The mainstream media has been working hard in recent weeks on their latest agenda. The have completely weaponised the ‘Capitol Protests’ to a hysterical level that is disproportionate to what actually occurred. The media nodded along BLM and Antifa riots, despite up to 30 dead, $3bn damage, 24,000 arrests and 1,00 injured police for months throughout 2020. They even supportively covered the storming of the Supreme Court in 2018 in protests against Brett Kavanaugh, an incident resulting in over 300 arrests as the mob entered Senate Offices fired up by Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

The shambolic impeachment attempt was of course rejected when Trump’s lawyer highlighted the fact that all the House Managers had to present was doctored evidence in the absence of any research or investigation. The prospect of Pelosi being put on the stand as a witness also proved too much for them – particularly as she along with many other democrats had been stating the 2016 result was not valid, a direct parallel to why Trump himself was on trial. An honest media would of course be questioning if the people that tampered with presented evidence should be put on trial, but no, it is swept under the carpet because anything, literally anything is acceptable when Trump and Republicans are the target. You have to step back and let is sink in – the democrats presented doctored evidence, and the mainstream media doesn’t care.

Watch the exchange between Trump’s Attorney Michael van der Veen and CBS news here.

However all of this is something of a smokescreen. What the media has effectively achieved is to shut down all questioning of the legitimacy of the 2020 election result. To want answers on the multiple irregularities at polling stations effectively makes you a domestic terrorist now. Courts refused to analyse the evidence, despite many witnesses and video clips that appear to be showing something that isn’t expected protocol at a polling station.

All Republicans want is a simple explanation and confirmation that fraud did not take place. Joe ‘unity and healing‘ Biden could calm the country down by dispelling the lingering concern that democracy did not happen on November 3rd 2020. Media and Social Media have made even asking the question something worthy of deplatforming. It is an incredible feat in a supposedly free society, indeed it is efficiency that China and North Korea would be proud of.

The Republican Party had an opportunity when holding the balance of power to do something about this. Particularly when statements from Trump or the Republicans were ‘fact checked’ with statements saying the claim was ‘baseless and without evidence‘. This didn’t happen with the Russia hoax or anyone else left of centre – and of course a claim is just that – a claim until proven or disproven. The media didn’t analyse the evidence to make such statements, that should have been the job of the Courts. Right at the start, when Trump questioned the ‘fake news media’ media, they screeched backonly fascists want to close down the free press‘, but just a couple of years later we now have left wing activists, supported by those same people, trying to defund right wing media outlets. It has even spilled across to the UK, with an organisation trying to deplatform GB News before it has even aired.

Sleeping Giants is a liberal social media activism organization aiming to persuade companies to remove advertisements from conservative news outlets. The campaign started in November 2016, shortly after Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 United States presidential election, with the launch of a Twitter account aiming to boycott Breitbart News


We see a media that will condemn people for expressing an opinion, forcing employers to fire them, something unthinkable a few years ago. I repeat, expressing an opinion can lose you your livelihood.

The role of the media cannot be underestimated in how we have landed where we are today. They have shaped left wing politics and worked with them to demonise conservative voices and Trump supporters in particular to the point where their careers and safety are under threat. They have either failed to report or actively justified violence, rioting and looting on a scale that dwarfs anything from Trump’s base. Yet somehow they’ve achieved their goal. They have made simply wanting answers on the alleged election fraud in 2020 something akin to being a jihadi terrorist. The country is left divided and simply wanting to be certain that democracy isn’t ‘fragile’ as Biden put it, rather it is still strong and future elections can be trusted. The media have manipulated society so that question will now never be answered.

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