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White people will go down “in a blaze of flames” and live in new colonies or within gated communities thanks to systematic population replacement plans already well underway, Katie Hopkins claimed today.

The outspoken broadcaster, in the second of her two-part interview with Shy Society, maintained that native Brits and Europeans needed “exit” or “survival” strategies due to a conscious population replacement driven by money through Western governments.

And she said her “Doomsday” predictions were irreversible, due to the coordinated and profitable nature of bringing in unskilled migrant workers from mainly Muslim-majority countries. Her comments come just days after German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted in a speech that ‘no-go’ zones did exist following an influx of people from Africa and the Middle East.

“We’re gone. It’s a conscious decision that Western governments have made definitely,” she says. “You only have to look at the lorry parks in Calais which are behind gates and fences, and the owners of those parks are paid to turn away so that the lorry drivers leave their doors open and they’re filled with migrants overnight and are paid an agreed sum – it’s a transaction that’s all approved and then there’s a little sign they have in their truck windows and those are the trucks that are waved through. It’s hugely systematic. It’s coordinated and it’s hugely profitable. Now where that money is going is a governmental issue. But the point is, it’s a plan.

“There is a systemic process of government level indoctrination – and it sounds a bit like a conspiracy, but I believe it is true. So primary schools learning about Islam and Allah and why Allah is great is actually in the syllabus. And then if you look at things like other government bodies like hospitals, ‘oh it’s because people are getting older and medicine is getting more expensive’ or could it be that you’ve just invited four football stadiums worth of people to live here? And then the same with any other public institution like housing, we never admit that maybe the problem is all these people. We just go ‘oh we’ll build more houses’ problem solved, right?”

Between 2001 and 2012, migration in Britain accounted for 85 per cent of the overall population growth. And women born overseas contributed to 27 per cent of all live births in England and Wales in 2014, with 33 per cent of births having at least one immigrant parent – a figure which has more than doubled since the 1990s.


Katie continued: “A lot of my Jewish friends have already gone to America, we talk about going to America and I know that’s wrong for me politically, but it feels very right. Hungary are currently asking for money back for its border wall, I love them, building huge expensive gated communities in Poland and Hungary.

“That’s where I see us, behind big gates. There is no way to stop this trajectory and we have to work out what we believe in and stand strong on it, then find a leader that helps represent us even as we get smaller and build those gates – and those gates may be real or they may be spatial, or they may be ways of being, or it may be moving to gated communities. The white farmers of South Africa have precisely that mentality – they have a plan for a great move again to Cape Town and they plan to fight it out until the last. The parallels to Britain are spooky and it’s almost like peering into a future that is terrifying.

“Our survival or exit strategies are either move countries, die before it happens, or hand over the baton to the next generation of people trying to keep our voices heard. But will there be a point when you go down in a blaze of flames? Yeah, I guess there will.”

But it isn’t all doom and gloom with Katie predicting that the rise of anti-establishment, anti-globalist forces around Europe coinciding with the Trump presidency could offer hope to those fighting to preserve the nation state.

She added: “There is a definite sense that under Obama, was America the leader of the free world? No not for me, not for 20 million people in the UK, and not for a number of people. Under Trump, and he’s determined that he’s hanging around for another six years before he hands over to Pence. He has that crucial succession planning sorted and maybe just maybe the leader of the free world is back?

“And maybe there’s this idea that AfD supporters, UKIP supporters, Lega Nord supporters could start looking to America – and let’s say America says all white South African farmers can come to America to farm, then you start beginning to see something which looks like salvation. If Trump, in the meantime, gets busy deporting a few million dreamers he’s made some space as far as I see it for quite a few South African farmers or the next bunch of white people to be persecuted out of their country.”

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain


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