Patrick Van Roy

AltNewsMedia a site where you get an Alternative view of the News of the World. Not every story you see here is or ever will be the same as what you are reading, have read, or viewed, on the BBC, CNN, Sky, GB, Fox, MSNBC, or any of the standard so called news outlets. What you will always get from this site is the view from a different angle. The views may be from Professionals, they may be from the common man or woman. What they will always be is a perspective that you will never find on the MSM on either side of the Atlantic.

The following piece is one that serves two purposes. First I would like you to get to know the real Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas. Senator Cruz is painted as the boogieman by the media. Most people therefore, because they have lives that aren’t burdened with excess time to actually investigate what someone is really like, allow the general impression to be what they accept. This applies to everything not just People but issues as well. “Say a lie enough times it’s accepted as fact.”

Senator Cruz is not the boogieman. What he is, is an American Conservative. Someone who believes in the Constitution, the Principals and Values that the United States was founded on. In the last legitimate election in 2016 the only person to beat Ted for the Republican Nomination for President was Donald Trump. Not Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or Mitt Romney, all the names that the “press” taught as The Real Republicans. Which none of them are, the peoples second choice was Cruz. Yet ask anyone on either side of pond if they know who he is their view will be that he is some sort of Right-Wing Loon. Right-Wing, yes he is a Loon he is not.

Senator Cruz runs a YouTube Channel called Verdict with Ted Cruz. On this channel he does videos from 2min to an hour on what is really going on in the news or Congress from both Legal and Conservative points of view. They are educational, informative, and nine times out of ten a totally different interpretation of these events from any other that you are being told, shown, or have read.

The Following is an Episode of his show. It is 50 minutes long, this is a special show that you should take the time to listen to. This show covers Merrick Garland’s idiocy of his raid on Donald Trump’s Home, Mar A Lago. Whether you believe this raid to be justified, if you believe Trump is the Devil Incarnate you should still listen. Especially if you believe any of this really amounts to anything other than the current administrations abuse of power. What is discussed is why none of this will ever stand legally, and even more importantly it won’t stand with the American People of both sides of the political spectrum. Abuse of Power, the type we are witnessing now, is an aberration and an offense to everyone’s sensibilities. America is based on one thing – Equal Application of the Rule of Law.

The following is the Alternative view of events. Knowing the arguments of both sides is how an intelligent man makes a decision. Do you know both sides of the Political Equation ?

enjoy the podcast, it does start with a commercial.