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June 7th 2019

By Anonymous

You are probably well-versed on the subject of left-wing bias in the higher education system. It is something which has thankfully received notable attention over the past few years. Personally, I have first-hand experience which I would like to share of how our higher education system in the UK has been thoroughly infiltrated by the hard-left, and used by political activists to advance their own ideology and indoctrinate students.

A few years ago I enrolled on a Politics undergraduate degree course at Sheffield Hallam University. At the time I was a naive politically un-opinionated person who only really applied to go on the course because I was unsure of what else to do, and had studied the subject part-time at A-level at my local college and found elements of it interesting. I also found there was pressure from the college to push as many students as possible towards University so that it would look good on the college’s own attainment rates.

So I went on this course; and I have to say, found it a very depressing experience. The course consisted of a group of left-wing lecturers from the politics and sociology departments who just used it to indoctrinate students into left-wing ideology. Virtually all the lecturers who taught here were on the hard-left of the political spectrum and taught from a completely one-sided perspective whereby they would uncritically promote their own viewpoint and attack or ignore all others. They also focused heavily on issues that were of importance to the hard-left at the expense of teaching useful content.

For example, the course contained a module on political ideologies. It was taught by a self-proclaimed anarchist. During this module, there was one lecture on Conservatism and one on Liberalism, and then about 4 or 5 on left-wing ideologies; Socialism, Communism, Feminism, Anarchism, etc. These left-wing subjects were taught about in a completely positive light, and if students made criticisms of them in seminar groups, the lecturer would disagree and dispute with them. 

We also had a final year module on ‘Anarchism’ taught by the same lecturer. Apart from being a waste of time learning about a fringe political theory at the expense of more relevant subject matter, the module was completely one-sided and promoted anarchism as a workable political philosophy while failing to address any criticisms of it. As with before, if students criticised anarchism in seminar groups, the lecturer would dispute with them. By contrast, if any students expressed support for anarchism or other left-wing points of view they would have praise lavished on them by the lecturer.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Whilst I was on the course we also had to endure lectures by sociology professors, and I’m not exaggerating when I use the word endure.

The lecturers pushed the stereotypical well-rehearsed postmodern nonsense that we have come to expect from sociologist pseudo-academics (at least one of them was an open Marxist). The teaching was centred around the idea that there is no objective reality, and instead focusing on people’s perceptions and feelings as a way to understand the world, suggesting that everything is just a ‘social construct’. It also focused heavily on race, gender and sexual orientation, which included an entire lecture on the whole ‘race is a social construct’ diatribe. This is all pseudo-intellectual rubbish and the disciple of sociology has since come under a lot of criticism for promoting these fringe left-wing theories that contradict basic science.

I since looked up a couple of these lecturers online and found some unsurprising results. One of them has a University profile stating her research interests include  “equality and diversity” and “how children conceptualise and operationalise identity and the impact that this has on their development”. While her Facebook page reveals she has ‘liked’ a number of far-left groups such as ‘International Solidarity Movement’, ‘Corbyn for PM’ and ‘Class War’; the group that abused Jacob Ress-Mogg in front of his kids outside his home.

Another of the sociology lecturers is an established far-left activist from the Sheffield area who was exposed by the Politicalite website last year for having ‘liked’ several Antifa Facebook pages and for sharing a post which appeared to endorse the ‘Class War’ attack on Rees-Mogg.

Other examples of lecturer bias I witnessed whilst at the University included a lecturer openly telling people during a lecture to vote Labour at the next General Election. While on another occasion, in a seminar, when a student suggested political correctness had gone too far, a lecturer promptly stated “no it hasn’t” and suggested the student watch left-wing comedian Stuart Lee’s stand-up routine on the subject.

Left-wing students fail to have their views challenged and instead receive confirmation bias from the lecturers who will generally agree with any viewpoints they express,  For example, there was a particularly obnoxious, vocal self-identifying communist on the course. This person’s views would often be reinforced by the lecturers. By contrast, the lecturers would argue with students expressing even a moderately centre-right point of view. I found this myself in a seminar when I stated I opposed ‘positive discrimination’ and found myself getting into a disagreement with the lecturer who supported it.

The University would also frequently arrange events for guest speakers to come in and talk to students about a subject of interest. Nothing wrong with that in itself, except every single speaker was from left-wing group. The speakers invited to talk to students whilst I was at the University included: Akala (left-wing musician), Linda McAvan (Labour MEP), Paul Bloomfield (Labour MP), Natascha Engel (Labour MP), Bill Adams (Trade Union Congress) and Ken Warren: a left-wing US University professor. 

The University also works with the nefarious organisation ‘Common Purpose’.


They openly boast of their links to the organisation on their website and whilst I was there Common Purpose training courses were offered to students.

However, the worst example of bias I witnessed while on the course was on a module titled Europe and the European Union.


It was taught by a man named Alan McGauley, a senior lecturer at the University who was also a longstanding local left-wing campaigner and member of the Labour Party. The whole module was a pro-EU propaganda course whereby in each lecture he would uncritically espouse the alleged benefits of EU membership, and rubbish any arguments for leaving. The module was completely one-sided and taught from a wholly pro-EU perspective, even the reading lists consisted solely of pro-EU literature. Students went into the module expecting to hear both sides of the argument and came out having only ever heard one side taught.

He also attacked movements opposed to immigration and multiculturalism, unfairly characterising them as extremist and ‘far-right’ (including UKIP). He frequently bashed UKIP in lectures and tried to paint them as an extreme movement, describing them as ‘golf club fascists’. He even urged people to vote Labour in the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Elections to prevent UKIP from winning, and stated that if UKIP were to come first in the 2014 European Parliament elections it would represent a ‘failure of democracy’. He also used the term ‘populist extremists’ to smear movements he opposed and suggested opposing immigration and multiculturalism was irrational and based on racism, stating that these propositions were supported by people, as he arrogantly termed it, who are ‘poorly educated’ and ‘working class’. Essentially this whole module served as a brainwashing exercise and was a total farce. It was merely a party political broadcast by an established member of the Labour Party at the taxpayers’ expense. (Included here are two lecture slides he delivered).

If anything, the University’s pro-EU bias seems to have intensified in recent years. The EU module now includes a five-day trip to Brussels (see link, section 2), and the University recently launched a project to ‘discuss’ Brexit in the predominately leave-voting Sheffield suburb of Gleadless Valley. Senior lecturers Alan McGauley and Andy Price operate Twitter accounts where they frequently propagate pro-EU canards. For example, Alan McGauley has labelled Brexiteers thick and accused elderly people of betraying the young.

These are just some of many examples. Overall, by the time students complete their degree, they come out with a distorted, ill-informed view of the world. Ironically less informed and able to think critically than when they began. The University completely fails in its’ duty towards students, but ultimately the left-wing lecturers succeed in their ambitions; having indoctrinated students into a certain line of thinking, these students then go on to occupy politically influential positions, where they can themselves propagate this left-wing ideology and put it into practice.

As for me, the left-wing bias I witnessed encouraged me to read and research more widely in opposition to what the lecturers were teaching, and by the time I completed the course I had become redpilled. Ultimately regretting the decision to have ever studied for this degree in the first place. I have since been involved in the Leave campaign in the EU referendum along with various other causes.

What is the cause of this and what can be done?

A 2017 study revealed 80% of University lecturers are left-wing, a figure that has risen over the past few decades. The number is certainly much higher for the social sciences to the point where it reaches near unanimity.

This has been attributed to a process known as the ‘long march through the institutions’, i.e. a deliberate tactic by the left to occupy positions within established institutions and then use their platform within them to politicise these institutions so that they propagate a left-wing agenda. The left-wing bias of the Universities along with virtually every other state institution is now apparent and indisputable. The left know exactly what they are doing and have worked for decades to build this influence.

Fortunately, information about the left-wing agenda of the Universities is now much more widespread and readily available than it was a few years ago when I was doing my degree. Many people such as Jordan Peterson have been doing an excellent job over the past few years of documenting this, and most of you will have seen the viral YouTube videos showing campus politics’ most ridiculous and comical manifestations (Trigglypuff anyone?). Peterson has also documented the decline in standards across the social sciences, such as the manipulation of the peer-review process by ideologically driven academics to produce their desired results, or how the pseudo-scientific doctrine of postmodernism is used to promote fringe ideologies that contradicts basic logic. Just last year a prominent feminist academic journal was duped when three scholars, who were concerned about left-wing dogma corrupting academia, submitted a series of frivolous satirical research papers making ridiculous propositions for the journal to consider for publication. The journal accepted several of them.

The result of this corruption of the Universities has been the devaluing of the validity of the social sciences as legitimate academic disciplines, to the extent where a degree in sociology is now about as academically valid as a degree in astrology.

Specifically regarding what can be done; Universities rely on Government subsidy to exist, and would be unable to survive in the marketplace if they had to generate their own income, so the obvious suggestion would be for the Government to withdraw funding from social science courses. What these courses are teaching no longer has any intellectual credibility or utility to society, and the increasing access to information and ability to study online is starting to make Universities as physical institutions redundant. So I would encourage people to get in touch with their elected representatives to this effect.

There may also be some utility in complaining to the Office for Students, the Governments Universities regulator.

Also, if anyone is currently undertaking a University degree or has any information about ideological corruption and bias on courses, collect and record evidence and then expose it, and complain to the relevant institutions.

As for me, I set up this website to document my experiences, to expose what is going on and to advise other students not to repeat the mistake of studying at Sheffield, Hallam.


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