In a strangely-silent (as far as the Mainstream Media was concerned, (wonder why)) and little-publicised trial, a wealthy and extremely well-endowed American college has suffered a tremendous defeat in open court. The plaintiff was Gibson’s Bakery, of Oberlin, Ohio. The defendants were Oberlin College, and their contractors.

One black student from Oberlin college was stopped by Gibson employees as they suspected he had two bottles of wine hidden under his jacket. When the Gibson guys tried to stop the alleged thief from leaving the shop, they were attacked by two other Oberlin college students; one male, one female. The police were called, arrests were made and statements taken.

What could have been a simple shoplifting incident and arrest created a firestorm when Oberlin College students, including the Black Student Union, Student Senate and College Democrats, as well as the bunch who label themselves as #BlackLivesMatter; alleged racial profiling and launched a boycott of Gibson’s. Protests were launched outside the bakery: and epithets were thrown at the customers who braved the storm of protests to enter the bakery.

The actual train of legal events are catalogued and compiled here on the Legal Insurrection site, and it is most illuminating to view the process by which a rich college tried to bankrupt a family bakery in middle-town America: and also to view the process by which the same College was told to cough up a total of $33,000,000 (Thirty-three million dollars) in Punitive and Compensatory Damages.

What could have been just a storm-in-a-teacup, was escalated into a race-baiting exercise, and that same College has been told, bluntly, by an American Jury, that ‘You can’t do that sort of thing in America, and think you can get away with it!’

Congrats to Gibson’s, and I bet that all the pastries will taste just that little bit sweeter, after the hatred which they have had to suffer through three years of legal torment.