Are you all sitting comfortably; kiddies? Then let Grandpa1940 tell you about a story. A story based upon a lie, a story based upon statistics rigged by experts, a story pushed by so-called ‘experts’, a story pushed by scientists who will not tell the full truth: a story about as truthful as Little Red RidingHood.

Once upon a time, there was a whole Country which depended upon three kinds of electricity. Most of our electricity was generated by old-fashioned, massive coal-fired boilers feeding super-heated steam to huge 500-tonne spinning turbines, which in turn turned huge alternators which generated electricity; reliably, steadily and economically. 

Then, a new sort of electricity generation came along, just the same electricity, but generated by Nuclear Power, whereby the heat generated by nuclear fission was sent to superheat water in massive boilers. Whereby the steam from this boiling water then turned massive turbines, which in turn produced electricity from the alternators connected to those huge spinning turbines. Nuclear-powered electricity was supposed to be dead cheap, but in fact was a bit more expensive; mainly because of all the safety precautions found to be necessary because of that deadly Nuclear fuel which heated up that water.

The third type of electricity generated came from Gas-powered turbines, developed after the discovery of NorthSea Gas. Again the turbines drove huge alternators, but also, because the turbines produced so much heat, even after the turbines ran, allowed engineers to develop steam turbines which could use that waste heat, and these steam turbines could spin more heavy alternators, producing even more electricity, which made them very profitable and popular. 

And everything went very well for years and years. Until some people got hold of the silly, stupid and untruthful idea that Carbon Dioxide, the gas which was produced when burning coal, oil and gas-fired stations, was responsible for Climate Change; and was also contributing to this fanciful notion that the Earth was warming; that all the ice from the Arctic and AntArctic Oceans would melt, and drown out whole islands, and countries, and SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE!

But the people who were spreading this fairy story also paid some scientists to produce ‘Research’ which, naturally, would prove that the glaciers would all melt, that all the ice would melt, and everyone would be REALLY SORRY that they hadn’t been listened to; and instead of all those coal-, gas- and oil-fired power stations that had worked so well for decades, everyone should build huge WINDMILL-TURBINES attached to smaller alternators which would provide the same sort of electricity, but the electricity would be cheap because the wind turned the WINDMILLS, AND THE WIND WAS FREE,  because it was RENEWABLE

So a lot of politicians got involved, and the people who were pushing this BIG LIE gave a lot of cash to some of those politicians, and so the politicians, who really didn’t know anything about power generation, suddenly became experts in Electricity generation, because they all said they believed the BIG Lie about Carbon Dioxide being nasty, and terrible, and life-threatening, and we would all be murdered in our beds if we didn’t get rid of all the old power stations which had worked so well, and so those same politicians, aided by people who had completed post-graduate courses in the ways of Dr. Josef Goebbels, found out that if people who spoke out against the new Religion called Climate Change could be called ‘Climate Deniers’, and lots of people believed the JosefGoebbels people: and so it came to pass that lots of Countries all believed that their world was going to drown, because all the ice was melting, and they came together in Paris, and everyone agree to give lots of money to the smaller nations because they deserved it. Now the President of America, a black man called Obama was at that Paris meeting, and he signed up to give lots of America’s money to all these other countries, despite many important people back in America disagreeing with him about the BIG LIE called Climate Change: but they couldn’t do anything, because he was the Boss.

But the story doesn’t end there, because they have these clever things called Elections in America, and out of nowhere this other man, a business man, a man who ran a huge number of hotels all over the world; he suddenly decided that he would try and persuade ordinary Americans that he could so a better job that this other President. And all (well, nearly all) the newspapers, and (nearly) all the television stations spoke out against him, because he wasn’t a politician: and they laughed about him, and joked about him, and told lies about him: right up to the fateful time when the Nation spoke, and Donald Trump became the President. But worse, at least for these Climate Change people, was to follow. Because the President had actually read the  Paris Agreement, and he first of all didn’t believe in the BIG LIE about the Climate; and he definitely didn’t like the bit where America was going to give billions of dollars away, and get, well; nothing in return. So President Trump said “Nuts to Paris”: and predictably the rest if the world, especially those who were waiting for all that lovely free money from America, shrieked in anguish.

So. anyway, back to our story! The Country which used to be dependent for electricity from coal, gas and oil and nuclear suddenly had lots and lots of windmill-turbines, all turning, but ONLY turning when the wind blew, as well as some nuclear, some gas and very few oil stations. But the politicians really didn’t understand the reality about RENEWABLE electricity, which is that when all those Wind-Turbines turned too fast, because the wind was blowing too hard;  the Alternators had to be switched off, otherwise the innards might be damaged. Unlike the average gas-, coal-, nuclear or gas-fired power station, where the turbines were spinning at 3,000 revs. per minute, and if something went wrong, those turbines would continue to spin, because of the huge momentum produced by 500-tonnes of spinning steel and copper. With such a high proportion of wind power the system inertia would have been very low, which would mean the system was much less able to adapt to any disruption. (And if that is the case then this is a renewables problem. Too many intermittent generators, not enough spinning reserve). Large baseload turbines have spinning weights in the order of 200 – 600 tons, and they turn at 3,000 rpm. Solar and wind power just can’t provide that stability. 

So the Climate Change people, who have successfully ruined a perfectly good Central Generation System for purely ‘Renewable’ purposes have now to explain, again to a bunch of POLITICIANS  who don’t understand about Engineering, what has gone wrong, all in the service of the great God named CLIMATE CHANGE and the other BIG LIE called GLOBAL WARMING.

Oh, and just to end our little story, Kiddiewinkies, its not as though people were not warned. Plenty of Climate Deniers were only too ready to tell the politicians the truth; but, again: