Opinion Piece

Slowly, sometimes very slowly, the layers are being peeled away from the true corruption which has literally been embedded, by Democratic Party operators and fellow travellers, in the Electoral Processes of the United States.

When, and it is a big ‘WHEN’, the President’s legal teams finally achieve a breakthrough, and advance to the one building which has been their target all along; that building which houses the Supreme Court of the United States; the august top tier of American jurisprudence, the vast majority of America’s voters will be amazed, astonished and just plain angry.

Why angry?

For literally years, during the truly absurd vindictive charade of the Russia-Trump lies and propaganda, just about all of America’s news outlets and organs, inclusive of those who used to hold pride of place in the Integrity of their Journalism, have taken the side of the enemies of the Right Wing of America’s politics and politicians. The greatest target of their spleen has been ‘that orange man bad’ alias President Donald Trump. In the months preceding the November Election, the level of vitriol rose to new levels, in both print and broadcast media; inclusive of the defection of the once-solid Fox News, achieved because the owners of that organisation joined, with a wide grin, the ranks of his opponents.

The MSM media routinely only refers and then dismisses President Trump’s electoral fraud and rigging claims; they merely state “No Evidence At All’. They don’t mention the multiple sworn affidavits regarding outright fraud and theft in States from Georgia to Pennsylvania. The vast majority of Americans have to rely on One America News Network for coverage untarnished by the Left; plus the many right-wing blogs and news sites. If they wished to watch anything else, the only segments are those of Tucker Carlsen and his buddies on Fox for balance: the rest are only fit for the raving lefties who need little encouragement to fan their obscene ideals.

But when Trump’s legal team manages, finally, to get a fair hearing before SCOTUS: and, hopefully, a reversal of the outright theft of six States’ electoral processes; the huge portion of America’s millions who have been lied to consistently for years are gonna’ want a discussion of their own: and that will not be a pretty process!


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