Attractive women who use the assets nature has bestowed on them in order to gain productive employment are in the cross-hairs of the feminist fringe. We have seen the demise of Darts “Walk-on” girls, the “Grid-girls” on Formula One and now we read that “Scantily clad women are “unacceptable” at a betting industry conference, Britain’s gambling regulator has said.” 

Unacceptable? To whom? On what basis? Have the women concerned been consulted? Have they complained about dressing glamourously? This is the war on women and it is being conducted by an elitist sneering clique of third wave feminists who are enabled by the legacy media to advance their warped narrative. It is putting women out of jobs purely on the basis of pandering to political ideologues who claim they know better than the women employed in these occupations. Understandably, those losing their jobs are very annoyed. This is a response from one of the “Grid Girls”!

Lucy Stokes posted to Twitter saying, “I love my job. I’m respected, paid well & proud to represent the team I’m working for. It’s not right for anyone, let alone ‘feminists’ to judge our job when quite frankly they are putting so many women out of work. Where is the equality & empowerment here?”

The answer is that these “feminists” could not care less about the fortunes of these women. They agitate to get them sacked and then present this as if it were a victory. It is indeed a victory – for narrow minded shrews who resent attractive women making a career for themselves. Why should they get to bully women out of jobs? Why should they get to banish beauty from the public realm just because it offends their tender sensitivities? Why do they think that they know better than the women in these occupations?

We have reached the stage when latter day feminism is about banning female beauty and putting such women out of a job. In that regard alone it is a dangerous creed that can only result in misery for those women who don’t want to play along with it. The patronising snobs behind this war on women should be ashamed of themselves. It’s not a sisterhood anymore, it’s a witch-hunt.