The Boston Globe screamed ‘Gut wrenching’ Covid outbreak complicates Red Sox’ struggles. Many US based newspapers still can’t mention China Virus due to fear that funding and advertisement from cash rich Xi will stop in their newspapers. Chinese funding in the American media has refrained them from anti-China headlines, but they are full of anti-India narrative, but still, are not able to dent the image of Indian Prime Minister in the world. Afghanistan is out from the front page headlines and is relegated to Page A4, as supporters of abortion rights gathered at the Capitol in Austin, Texas, to protest the new restrictions. Are we living in the Ice age?

The complete takeover of the Kabul was so swift, sudden and ferocious, that Taliban militants were themselves surprised at the lack of resistance from the ‘so called’, well trained Afghan forces by the Canadian, German and Aussie armed soldiers. Stories are all over how ‘That morning, Tawakol’s Taliban Unit arrived on the outskirts of the Afghanistan capital, expecting to camp out and lay siege, there possibly for weeks, if not months, while a formal handover, power sharing, prisoner release and swap and government formation was negotiated threadbare, but that did not happen. There was probably another deal which was already done and the President Palace had no leader, who flew out with money bags, which could not fill his helicopters!

Systematically with well-crafted strategy, that afternoon, Taliban leadership ordered us to enter the city in order to prevent looting, killing and carnage. The Taliban Intelligence Chief Haji Najibullah, directed his forces to rush to the Headquarters of the Afghanistan spy agency, the National Directorate of Security, to secure equipment and documents, left behind by the US Troops. Prison cells, their offices, security posts all had been abandoned. Word had spread about the vacuum and lack of leadership at the highest level.

The New York Times discussed whether to isolate or embrace the Afghanistan’s new rulers? But there is no news of the pain inflicted at Kabul and its inhabitants, old, infirm children and to its women, widows and children and the defeat of the Uncle Sam, but they talk about the empathy of the Joe Biden and in the time of crisis, Kamala ‘Chechi’, which means aunt in her mother tongue, was travelling to the far east, never seen by the side of the President Joe, but the newspaper talked about the voters in the swing district (of the US elections) grieve over the Afghan chaos, but focus on the personal woes! Brenda and Leo Ortiz had paid enough attention to the news from Afghanistan that it was hardly a surprise that when their 11 year old son asked them a question: How could so many Americans be killed last week? There was no answer.

Still many Civil Society members from the US are still at Afghanistan, waiting to be flown back. There are reports that Taliban is holding six airplanes carrying Americans and Afghanistan refugees at an airport Mazhar i Sharif in Afghanistan. Unconfirmed report suggest that Taliban want something in exchange. A deal to be precise. And that too on their terms! This is really turning into a deadly hostage situation when they’re not going to allow American citizens to leave until ‘they’ get full recognition from the United States of America. Period.

America still has hundreds of American citizens left behind the enemy lines. And also, very sadly, the interpreters who worked with American Special Forces, almost all of them were left behind and were not let in the gates at the Hamid Karzai International Airport at Kabul. Normal citizens are yelling that President Joe Biden has blood on his hands.

And, this week, this last week, US had 13 servicemen and women come home, flag draped body bag coffins at the Dover Air Force Base. Thirteen US service members: 11 Marines, one Navy Corpsman and one Army soldier were killed in a suicide bombing attack by an ISIS – K terrorist outfit, outside the gates of the Kabul airport. Was this Khorasan angle fabricated to show Taliban have become good boys! A gentle reminder from the days of Barak that there can be good terrorist and there are bad terrorist. I still chuckle at the thought.

Biden was slammed for looking at his watch as the flag draped coffins of the military members were being unloaded at the airbase and the press shouted that President has empathy for the Afghanistan when he broke down!

The loss and pain of defeat will haunt the next US elections for sure. I find Americans are hurt and disturbed in the Biden regime. His approval rating is just 44 percent. Americans now realise that twenty years later, the terrorism threat from Afghanistan hasn’t faded and militant competition from ISIS-K has merely increased the stakes of possible another attack in the western world. They are not off the mark. The Jihadist have now assembled in Afghanistan and they are rejoicing and taking out parades on the streets with the ‘Martyrs Brigade’ leading them followed by car bomb vehicles, vest bombs are other innovative products on the show.

No one will write the heroic tales of General Sadat who was the Commander in the Afghan National Army. For the past three and half months, I fought day and night, nonstop and continuously, in the Southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province against an escalating and bloody Taliban offensive. Coming under frequent attack, we held the Taliban back and inflicted heavy causalities. Then I was called to Kabul to command Afghanistan’s Special Forces. But the Taliban already were entering the city; it was too late and it was all over in a split second.

Daily Mail published a picture on the front page, and is ever obsessed with the fairy tales of the Meghan Merkel and British can’t think beyond the royalty fables, which the world does not like but it increases the British income from tourism and Royal Dolton plates and souvenirs!

Wall Street Journal spoke about the clashes which erupted and flared in the Northern and Central Afghanistan between the Taliban and local militias on Wednesday, as the Islamists movement spread as government formation is last on the minds of their leaders. Tough negotiations are being held from the barrel of the fully loaded Beretta guns, threatening the opposition with might rather than right. The government has no money, sick have no medicine, and no clean water and citizens are still locked in their homes.

Weapons are very important to defend a country against aggression from the outside. But it is also important to defend private citizens from aggression from their own government. This is not just something that was true in Nazi Germany. It is true in other totalitarian societies. In Communist Russia, it was illegal for a person to bear arms. Today’s challenge is against the inclination of so many in power to establish a totalitarian-oriented central government that dictates the lives of the masses and redistributes money as it sees fit. This socialist idea is what Bernie Sanders, The Squad, and other radicals are pontificating. They mean it. And they are in power with a puppet President that is largely being goaded along by Barack Obama and his staff. It is essentially a 3rd term of the Obama presidency, but with a gentle old man seemingly at the helm.

When President Biden announced in the spring, that America would withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by the fall, he spoke of terrorism threats – but never mentioned Islamic State Khorasan, or ISIS-K, the Islamists state’s affiliate in Afghanistan as late as April, the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, barely brought up ISIS – K, as late as August 20th Joe mentioned the group, in a speech on the last minute effort to evacuate stranded US Citizens and vulnerable Afghans after the Taliban had overrun Afghanistan.

The security of Afghan nationals, whether woman or man is at grave risk. Islam does not permit gay sex and it is ‘haram’ as per its tradition. Taliban militant gang raped and beat up a gay man after tricking him into meeting them by pretending to offer the man help in escaping Afghanistan, according to reports. After brutally assaulting the man, the terrorists also demanded his father’s number to inform him that his son is a gay. Militants had approached the victim via the social media through Twitter. Taliban were jumping on the trampoline and playing guitar and were doing social service and distributing ‘sherbet’ to the needy!

To praise the Taliban in the liberal media, this work must be the handiwork of good Taliban, who value the life and did not kill him neither they gouged his eyes or cut his male organ or chopped both his hands off. Had the ISIS Khorasan did this ghastly act, the gay victim would have been found dead in the moat!

As I finish this column, I get a tweet from a friend that Kamala Harris is scheduled to be in California on Wednesday to campaign with soon to be recalled Gavin Newsom. Hey Kamala! Why don’t you focus on rescuing stranded Americans in Afghanistan! This is just annoying and disgusting.

Joe Biden is spending his Labour Day, long weekend, vacationing in Delaware, while 100 Americans are spending their Labour Day weekend hiding from the Taliban in Afghanistan and America is going to protest and protest loudly and calls have been made to every American to hang a ‘yellow ribbon’, on their home or in their yard to stand in solidarity with the trapped American hostages still in Afghanistan. Joe Biden might’ve forgotten about our hostages, but the Americans won’t rest until all brought home safely. Power of Uncle Sam has really diminished! Hollywood would never be able to make multibillion block buster movie, which always showed that US President working overtime to see the evacuation. The American eagle’s eyes are closed. The soft power of the American President is wiped under the carpet.

I will also think of hoisting a ‘yellow ribbon’ in my house!


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