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What if Theresa May is not only playing the EU but also playing her political opponents here in the UK, in these Brexit negotiations? She has and quite rightly so, held her cards very close to her chest ever since she invoked Article 50, so all everyone else has really been doing is trying to second guess what she is actually up to and some have been making some rather absurd accusations against her which I believe have been nothing more than deliberate scaremongering tactics.

Firstly, consider what we do know… The EU simply cannot ever agree to a mutually beneficial deal because to do so would only entice 27 other EU states to follow our lead in Brexit and you can be 100% sure that the EU does not want that to happen, you can also be sure that Tories have been fully aware of this fact from day one. Those saying the Tories and especially Theresa May, do not know what they are doing, really do not understand how the Tories work and I assure you that at the forefront of every decision made by the Tory party, re-election is always priority number one. So keep these important facts in mind when considering what Theresa May and others have been doing during these important exit negotiations. The Tories are no mugs when it comes to politics, they are fully aware that the EU cannot agree to any deal and they will be playing their hand looking at what will give them the best chance of success in the next general election. That is not second guessing; that is simple fact.

Why did Theresa May make that over-hyped Florence speech when there were still 18 months of exit negotiations to go? Why did she hold out an olive branch to the EU, offering so much it sent the voting public into a frenzy? Well, she knew that she could offer the EU anything and they would not be able to accept it, so who was that actual speech aimed at? It most certainly was not aimed at the voters here in the UK because it sent them crazy, as we all saw from the reactions on social media. It was certainly not for the benefit of the EU because as expected it was immediately rejected. It could only have been for the benefit of the rest of the world who are watching closely, especially those who we intend to negotiate trade deals with once we leave the EU. It was done to show them that we have tried our best to come to a mutual agreement and it was the EU who did not want to play ball. This would then mean that when she does walk away from those exit negotiations, on a No Deal Brexit, she can step back onto the world stage with her head held high saying “Well we did make them a generous offer”. That to me, is the only logical explanation for that somewhat very strange and definitely over-hyped speech in Florence and that was actually the point that I became convinced she intends to walk.

So why has she not just walked already? Remember at the forefront of Tory thinking is always re-election and no matter how much abuse has been thrown at her throughout all of this, she has never once faltered or even tried to combat those smears, in fact she has done things to actually encourage them. I would not be surprised that the leaked information that has sent people into a frenzy was not in fact leaked by the Tories to amplify the hatred and mistrust other parties fire at Theresa May. If I am right in my thinking that she intends to walk and I would not be surprised to see that happen on or before June 23rd 2018, she will reveal her hand and let the public know it was her plan all along and in doing so she will become the new ‘Iron Lady’ in the eyes of the voters. Then in the next general election she will constantly remind everyone how those who showed no faith in her; very nearly scuppered her plan for Brexit, making them unelectable by doing so.  This goes a long way to explain why David Davis keeps on laughing at everyone.

They have even got Nigel Farage on board pushing out the anti-May propaganda at every opportunity whilst inviting staunch Remainers onto his LBC show to amplify that propaganda. Every single show Nigel does for LBC he brings up the point that Theresa the Appeaser must be a Remainer because she would not answer Iain Dale’s question on LBC, as to how she would vote in a 2nd EU Referendum. Anyone with an ounce of political nous about them knew full well that was a politically loaded question that no politician worth their salt would ever have answered, especially Nigel himself. That question was really asking Theresa May who does she want to upset the most by answering, 16 million voters or 17 million voters and the question was put to her knowing full well she would not answer it. Watch the video and you will see Iain Dale struggled to keep a straight face when asking it. The sad part about that is it shows that Nigel Farage is now working for the Tories and is not being entirely honest with people, I have tried to ring through on his show a few times to put this to him and I have never been allowed on to do so. No surprise there of course.

So there is an alternative view of things for people to think about and it is based on what I have seen happening in front of my very eyes. I do honestly believe that May will walk this year and it will be closely followed by another general election, which the Tories will win a landslide victory in. There is little we mere mortals can really do about Brexit now as it really is a two horse race between the EU and the UK Government, so I urge you all, start thinking about Britain After Brexit. No longer will our elected representative be the middlemen for the EU and British politics is going to become a totally new ball game. Regardless of what political party you may be in, we all need to start getting prepared for what will happen after we have left the EU and I do honestly believe that will be much sooner than March 2019. All the talk about extended transition periods is only being done to ensure we are not prepared for political life after Brexit because when she does walk on a ‘No Deal Brexit’, there will be no transition period at all.

Stop being played by the Tories and get ready for GE2018!

Marty Caine

Leader of Engage