An American Federal judge, whose judicial decisions were never lost or appealed, and who was both superbly-qualified and well-versed in the application of Constitutional Law, is nominated, by the President, to the U.S. Supreme Court.

With every nomination comes, as expected, a full, exhaustive and in-depth examination not only the Nominee’s judicial decisions, writings and records; but also his character, education and an exploration of his private and personal life: before his name even gets near the Oval Office. Judge Kavanaugh came through the exhaustive inspection and examination process, which, because of the President who nominated him, was extra thorough and intensive.

His name is given to the Senate Judiciary Committee for confirmation.

Out of nowhere, a witness steps ‘hesitantly’ forward. Her name is  Christine Blasey Ford, an academic for California. She claimed that she had been the victim of attempted rape by Kavanaugh, that she had escaped despite there being two large, well-built men trying to attack her. The attack had occurred at a party in the 1980’s. Nope, she had not reported it. She said that she had attempted to forget the whole issue. But once she heard that Judge Kavanaugh had been nominated to the Supreme Court, she decided that she would speak out, and placed her name as a witness.

So  you lie in front of a Senate committee

You lie during cross-examination

Your testimony is demolished by a seasoned female prosecutor, and further shattered by speeches from two Republican Senators

Your whole thesis of not knowing how you got to the party, you didn’t know anyone there, you cannot remember the address of that party, but you CAN REMEMBER THE ATTEMPTED RAPE was, frankly; torn into shreds. You state that you could not appear before the prior examinations because of your ‘fear of flying’; despite flying for work, for holidays and even flying to Washington for the hearing.

But the single collection of words which ensured that Kavanaugh got elected was those spoken by Senator Collins, in which she graded the testimony of  Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh not to meet even the standard of “more likely than not” true, and stated that she made her decision based on the Nominee’s record, writings and judicial stance!

The Nominee was confirmed, and now sits in the Supreme Court

And now, here’s the kicker:-

The American Civil Liberties Union gives you a Courage Award

What for? For having the brass neck to show your face in public?