And if they are really fleeing oppression and violence, why didn’t they seek asylum in Mexico?

It’s always puzzled me why migrants demanding legal status in the United States wave flags from the countries they left behind at protests. But at least, in those cases they were people who were already on U.S. soil.

Now we have a “caravan” of mostly Honduran migrants who have fled Honduras claiming the country was violent and oppressive and show up at the U.S. border demanding to be let in. First, if they had a legitimate claim to asylum Mexico would admit them. But apparently that’s not good enough. They traveled the length of Mexico and are now huddled on the other side of the U.S. border demanding to be admitted. Wouldn’t you think that if they were so desperate to live in the United States they might wave Old Glory and not the Honduran flag representing the country they claim is so oppressive?

Migrants sitting on top of the U.S. southern border fence waving the Honduran flag.

Soros funded group called Peoples Without Borders has organized these caravans and encouraged what they call “desperate” people to make the dangerous journey. Preying on the poverty of Hondurans might make great propaganda but it takes away resources from others who may have a more legitimate claim to seek asylum. It also encourages another wave of illegal immigration creating more problems with large numbers of illiterate, unskilled persons who do not speak English.

While so-called refugees were waving the Honduran flag on the Mexican side of the border, left wing protesters on the American side also showed up with the Honduran flag.  But look also at the printed protest sign for another hint at who is sponsoring this mass attempt to corrupt U.S. immigration laws:

Printed sign paid for by ANSWER Coalition. Funded by communists and George Soros. Are the Russians also funding this unrest?

U.S. immigration law defended by Democrats is so weak that anyone who touches U.S. soil can claim asylum and will be released into the country.  Nearly all do not show up for court dates to adjudicate their claim.  In essence these arrivals become a new underclass of illegal aliens that Democrats will then exploit. And they are so brazen about it they wave Honduran, not U.S. flags!

Mike worked in the Reagan White House and at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under President George H.W. Bush. He now blogs at Mike’s America.