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By Tony Morrison, US Correspondent


2nd April 2020

It’s getting a little scary over here. COVID-19 is stalking the land, of course, but so is a weird alternate reality. The White Queen, in Alice In Wonderland, practiced believing in impossible things for half-an-hour each day. She was able to work herself up to believing six impossible things before breakfast. Americans are now routinely asked to do this every single day.

For example, take the delightful mainstream media (MSM) dudes, who for the last three years have been calling for Trump to do more press conferences. For the last two years, Trump has walked away from standard White House Press Conferences and no longer has a Press Secretary who can run them in his absence. For some reason he did not see the point in answering questions from dodgy characters all looking hard for the cameras. Robbed of their TV time and general exposure the MSM constantly wail like banshees about how Trump was abusing the freedom of the press. This is exactly how Hitler started!

Yet now, in our different reality, Trump is doing daily press conferences, along with many members of his COVID-19 Task Force. And just as surprisingly, the Press is rending their garments and shrieking to the heavens that running daily press conferences is an abuse of freedom of the press. The view is summed up by Gabriel Sherman (NBC, MSNBC and Vanity Fair). “Trump is literally turning all 3 cable news networks into State TV. Live daily campaign rallies for the president to strengthen his hold on power. Unprecedented departure from American norms!” This is exactly how Hitler started!

The cynics among us have come up with an explanation for this seemingly impossible volte-face. Since the daily COVID-19 press conferences started, the President’s approval ratings have gone up 10 points or so in many polls, while the media’s approval ratings have dropped even lower than usual. The latest Gallup poll, for example, of approval ratings for US Leaders/Institutions handling of COVID-19 shows Trump with a net positive rating of 22, while the media has one of negative 11. But those are the cynics; the rest of us have to just believe the impossible.

It is not just the Press who is asking us to believe the impossible, so are many local Governments (States and Cities) who together form the “Sanctuary” Gang (for illegals, not citizens). Their belief has been that the Federal Government laws and responsibility are there to be actively fought against, not just ignored. These brave guys, chief among them New York, Washington State, California, and cities New Orleans, Chicago, New York City, have trumpeted to the skies they will stop the Federal jackbooted stormtroopers who are trying to throw out illegal immigrants merely because they are hardened criminals. Yet now, although the trumpeting continues, we are hearing a totally different melody.

The Sanctuary gang are now the guys calling out for the Federal Government to actually act like a dictatorship and control as much of the Sanctuary localities as they want and funnel as many resources as possible their way. So far, these areas (all run by Dems, but I digress) have been the hardest hit by COVID-19, and so Mayor de Blasio of NYC has urged the President to dispatch the military to take over the running of much of his city. He can’t have a couple of ICE agents running down criminals for deportation, but he’s down with a Trump military takeover.

More temperate is Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, who has pushed Trump to invoke the Defense Production Act which enables him to take control of industries and order them to do whatever is necessary to combat a crisis. Bit dangerous with Trump of course as the master troll could well order New York industries to make yuge quantities of nets and tasers to catch illegal alien criminals. So far, although Trump has invoked the Act somewhat unwillingly, he has only ordered some manufacturing companies to step up their act on making ventilators.

And it’s not just sending in the Army; the Sanctuary Gang want Trump to take charge of all their cultural affairs as well. New Orleans is touted now to be the next COVID-19 epicenter, and the main reason is that the Mardi Gras celebrations (think Rio Carnivale with more people) took place at the end of February resulting in the possibility of many thousand folks becoming infected. The Mayor, LaToya Cantrell, knows who is to blame for this awful public health disaster. Surprisingly it is not her, the one with the authority to cancel the celebrations, but Trump, who does not have the authority. She says the Feds did not tell her to cancel, and as she follows everything the Feds say, well except ensuring illegal immigrant criminals are deported by the Feds as per the law, then Trump is to blame. Meanwhile, America remains gob-smacked at the sight of the supposedly Hitlerian Trump pushing back on becoming a dictator, while the brave freedom-loving anti-Federal power gang is pleading for the opposite.

At the same time we have had to adjust to a Universe-bending U-Turn on foreign countries being allowed to interfere in our affairs. Ever since Hillary Clinton lost to Trump we have been badgered day and night that Hillary was cheated out of her rightful place as President by the reckless meddling of Russia in our affairs. The sneaky Russians spent hundreds of dollars building phony Facebook pages that fooled America into believing Hillary was a demented old harridan who hated the American people. The cunning Russians even mocked up a video of her ranting in a scary Hitlerian voice about much of the nation being “deplorables.” Hold on, sorry that actually happened. None of us are that sure about what social media stuff the Russians did, but the Dems and MSM told us it was very bad for the last three years until the Mueller Report last year stuck a fork in it.

Yet now we have got to believe that having foreign countries dictate our way of life is a good thing. Particularly if its China. The source of COVID-19 was China and their lies and cover-ups in the early stages of the outbreak will ultimately be responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths around the world. Furthermore, the reliance on China as a shoddy manufacturer of many of our goods and even medicines has been called into question these last three months. If one thing is certain it will be that the relationship of the western countries will change bigly with China after this crisis is over, to China’s detriment.

And yet it is China that is now dictating much of our MSM content about COVID-19. It began when Trump referred to COVID-19 as the Chinese Virus after China had floated a theory that the US Army had started the pandemic by introducing the virus to Wuhan. The MSM went crazy …. against the racist Trump. They then began printing a whole bunch of stories claiming that China needed to be complimented for its COVID-19 mitigation policies as opposed to the USA which had done nothing. The MSM was able to say “nothing” with its hand over its heart as it had genuinely missed Trump’s closing of the borders with China, the creation of the COVID-19 Task Force, and the initial mobilizing of the Federal bureaucracy because these all happened in January when the MSM was solely focused on Impeachment.

The stories have recently switched to bigging up China’s help for various countries in handing out medical supplies (they don’t mention that the supplies are faulty and the enormous bill in hard currency that follows) And even nastier to relying on Chinese fake statistics to wail that the USA is doing a poorer job than China, the new global heroes.

The biggest and most impossible thing to believe, though, is none of the above. The latest weirdness just hit us this week with an NBC report that talks have begun on Capitol Hill about “the possibility of creating a panel to scrutinize the Trump admin’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.” Nothing weird about that you might think, but alert students of the media/Dem nexus have noticed how this fits in with other more sinister bits of information being fed to all of us.

Senator Chris Murphy (a Dem, but I digress) tweeted out two days ago that “Michigan is the new Ukraine.” The Governor of Michigan (a Dem, but I digress) lied in claiming that Trump had withheld assistance to Michigan. Murphy’s tweet came in between the initial lie and the Governor’s retraction a day later. NBC also stated that “mostly Congressional Democrats” are involved in the discussions (this phrase in NBC-speak translates as “only congressional democrats, with ‘mostly’ added to pretend it is bipartisan.” And who is drafting the bill to form a commission? Entering stage left is Impeachment Maestro, Adam Schiff (a Dem, but I digress). The Old Gang is back, like a dog returning to its vomit, and running the Impeachment Flag up the mast once again.

You would think no party would want to be as horrifically bitch-slapped as the Dems were with the last Impeachment. That lost them the Presidency in 2020; are they going for the loss in 2024 now? But this is just what they do. And it’s no good saying “That’s impossible!” You just have to believe.

The impossible has been very refreshing in some ways, however, even in these dark times. We may still fight over politics, but Americans have seemed to have forgotten most of our differences, whether racial, gender, or age in the face of a crisis that treats us all equally. And for now the virus has wiped out much of the absurdity plaguing our society – Antifa, Extinction Rebellion, worry over warm temperatures, belief in 100 genders, fights over the trivial such as pronouns, etc., etc. We’ll see if these two months will bring us herd immunity from the nonsense. I tried to believe this before breakfast today – didn’t work.

Tony Morrison

Tony Morrison is a retired IT business executive. Born in London, England, he has been a US citizen for forty years. Although he resides in darkest blue state Connecticut, he believes decisions made by many free individuals are infinitely preferable to dictatorial ones made by the few.

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