by Anne Marie Waters

19th August 2019

US President Donald Trump has vowed to “Keep America Great” should the people give him the opportunity to do so.  Next year, 2020, will be the year when we learn just what the citizens of the United States think of Trump’s record so far, and I strongly suspect they will give him a very big, very American thumbs up!

Trump initially promised to Make America Great Again, and he has certainly done that.  Not only has he overseen the lowest unemployment rates of any President at this point in their tenure, but he has done much more than that; Trump has changed the world for all of us.  He has opened the door to sanity, and allowed those of us who had been frozen out back on to the stage again.  He has put free speech and patriotism back in the limelight, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

Donald Trump’s attitude to the media is nothing short of extraordinary.  No other major politician has ever treated the press in this way.  None have ever had such courage.  Trump calls out the bias and the devious misrepresentation and he does so without fear. 

The media is the link between the politician and the public, and across the board, mainstream journalists filter information to suit their own agenda.  Now, thanks to Trump, the people are more aware of this than ever before.  Trust in the press is at an unprecedented low, and that’s exactly how it needs to be.  People now ask more questions, seek out more information, and become better informed.  This can only be a very positive development for America, for the Western world, and for democracy itself.

Trump has also put mass migration and globalism on the agenda, and allowed those of us who oppose these to express our opposition.  Prior to his presidency, opposition to mass migration was becoming something of a dirty secret, something that was whispered rather than shouted about.  That has changed.  The media will still torment those who go against the open borders utopia, but Trump has changed that.  He has significantly reduced the media’s ability to dupe the public. His influence, in this regard alone, has done more for the basic concept of democracy than any leader I can remember.

It is with all of this in mind that I visited the United States last week, to meet with pro Trump activists and to speak to them about our situation here in the UK.  I told them about our press, our mass immigration, and the left-wing insanity foisted upon us in universities and schools.  It was all very familiar to them, as they’d had eight years of it under Obama.  But now there is optimism, and it is that optimism that I will be taking home to Britain. 

Donald Trump has shown that it is possible to be despised by the media and still win.  He has shown that it is possible to speak out against the globalists and win.  He has shown that it is possible to love your country, protect its people and put them first, and to take that message of hope to the ballot box, and win. 

He has demonstrated, with great courage, that free speech is still alive and that there is still every hope that the people can fight back against career politicians and come out victorious.  For that we should all be grateful, and hopeful. 

For Britain believes in what Donald Trump believes in.  We believe in the greatness of Britain just as he does in the greatness of America.  We believe we can get our democracy back, and we can show the great British public that the press simply cannot be trusted.  We will do this the way Trump did: simply by telling the truth, in plain English, no matter what lies and smears they throw at us.  We will stand our ground.

We believe in the freedom of the people of Britain – the freedom to be who they are, to create, to build, to prosper with determination in a country that knows how much it can achieve, and strives to be the best it can be. 

For Britain will give our great country its confidence back, we will raise the spirits of our people by reminding them of just what has been achieved before, and what can be achieved again.

We will, to coin a phrase, make Britain great again.  Join us, and let’s make it happen by clicking here For Britain Party Website