When the Allies overwhelmed the Taliban, a polyglot mob of religious zealots who controlled Afghanistan in 2001, the excuse then was that the Taliban gave shelter to Al Qaeda, and its Saudi-born leader Osama bin Laden. That leader who had planned and supported the attacks on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers.

The overwhelming might of the American and Allied attack swept this bunch of religious fruit-and-nut-cases out of power: and then the first decisions were made which ended up, twenty years later, with the Taliban sweeping all before them, as the Yanks were withdrawn under Joe Biden’s ‘cut and run’ orders. Those decisions? Those stupid and sincerely made Decisions?

Such as the decision to attempt to impose the ideals of a liberal democracy upon a feudal, religious, fragmented tribal society.

Such as the decision to overturn a Muslim male-dominated ethos, and educate girls and women.

Such as the decision to ‘live’ with the corruption endemic with Afghan society.

Such as the decision not to eliminate the poppy fields which fed the vast heroin industry.

Such as the decision to send Allied forces back into Afghanistan, which ended with the ignominious retreats by both the British from Helmand, and now the Yanks from Kabul.

And what do we now hear from the liberal Chattering Classes?

We must shoehorn thousands of bloody Muslims into British cities, because we promised them a better life; because they were our ‘loyal interpreters’: etc., etc.

No. we don’t owe them anything.

We should get out of Afghanistan, close our borders against this Muslim invasion by the back door: and NEVER, EVER, go back. 

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