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AltNewsMedia has been investigating the claims made by leading politicians, TV personalities and popular newspapers that the image of Noor Inayat Khan on the £50 would be an inspired choice as she was a heroic British Muslim who died fighting the Nazis in WW2.

Here are a few samples of what is being propagated in the legacy establishment media.

Ms Inayat Khan was the first Muslim heroine of the conflict, running Winston Churchill’s network of resistance communication in Paris, before being captured and tortured by the Gestapo, then murdered by the SS at Dachau concentration camp.

And then…

Calls for Muslim wartime heroine who ran Churchill’s resistance network in occupied France before being executed by the Nazis to be face of new £50 note

At every point she is presented as a “Muslim” heroine but the question is – why? There is little evidence to support this claim.

AltNewsMedia has looked into the actual background of Ms Khan and the following story emerges.

Her father was a famous Indian spiritual (Sufi) singer who came to Europe. For reasons unknown he abandoned his singing and started to preach. Her mother was an American. She was born in Moscow so presumably her father lived there for a while. She grew up in Paris. Her father was travelling a lot so it is presumed he was largely absent during her early years and he died  when he was in her early teens. At that time, with an American mother, it is hard to understand why she would have followed any Islamic lifetsyle in the Paris of the 1930’s. There is no evidence to suggest that she did. She went on to author books on Budddism so simply by writing such books it is inconceivable that she was a practising Muslim.


Such books would be banned in any Muslim country. The only thing that was Muslim about her was her name and it is this which is now being relentlessly and wrongfully culturally and politically misapproriated. Why?

From records published on Wikipedia, she was very limited as an effective spy. Her subseqent capture and murder by the Nazis was tragic, of course, and her heroism is not in doubt, but it is also worth considering that she arrived in the UK from France. She was really fighting for the French and was not a British citizen at all. Leaving her name aside, what then qualifies her to be on a British £50 note? Surely it would be more appropriate for the French to honour her?

Conservative MPs like Tom Tugendhat and Rory Stewart and TV left wing presenter Dan Snow are amongst those vociferously lobbying for her image to be placed on the £50 note. If they are so keen to place a foreign national on a British currency (an unusual idea in the first instance!) then what about the Polish RAF pilots who shot down so many German aircraft in the summer of 1940?


That was a critical moment for Britain in WW2 and one that arguably does merit recognition on our currency.

There were also scores of very effective foreign spies working for Britain during these years. Noor Inayat Khan was not one of them. So how else can this be described as anything other than a dhimmified British establishment grasping at straws from a political/media class out to offer Islam a good press?

As an alternative suggestion, how about putting a Jew on the £50 note?

After Nelson defeated the French/Spanish fleets, there was no more chance of an invasion of the UK. So the British army invaded Spain, en route to France. This is known as the Peninsula war. The British Army had an urgent need for Gold to make all sorts of on the spot payments e.g. food from farmers. They had no way of getting Gold to Spain. So the Master of the Mint, Sir Robert Herries, requested the assistance of a London banker named Nathaniel Rothschild. The Rothschilds arranged for all the Gold to be delivered to the British army in Spain, without making any profit from the operation. This enabled the British Army to continue to prosecute the war.

Shall we put the image of a Jewish man who helped us win a war on the £50 note? The defeat of Napoleon left the field clear for a century of British global domination. So Rothschild would certainly be more worthy than a Buddhist French spy with a Muslim name!

Why is the British political and media establishment pushing Noor Inayat Khan as a “Muslim” when it is clear from all the available evidence that she wasn’t? Why are we being served this fake narrative? Is it so that the establishment can try and quell growing British concerns about the role of Muslims in Britain by conjuring up a pretend narrative and pushing it via our currency? Would they be that cynical? Readers can decide.

Ask yourself this: If there were a British espionage agent named Nancy Imogen Kane who was captured in Paris within 3 months and executed, would they be clamouring to put her on the £50 note?

David Vance

David Vance used to be disgusted but now he tries to be amused! Editor of BiasedBBC.org and ATangledWeb.org, he has appeared on all forms of legacy media but has had enough of that! In the battle for truth and liberty, he prefers the front line. Join our fight back here on AltNewsMedia and subscribe to the platform.

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