The brutal attack on freelance journalist Andy Ngo by hooded Antifa thugs in Portland a few nights ago is just the latest manifestation of the low-level urban terrorism regularly carried out by this group. Mr Ngo had been lawfully out documenting the actions of Antifa when he recorded this happening;


Andy was kept in hospital overnight with a possible brain bleed. AltNewsMedia wishes him a full and speedy recovery.

Sadly, he is but the latest in a long list of those attacked by this leftist organised thugocracy. And he won’t be the last.

It’s time to face a few home truths regarding Antifa.

They masquerade as “Anti Fascists” but in reality, they are feral communist stormtroopers.

They deploy violence against those with whom they disagree. They hunt in packs, faces disguised.

They have been enabled by the Left Wing politicians, many of whom have praised them.

They have been santitised by left wing web sites and left-wing commentators who admire their thuggery and fear mongery.

They operate across the West, not just in the USA. In the UK they have to the fore in pushing left-wing violence whilst posturing all the time as “anti-fascists’ and the media have lapped up the doublethink.


It’s time the kid gloves came off and we need a simple 3 step programme to stop their violence.

  1. They MUST be proscribed as a terrorist group. There is simply no reason to allow them to continue to terrorise people
  2. The State must deploy whatever lawful physical resource is required, armed or otherwise, to stop any public assembly of this group. Overwhelming physical force must be resolutely used against them.
  3. Anyone arrested and proven to belong to Antifa should be given a long prison sentence and those who are found to provide online support must be banned for life from social media.

The Left has become radioactive, They see violence as a desirable course of action, so long as they are not at the receiving end. Antifa is their cutting edge and it needs blunted.