Are these the kind of people Democrats want to defend?

President Trump got in a lot of trouble with weak on the immigration Democrats when he called MS-13 gang members “animals” for the brutal way they murder their victims, many of them children. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admonished Trump and insisted that even these gang banger monsters had the “spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person.”

Here she is:

Is this what she meant? A Dominican gang, just as bad as MS-13 murdered an innocent 15 year old boy in the Bronx, New York this past week:

Here is Lesandro Guzman-Feliz lying on the street a short distance away covered in blood as passersby try to assist him:

Why is it important to see these videos? Because Democrats want to talk about illegal immigrants only as “dreamers” looking to make a better world. The reality is that many are not and Democrats don’t care.

Here is Leasandro’s mother. Like so many other mothers she has been permanently separated from her son never to return. Why isn’t she on the cover of Time Magazine?

Let’s look at Lesandro one more time and imagine what dreams he had for a better life.

How would you describe the people who robbed Leasandro of that dream? Animals is too good a word. Why are Dems like Nancy Pelosi and others never asked about the victims of illegal immigrant gangs? What about the “divinity and dignity” of Lesandro? Pelosi doesn’t give a damn!

Mike has worked in government at every step from the court house to the White House. He currently lives in South Carolina and blogs at Mike’s America.