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On the 5th March 2020 the Muslim Council of Britain published a dossier which named some 300 members of the Conservative Party, including 39 MPs and former MPs, accusing them of “Islamophobia”.  As evidence it gave examples of comments seen on social media and elsewhere.  Of course the quotes are taken out of context.  Some comments seem quite rational, such as the linkage between the restrictive clothing that Muslim women are obliged to wear, and violence against Muslim women (both of which are known features of Islam).  In many cases it appears that the objected to material was part of rational discussion or comments on recent events such as terrorist attacks.  Or the criticisms are just plain hearsay, without evidence offered.  Here are a few examples:

Michael Gove, MP for Surrey Heath and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, was accused of having “extreme” views about Muslims by the former Co-Chair of the Party Baroness Sayeeda Warsi.

Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, called for the abolishment of Sharia councils but made no such request about similar Beth Din courts, indicating a clear differentiated treatment for Muslims.

David Davies, MP for Monmouth and Secretary of State for Wales, claimed that Islamic headwear is “an excuse for sexual violence against women”.

A number of MPs have been found to be part of the Conservative Debating Forum, the second largest pro-Conservative Facebook group, which can only be joined by “accepting an invitation or requesting to join”. This group is notorious for being riddled with Islamophobia…. Members of this group include Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP for North East Somerset, Andrew Rosindell, MP for Romford, Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey, Ben Bradley, MP for Mansfield, Julian Sturdy, MP for York Outer, James Duddridge, MP for Rochford and Southend East, George Freeman, MP for Mid Norfolk, Vicky Ford, MP for Chelmsford, Kevin Hollinrake, MP for Thirsk and Malton and Glyn Davies, former MP for Montgomeryshire.

Karl McCartney, 2019 PPC and now MP for Lincoln, retweeted posts by Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins for a sustained period of time.

The dossier can be downloaded from here:

The dossier does also quote the findings of an opinion poll of Party members:

In July 2019, anti-racist campaign group Hope Not Hate carried out extensive polling with YouGov of Conservative Party members to better understand their views on Muslims and Islam. This polling found that 60% believe ‘Islam is generally a threat to Western civilisation’. Furthermore, 54% thought Islam was ‘generally a threat to the British way of life’, with 61% of members believing this because ‘Islam breeds intolerance for free speech and calls for violent actions against those who mock, criticise or depict the religion in ways they believe are offensive’

The word “Islamophobia” is a nonsensical word.  A phobia is an irrational fear.  There is nothing at all irrational about fearing Islam.  Dr Bill Warner, who has examined Islam in depth, has estimated that it is responsible for the murder of around 270 million people during the 14 centuries of its existence: “Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

Examining the Islamic scriptures we can see that Muslims are commanded to subdue or murder non-Muslims, so that the only religion is for Allah, and that the suppressed people, dhimmis, feel themselves to be subdued.  We must keep on emphasising that criticising Islam is not a form  of racism – the all Party Parliamentary Group definition of “Islamophobia” claims that it is.  Unfortunately, many of the mainstream political parties, including Labour, Lib Dems, Plaid, SNP, Greens, and even the Conservative Party in Scotland, have adopted the APPG definition of “Islamophobia”.


I compiled a list of the email addresses of the Conservatives mentioned in the dossier.  Many of those who were ordinary members or who had been unsuccessful candidates do not have a publicly visible email address.  Nevertheless, I was able to write to around 100 out of the 300 people named.  My email was sent in March 2020.  I pointed out that their name appears in the dossier and gave them the link to it.  I also wrote:

Islam already holds the whip hand over other parties which have adopted the APPG definition on “Islamophobia”, namely the Lib Dems, Labour, and others. Islam is in the process of gaining the whip hand over the Conservative Party too. Do you have the preparedness and guts to resist this?

Nobody should be sacked from their job or lose their membership of a political party for stating an opinion on Islam. Nobody should be expelled for sharing satirical cartoons or photos. We have sleepwalked into de facto anti-blasphemy laws, but of course it only applies to Islam. Few care if Christianity is lampooned. In contrast, nobody would dare to produce a film “The life of Abdul” for example.

Nobody should be forced by their employer or by any organisation that they are a member of to apologise for making a factual statement about Islam. Any “training course” that you are required to undergo must be factually based and not deceptive – Islam permits Muslims to tell lies on behalf of Islam. An employer or organisation may not be aware of this, and may have been fooled. Or worse – they may well know, but are willing to force you to submit to deception. We absolutely must retain freedom of speech, or else it will be impossible to retain democratic governance.

We are losing our freedoms, and it is happening on your watch. If the Conservative Party is to reverse this tragedy, it had better act sooner rather than later. The demographic trend is far more serious than the Jihadi terrorism, since demographics will affect everybody. I used to think that with a projected Muslim majority in the UK some time in the latter half of this century, I do not need to worry, since I will probably be dead by then. However, what of the younger generation? Should we not pass on a legacy of freedoms and democracy to them that is as good or better than the legacy that we inherited? Do we have any right to allow our land to become Islamised?

We have very little time remaining to reverse this. See the chapter “The UK’s Demographic Transition to an Islamic State” in the attached eBook. My calculation suggests that the “point of no return” may be in the decade 2030 to 2040, depending on the scenario.

I also outlined my own situation, de facto losing my job for criticising Islam.  I also pointed out that an Islamised UK, if it were to still retain nuclear weapons, would be a menace to our current friends and allies.

There were not very many replies.  I did receive some replies from Conservatives who had managed to avoid being expelled by making apologies – and did not want to discuss the matter further.  I also received emails from several on the list who are no longer within the party.  They stood up for their principles and thus were expelled from the spineless party.


I asked those who had been expelled, whether the party members understand Islam but will not speak out, or whether there is a widespread ignorance.  The responses: they do understand, but refuse to speak.  Quote:

“No, not ignorant, too damned scared to say the truth, which as you know, resulted in my expulsion from the party!”  and

“I am certain that they are aware of the threat of Islam but for reasons I do not understand, continue to turn a blind eye to their takeover…”


One of the Conservative Party members, Councillor Beverley Dunlop, who I had been in email contact with, wrote to me in September 2020, responding to my pointing out that the MCB had written about her in its dossier.  She wrote to me, quote:

“Oh, I see, Those were snippets of words taken completely out of context by some hateful leftie. Were they to be viewed in context everyone would see my meaning was quite the opposite.

I have met with our local Iman, faced a party enquiry and exonerated but thank you, I shall now contact MCB to update them and provide an explanation.

I don’t blame them for putting me in a book. If I had been presented with only those snippets I would also be keeping a record of public servants who appear to hold discriminatory views about my religion.”

What maybe she did not realise at the time, is that all 300 of those whose names appear in the dossier have been put at risk by the MCB.  It only takes some hothead to be offended by one of the quotes in the dossier, and act according to Islamic scripture, for it to be a credible danger.

She told me that there would be a meeting of the Standards Committee of the Council on the 6th October 2020.  The details are on the Council website:

Editor’s note: also on the 6th October, the MCB Spokesman Miqdaad Versi tweeted the following:-

It had already been determined that her social media comments had been done in a private capacity, and not within her role as a Councillor.  An independent investigator had been appointed.  She had also had a meeting with an Imam (I do not know on what date).  The Conservative Party itself was satisfied with her explanations – she had not been expelled form the party.  The meeting on the 6th October was regarding the Council and its response.

I then saw a news item in the mainstream media that a Conservative Councillor had received death threats:

“Dorset ‘close mosques‘ councillor receives death threats”

I recognised the name, and indeed it was her.  I have written a supportive email to her, but as of the time of writing this article, she has not replied.

Here we are in the somewhat surreal year 2020.  What terrible things must one write about Islam, in order to receive death threats?  Page 18 of the dossier states:

Beverley Dunlop, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Councillor, posted a number of Islamophobic comments on Facebook about “fundamentalists…hiding in plain sight in the Muslim community” and calling for police to raid mosques, for Muslims to call for “an inquiry into Islamist rape gangs grooming underage, underprivileged white girls”. She claimed the “burqa is a symbol of the subjugation of women” which “British women died in protest against” and called for the banning of mosques.

Of course, no context whatsoever is given to these comments, and Councillor Dunlop pointed that out to me as part of our email correspondence.  Even going on the biased report in the dossier, there is nothing in these comments that incite any violence, and yet she receives threats of mortal violence herself.  There is simply no proportionality.


In a way the Conservatives have only themselves to blame.  They should have nipped this problem in the bud in the late 1980s, when Salman Rushdie received a death threat fatwa for his novel “The Satanic Verses”.  As a brief aside, for a very short period Islam was polytheistic, with one male god Allah, and three female goddesses. (The photo of the statue of these goddesses is on the front cover of my book “Hellish 2050”. The statue had the faces smashed.  It was originally covered in gold leaf.)  The verses describing the three goddesses were subsequently removed from the Koran, although a fingerprint remains.  The verses were deemed to have been inspired by Satan deceiving Mohammed, hence the name “Satanic Verses”.  This is a troubling episode for Muslims, who will try to deny the occurrence.  I was also aware that the Muslim Brotherhood was active on the campus where I studied, in the mid 1980s, and they radicalised a nominal Muslim who I had previously been friendly with.  I knew that the Muslim Brotherhood was active there, so surely the Security Services would know it too?   Why did they not clamp down?

Once one of the members of the Conservative Party “Islamophobic” members receives a death threat, it could create a domino effect, with more of them receiving them as a copy-cat action.  They have spent years pandering to Islam, including shielding it from criticism after every jihadi attack. This despite there being no electoral advantage for them doing so – some 80% of the Muslim vote goes to Labour.  This pandering simply annoys their own core voters.  Up to now these core voters have had higher priority concerns, such as the economy, and Brexit.  And immigration… however, in the 10 years that the Conservatives have led the Government (2010 to 2020) there has been nearly 7 million immigrants to the UK.  In the 13 years of Labour (1997 to 2010) there were fewer, at around 6.6 million.  Per annum, the Conservative immigration figures have been significantly higher than under Labour.   There is also a paradox for those of us who campaigned hard to leave the EU: Brexit is likely to bring forward the date of the Islamisation of the UK.  The reason is simple: there will be fewer women from East European, predominantly Christian countries, having babies in the UK, while Brexit is unlikely to abate the Muslim birth rate.

The Conservatives are likely to remain in office until at least 2024, assuming elections have not been canceled permanently.  We do urgently need to install in them a backbone, such that they will speak out openly and honestly about Islam, and do something to address the demographic crisis.  The following election, 2029, is perilously close to the point of no return.  Labour may well get in then, and due to their increasing demographic advantage, they may well be in government permanently thereafter.  At least until such time as these leftie “useful idiots” are bloodily replaced by an Islamic theocracy.  With parallels to the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 – there were many Marxists also active in deposing the Shah. More fool them!

To avert this tragedy for the UK, the 2024 election becomes effectively a referendum on whether the UK is to become an Islamic state or not.  The Conservatives have demonstrated their unwillingness to tackle Islam effectively.  Labour is increasingly reliant on Islam.  There is only one party that has the willingness to avert tragedy: For Britain, of course!


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