 17-year-old Mireille who was murdered by an Afghan asylum seeker whose appliance for asylum had already been declined. These women stood there demanding our right of integrity and the re-migration of all the illegal and criminal immigrants as well as the reconstruction of the constitutional state where the political left cannot just bend the law whenever they feel like it. In the German town, Kandel, a 15-year-old girl called Mia was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend, an asylum seeker also from Afghanistan who was allegedly also 15-yearts-old – his age was later corrected to about 20 years. After several months of relationship, she filed charges against him for libel and harassment. Shortly after, he stabbed her to death. His application for asylum was denied in 2017 but yet his eviction was never realised. He remained in Germany and because of that had the chance to murder an innocent girl. This case, as well as the case of Maria Ladenburger, have become prime examples of the imported sexual violence against women in Germany. In remembrance to those young victims, there is a regular demonstration in the small city of Kandel averaging up to 4,000 participants.

“Often people see 120dB as a direct opponent to the #MeToo movement, calling us the real feminists. Although we definitely do not want to be associated with those extreme third-way feminists who decide the best way to reach their political goals is to strip to their underwear and write slogans across their chest. We believe it is beneficial that the general population will start to see us as the true women’s rights activists. The left is eternally torn between advocating the liberation of women and any shape of form the acceptance of countless, illegal Muslim migrants from misogynistic societies in the name of neo-Marxist multiculturalism.

“One argument of our political opponents is that we claim that all sexual violence is imported, and that every single perpetrator is a Muslim migrant. This claim is obviously false. We did not, and never will, negate that there are other forms of sexual violence against women and violence in general. It is like one of our fellow activists from Austria said, just because you do cancer research on colon cancer does not mean that you negate the existence of any other cancer there is. We are here because the mainstream and the #MeToo movement only talk about sexual violence that is politically correct.

“If you are a victim of imported sexual violence and share your story, you will be accused of exploiting the happenings or even lying in general which can be incredibly traumatising for the victim. It is a shame that these self-proclaimed women’s rights activists only talk about sexual harassment if it is a Western man who has done it. And that is why we chose to raise our voices to defend the rights of European women.

“We are proud to say that men and women from all over Europe are deciding to join the movement and start spreading awareness on the effects of uncontrolled, illegal mass immigration from males with medieval mindsets and from predominantly Muslim countries. This gets more and more important every day but since a single look in a newspaper and you can see that the situation is progressively getting worse and worse – by spreading the word we can potentially save the lives of numerous women all across Europe.

“Now I can just urge you to join the campaign and motivate your women to stand up for their safety and their future. In Germany we say ‘candles everywhere’ which a tragic incident of the abuse of maybe more than a thousand young women in Telford and Rotherham proved to be also true for Britain. We have to act now to secure a future worth living in for our women – it is worth fighting for. Thank you.”

Should the speech have been closed down? Is Freya right? As always, let us know in the comments below…

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