By Tony Morrison, US Correspondent

19th December 2019

Labour: “We’ve Just Had The Worst Week In Politics Ever!”

Democrats: “Hold My Beer…..”

It has been an excellent week for civilization in the UK. A party committed to carrying out the democratic will of the people is in power. The forces of antisemitism have been vanquished (for now) and there is no imminent danger of terrorists being invited to the House of Commons by an appalling Marxist garden gnome. But spare a thought for the Labour Party which has seen its socialist dreams trashed, and, with the elimination of its working-class base, reduced to a rump of London-based elites, the media, out-of-touch academics, overpaid actors, and the upper middle classes in general. It is rare to see such a devastating repudiation of a major political party. I spared a thought, but it just devolved into hysterical fits of laughter.

Labour’s comprehensive defeat was mentioned over here, and much of the mainstream media focused on parallels with the upcoming 2020 Presidential election. It was all along the lines of “could the opportunistic deceitful misogynist racist Trump triumph over the forces of peace, love and globalism just like that awful Johnson fellow? I mean look at the hair!” But they ignored the real parallel. This last week has also been disastrous for the Democrats.

The biggest component of the disaster was the Impeachment farce, which is now staggering around like a beheaded chicken in the farmyard not yet knowing it is dead. What is surprising is how it got to this point and why an experienced old battle-axe of a politician like Nancy Pelosi let it. Pelosi is Head Dem at the moment as Speaker of the House and the last person you would have thought to lead her Party off the cliff.IMPEACHMENT FARCE: A WEEK IS A LONG TIME IN POLITICS!

As with all tragic heroes the seeds of her upcoming fall is in her own actions. When the sprightly young (47 is considered young for a Congressperson over here) Pelosi was elected to Congress in the 1980s, she was all full of liberal vim and vigor and so joined the Congressional Progressive Caucus. This Caucus became the Trojan Horse for many of the current socialist ideas among the Dems. If you want to track the rate of socialist infection in the Dems, keep an eye on these guys. From wacky fringe group headed up by Bernie Sanders, they have progressed to becoming nearly half of all Dem House Representatives.

She left this group in 2003 as she took on leadership roles. And once there her desire for power gradually put her in conflict with her erstwhile socialist-leaning friends. She became so enamored of her role as Speaker Of The House that her hands had to physically pried off the gavel when in 2011 the Republicans gained control of the House. The Jay Leno edited video (back when comedy was still funny) of the new Speaker, John Boehner, taking the gavel and hitting her on the head after her interminable self-congratulatory and Boehner-insulting handover speech is one for the ages.

In 2019, due to successful mid-term elections, she gained the Speakership again. The new younger vim and vigor, etc., etc. freshmen gang mostly joined the Progressive Caucus, but the wily 79-year old politico managed to get most of their votes for her new Speakership by buying them off with promise of goodies like key committee appointments for the Squad. But it should have occurred to her that it is always dangerous to ride the tiger.

Like all Dems she was convinced that the Mueller Report would lead to the impeachment of Trump, so obvious was his naughtiness (fill in blanks). So she took the high road and talked about impeachment as a solemn moral duty. And stressed it had to be bipartisan, as opposed to the Clinton Impeachment where she and all Dems had argued justifiably that an impeachment voted on by one party was not good for the country. After Mueller came up a massive bust, her party found it difficult to wean themselves off the impeachment drug highs, especially the newly-elected socialists who came in snorting impeachment 24/7. To keep her Leadership she had to do something.

And then a “whistleblower” contacted Adam Schiff, sinister head of the Intelligence Committee, that he had heard something very bad about Trump going all Benedict Arnold on the phone with the new Leader of Ukraine. The whistleblower is a very mysterious person of whom hardly anything is known. All we know at this point is that his pronouns are a Corbynist He/Him, he is 33 and a Yale graduate, he was a Dem holdover from the Obama administration working on the NSC, he worked with CIA Director John Brennan (guy who helped initiate the Russian collusion nonsense), he hates Trump and his first name is Eric and last name is Ciaramella. So briefed by Schiff, Nancy was ON it. The belief she could give a sop to hIMPEACHMENT FARCE: A WEEK IS A LONG TIME IN POLITICS!er new base and her hatred of Trump morphed into one fatal error of judgment to giddy up the impeachment tiger once again. But the WB did not actually have any firsthand knowledge of anything, just what he heard from hallway gossip. A fact I doubt Schiff had mentioned to Pelosi.

And so it all unfolded. Trump published the transcript of the famous call and Pelosi first became aware that she was being served very small beer. The Dem investigation turned up zilch. The people actually on the call said nothing happened – no quid pro quo, no bribery, no holding back military aid for favors, etc. The attempt to find corroborating evidence was remarkable only in that it did not find any, barring policy discussions around the water-cooler. The investigation turned into the bringing forth of only two impeachment articles that were laughably weak. The treason, bribery, extortion and even quid pro quo that we had been promised were replaced by “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction Of Congress.” Both are loose enough to guarantee the impeachment of any of our 45 Presidents. When the articles were voted on by the House Judiciary Committee (the full House will actually vote on them this week), no-one was watching on TV, except strangely on Fox (right-wing guys getting their hate on), polls had only changed in favor of non-impeachment, Trump’s approval ratings showed a marked upturnRepublicans in House and Senate were outraged at the Dems and the 31 Dems in close districts were openly worrying about their re-election chances in 2020.

The only good news for Pelosi is that the House vote on Impeachment this week will be a bi-partisan one, delivering on Pelosi’s fundamental requirement for impeachment. However, the bi-partisanship will be in favor of NOT to impeach as latest figures suggest a few Dem Representatives may vote nay, along with the entire Republican House delegation. Poor old Nancy is spending most of her waking hours whipping these guys to vote aye. But she does it knowing that any success here will lead to many of the Dems being thrown out next year and her beloved Speakership will vanish once again. Oh, and Trump will be re-elected in 2020, although that has been baked in the cake for a while now.

The only thing worse would be if Dem Representatives were to switch parties. At least that couldn’t happen …. hang on, what’s this?   On Friday, Jeff Van Drew, anti-impeachment Dem Rep for New Jersey’s 2nd district, went to the White House for a tete-a-tete with Trump. He is now planning on switching parties to become a Republican in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the focus of all the Dem hate has been having the best week of his Presidency. This is not an aIMPEACHMENT FARCE: A WEEK IS A LONG TIME IN POLITICS!ccidental coincidence as many of Trump’s achievements this week are due to Democrats voting along with Republicans on several of his key initiatives as an antidote to their impeachment poison. Democrats want to get elected as much as the next person and they won’t if they don’t put some legislative scores on the board, especially in the 31 districts won by Trump in 2016. The US/Mexico/Canada trade deal for example, negotiated a year ago by Trump, is finally going to the House for a vote. The House just approved Trump’s brand-new branch of the military – the Space Force. On yer bike, Death Star!

The House is even down with a score for Trump on illegal immigration. As well as fighting Darth Vader, the new Government spending bill is being discussed that has more earthly-bound security with $1.3 Billion for a border wall to fight illegal immigration. This obscene pork-stuffed bill should lead to the impeachment of all Federal politicians, not just Trump, as the American people will have to pay for this downstream, but I digress.

We have not heard much about illegal immigration recently, except for Dem Presidential candidates promising massive benefits for illegal immigrants to be paid by legal citizens if they win in 2020. Which is probably due to the fact that Trump has managed to slow illegal immigration down to a trickle on the southern border. Congress has refused to act (Dems want new voters and Republicans want cheap labor), but Trump did a deal with Mexico where Mexico would seal the border at their end and the migrants would wait in Mexico to check if they have legitimate grounds for US entry such as being a refugee. According to the Wall Street Journal, the last six months have seen the biggest drop in illegal crossing apprehensions this century (from 132,000 a month to 33,500). And the migrant shelters on the border now have scores of empty beds. This is all a far cry from the Spring when Dems went medieval on Trump for carrying on policies of family separation created by the Obama administration. There was even talk of impeachment (for Trump, not Obama).

A whole bunch of triumphs had nothing to do with Congress. The first phase of the China trade deal, the concomitant surge in the stock market and his signing of the antisemitism executive order all happened this week. And all this is against the background of a still vibrant economy, driven by the Trump tax cuts, which continues to thrive. The week saw the posting of serious job gains (226,000 in November) and record low unemployment numbers (3.5% in November).IMPEACHMENT FARCE: A WEEK IS A LONG TIME IN POLITICS!

The most important triumph, though, was shown by the Senate’s confirmation of the 50th Federal Appeals Court Judge in this fateful week. Trump had made it clear in his campaign that the legal system in this country had been overtaken in recent years by “activist” judges. A term for judges who are extremely liberal in their political views and believe it is their duty to bend the laws in favor of these views.

After the election the Trump administration prepared lists of young conservative potential judges (i.e., judges who are guided by the Constitution and do not see it as an inconvenient document to be ignored as it was created by white men back in a decidedly unwoke age). Senate Leader, Mitch O’Connell, has made their confirmation his primary goal in life, and so far the Senate has confirmed a record number of these judges to the various benches – 2 to the Supreme Court, 50 to the Federal Appeals courts and 122 to US District Courts. 25% of judges in the US are now Trump appointees. Trump’s presidency has so far been marked by any action of his ending up in the Courts as liberals and Dem politicians seek the nearest friendly Judge Antifa to order a legal halt. That is fast coming to an end, at least for the next forty years or so.

And finally there was COP25 in Madrid where the UN efforts to destroy the economies of successful nations and re-distribute their wealth under the guise of doing something about the weather came face to face with the fact that this will never happen. COP25 ended not just with no results whatsoever, but even the usual massive virtue signaling was muted. The UN Climate Change conferences and agreements like Paris were all predicated on the US taxpayer funding all the nonsense – money for “green” projects, and transfer of wealth to small less developed nations to enable them to mine coal and build tourism airports. In 2017, Trump said “how dare you!” and put a stop to all this by withdrawing the US from the Paris agreement and cutting US contributions to the UN.

Trump was excoriated for this unfortunate state of affairs, but as it is what he wanted to happen he ain’t bothered. Au contraire for the Dems whose Green New Deal has been elevated to one of the policies that will see victory in 2020. It will be interesting to see how the Dem Presidential candidates quietly deep-six the now Green No Deal at their next debate on December 19th.

The light from Mount Doom will always flicker over the ruined plains of Mordor. And so the debate at least gives the Dems something to look forward to while surveying the scorched earth that surrounds them. At last the “most diverse set of Presidential candidates in history” has been whittled down to the six white candidates who count (at least until the carpetbagging chancers like Bloomberg appear)and Asian-American Andrew Yang who doesn’t. They have a very touching belief that now surely the American people will tune in in droves, so anxious are they to see a serious discussion on why socialism is appropriate for America.

The mainstream media seem a little defeated this week as they do their usual hustle to come up with any positive spin on all last week’s disastrous news for the Dems. Their heart just isn’t in it and they scramble to come up with ever more irrelevant and silly attempts to deflect attention from total defeat. My favorite has been Associated Press who, when looking forward to the Impeachment Trial in the Senate, now scheduled for January, came up this delightful gem to claim some modicum of victory:

“The group (Dem impeachment managers) seems certain to be diverse in race and gender, providing a contrast to the 13 white male Republican lawmakers who prosecuted the case against (Bill) Clinton.”

So there’s that.