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Back in 2006, I remember watching a movie called ‘IDIOCRACY’, it was certainly not the best comedy of all time but it was a story about an average joe who got frozen for 500 years and when he was accidentally revived, he was the smartest person on the planet. If you have never seen it then I urge you to watch it because it now seems that ‘Idiocracy’ is becoming a reality and far too many here in Britain and around the world are turning into Sheeple who feed off the media, be it the press, TV or radio and simply echo what they hear without ever thinking about it or questioning it. I see evidence of this every day and unless we wake these people up to the reality of the situation, we will soon become a nation of Sheeple being herded along by the media, only thinking what they want us to think.

Take national pride for an example, showing pride in your country is nowadays seen as a hate crime and the media have the Sheeple condemning anyone who shows any sense of pride in Britain, it is almost becoming taboo in society to praise our own country and yet it was that pride that got us through two world wars… I honestly dread to think what would happen if we, unfortunately, got caught up in World War III and worryingly the way things are looking at the moment on the world peace scales, that is looking extremely likely to happen.

I can just imagine what would happen as our brave British troops marched off to board their ships and trains singing “Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag”, there would be screams of disgust from the masses saying you can’t say troubles, that is mocking the mentally ill… and “While you’ve a lucifer to light your fag!” would receive rebuttals about Satanism and promoting smoking, which kills don’t you know, as if going to war doesn’t kill people? This is what the Sheeple society bring to the table in Britain today and it is getting worse! The systematic dumbing down of society that has been ongoing for years is finally beginning to show its results and it really isn’t pretty to see.

Just look at the Tommy Robinson being sentenced to prison on May 25th 2018 and the kind of reaction that has returned from the Sheeple, they are actually far more offended by him speaking out against an ever growing problem of grooming gangs here in the UK, than they are about the fact that eleven year old girls are being gang-raped. Seriously, think about that for a moment and please do not try to tell me it isn’t happening because that would clearly show that you are not only one of the Sheeple but you are actually broken beyond repair, there have been far too many convictions for anyone to deny it is happening, though I do fear that the revelations so far is only the tip of the iceberg.

Another nonsense excuse I keep hearing from the Sheeple at the moment is this strange idea that no one should speak out about these Muslim grooming gangs because it also happens in other parts of society such as churches for example. Where exactly is the logic in thinking that we should not complain about something so abhorrent because it only targets one section of society, ignoring the fact that the vast majority of these offences are caused by one certain section of our society and what makes it even worse, those who are peddling this kind of nonsense do not actually speak out against any of it themselves anyway. They much prefer to sit in silence in their little bubbles actually convincing themselves it is not really happening, it is all nonsense being exaggerated by presumed racists. They are far more concerned about getting their own daily fix of outrage flag waving so they can feel self-righteous for a few moments because someone has said something that they falsely interpret as being offensive, well guess what Sheeple, you have no right not to be offended, especially when ignoring seriously offensive things and I struggle to think of anything more offensive than young girls being systematically raped by gangs of men but apparently according to the Sheeple that makes me some kind of racist or xenophobe. There is absolutely nothing racist in trying to protect children! They also say things like… “but the vast majority do not do this” and though I totally agree on that point, so what, that is no excuse for ignoring the minority that are committing these abhorrent acts on children and worst still trying to make up excuses why they should not be called out for it!

The worrying thing about Sheepilitous is the fact it seems to be at epidemic proportions now, especially in academia. Universities, where the smartest and brightest used to go, is now wall to wall full of Sheeple, regurgitating whatever rhetoric the media and their tutors force them to digest and should anyone ever dare to question such things in almost any UK university, they are immediately ostracised for doing so and sometimes even thrown out for actually daring to still have a working brain of their own. Questioning things is how we progress and evolve as human beings but it seems to be a sin in academia to question anything these days and that is a real worry. Universities are no longer educating, they are indoctrinating! A few years ago I coined the phrase… “There is no excuse for ignorance in a world that has Google” but even Google now seems to be all part and parcel of the indoctrination process today, if you doubt that then simply go to ‘Google Images’ and search ‘Black couple’ then search ‘White couple’, if you don’t notice something strange then I am afraid you are already one of the Sheeple.

The self test is… If you cannot critically read an article fully because it mentions Tommy Robinson more than once then you’ve already started losing the ability to think for yourself.  Read things in full and if you disagree with what you read, then state what you disagree about, this is how we learn from each other. To simply say I am not reading any more of that, is ignorance at its very best and is certainly not smart, nor it will never help you ever improve your own understanding of things that do matter. Do not try to silence those you disagree with, instead debate with others reasonably, otherwise, you are only portraying the exact same traits as a fascist, whilst no doubt calling the person you disagree with a fascist. Another one that always amuses me, is the constant misuse of the term bigot, if you think your own opinion is superior to someone else’s then they are not the bigot, you are! A bigot is a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions, so when I see the Lefty Logic Brigade carrying placards that display ‘Stop Bigotry’, I can’t help but think about those women in America who actually dressed up as vaginas to protest against Trump because they thought he is rude. What a fine example of Sheeple power at its very worst, that was.

Sheeple do seriously need to wake up to the reality of what is actually happening around them or eventually, we will become a nation of mindless zombies who have lost their ability to think for themselves. People need to question everything they see and hear, so they can make their own informed opinions and then voice those opinions to others to create reasoned debates. Hopefully, then we will get back to learning from each other once again and evolution will start going forward instead of backward, as it seems to be doing at the moment. Cast aside all the things that cause divisions in the world, it doesn’t matter what religion, colour, gender or whatever you are, there will be those in the same box as you that you will disagree with, simply because we are all human being and each and every single one of us on the planet is as uniquely different as our own DNA and our fingerprints! When people start to realise that fact, the world will be a much better place to live in. Recognising our own unique individuality is what will eventually get us all back working together again, a damn sight better than we are managing to do at the moment.

In simple terms Sheeple, when it comes to your brain… Use it or lose it!

When society can condemn those speaking out about wrongdoings whilst at the same time staying silent themselves about those wrongdoings, you know there is a serious problem within society… Wake up Sheeple!

Marty Caine