I don’t like people who commit violence and vandalism. No cause (with the notable exception of the disgusting electoral rise of Sinn Fein) was ever served by people who either commit violence or retrospectively justify it. By refusing to condemn in the harshest possible terms the rabble who invaded Capitol Hill yesterday, Donald Trump has now obliterated his chances of ever running for that second-term presidency again. Although understandably upset about an election which, for all the media denials, contained numerous examples of fraudulent voting procedure, he allowed his emotions to overrule his head. And you simply cannot do that when in a position as powerful as the one he still holds.

But hang on! Whilst I’m not going to condone the violence of those who charged up the steps of Congress yesterday, I’m certainly not going to align myself with the hypocritical bleatings of US Democrats and their American and British media lackeys about an ‘attack on democracy’. This is a party that stood by and watched several American cities burn over the summer period, in riots that not only attracted far greater in number than what we saw in Washington DC yesterday, but resulted in many more deaths. Back then, the rioters were dismissed as ‘peaceful protesters’ supporting a ‘noble cause’ (because invoking anything to do with race consistently renders inquisitive media minds into a catatonic stupor, unquestioningly endorsing any ‘corrective’ fallout).

Moreover, the American Left have tried every lousy stinking trick in the book to delegitimise Trump’s presidency for four years – from unsubstantiated claims of Russian support to defaming him on the grounds of comments made long ago. From the moment Hillary Clinton described Trump supporters as ‘deplorables’ on the hustings in 2016, the knives have been out. Well then don’t be surprised when the proverbial knives can be turned back on you. As the Canadian activist Lauren Southern tweeted yesterday:

“People have been taught for the last year that violence and rioting is not only an acceptable form of political expression, but one that works on changing policy. I absolutely condemn it, but this is the precedent that has been set. Unsurprising all sides are now partaking”

In other words, the people who were responsible for violence and death on January 6th in Washington are no better or no worse than than those who committed violence and/or death in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Hartford, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Carson City, Seattle, Rockland, Cincinnati, Newport, Charleston, Bellows Falls, Spokane, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, St Louis or Tuscaloosa. What is different is how the media – here and across the Atlantic – have assumed the arrogant role of moral arbiters deciding which violence is ‘good’ and which is ‘bad’.

The last decade was one heavy on examples of when the losers in politics refused to accord legitimacy to the winners. We saw it in America and here in the UK in 2016, and we’re still seeing it in Scotland in 2021. When one political participant isn’t gracious enough to accept defeat according to the terms of the game, why should we be surprised when their antics are thrown right back at them subsequently?

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