I forget how many times I heard the plaintive anonymous voices on either TV or radio, all saying the same thing. “I worked as an Interpreter for the British Forces in the past, I fear for my life; so you have to give myself, my wife and my seven children, plus my whole extended family numbering another twenty-three people, permanent residence in Great Britain.”

When were we asked if we should open those leaky borders?

When were we even asked if we thought that all these Muslims deserved a place in GB&NI?

Let me remind readers of only one statistic: but, a truly vitally important statistic. It only takes one of these thousands to commence buying hydrogen peroxide, most commonly found in hair products, along with two other chemicals equally available online or in stores, to make a suicide vest, along with the nuts and bolts which would form the shrapnel: much the same as the Manchester Arena bomb.

It only takes one to become a suicide bomber: and we are letting thousands of these putative terrorists in, without even the façade of a screening programme!

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