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A shocking story is emerging from Durham of events surrounding the 134th Durham Miners’ Gala, an annual Trade Union organised event in North East England where the local community marches, children set up stalls, speeches are made and it appears from the outside to be a typically British and good natured event.

Until this year.

This year, the event was awash with far left activists, many using the day to attack the visit of President Donald Trump, ironically a passionate supporter of coal miners in America. Among the masses was Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose speech attacked Trump rather than praise what he has done for American miners. He was accompanied by left wing activists and rent-a-mob groups such as ‘Stand Up to Racism’, the hard left group chaired by Diane Abbott which recently joined in with intimidation tactics and mob rule to close down a democratic debate at the East Lewisham hustings. ANM reported on this event and exposed the shocking trail to senior figures in the Labour Party. ANM has been told that there are also numerous unanswered complaints to the police about the event, and ANM have had no response from the Labour candidate Janet Daby or the Labour Party themselves about what action they intend to take. That story can be read here.

UNION JACK SPAT ON IN DURHAMJeff Wyatt, Deputy Leader of The For Britain Movement, a centrist political party formed less than a year ago with the aim of standing up for British people and the ‘forgotten majority’ attended the Gala with a small group, and he relates his experiences to ANM in his own words:


“Departed Milton Keynes for Durham at 5.30 am!
Met up with around forty people a mixture of 4B supporters and FLA people.
I spoke to them in front of the magnificent and most humbling Durham Cathedral.

The Police banned us from joining the main gala. I kid you not. Told us if we did we would be issued with a dispersal order!
The FLA guys moved away, around eighteen of them after a wreath was laid at a Victoria Cross memorial by us.UNION JACK SPAT ON IN DURHAM
Fifteen minutes went by.
I then talked to an Inspector, who relented and allowed this smaller group to split into two and walk down to the Gala through the streets of Durham.
We let some more time elapse by going for a pint at a nearby pub.

Upon leaving pub, one of our party’s British Union flag was spat on by an approximately fifty year old female member of the public!
Ten to twelve of us walked through the crowded High Street waving a mixture of Union flags, Royal Standard flag and For Britain flags with four of us wearing For Britain rosettes: myself, two Milton Keynes members that had traveled with me, and local Kevin.
Lots of attention and looks, no trouble with notable approving glances too.
We then walked down a narrow footpath towards the main event field with tens of thousands of people, I do not exaggerate, listening to left wing speeches.
Myself and Kevin were at head of party.
Many foul mouthed people then verbally abused me in particular, presumably due to waving my Union Flag.
I / we stood our ground and carried on moving towards the crowd.
The abuse then became extreme.
The most I said was “you don’t know what you are talking about mate”. 
Lots of cameras on us, including TV.
Police arrived.
We were all told to reverse back.
I was told by Police “if you go down into the field Sir you will cause a riot”
I said “What for waving a Union flag?”
Myself and others were issued a Dispersal Order to leave the city within fifteen minutes 
We did not have lunch!
All Kevin’s people and my people were straight forward, ordinary, non provocatively dressed and well mannered .

Welcome to 2018 England I guess”.

See the video of the Police interaction with Jeff and others here:

The pattern of hatred, anger and intimidation from the left, or increasingly as it now is, far left, is nothing new. Spitting on the Union Jack, and police advising members of the public to leave the city to maintain public order for flying a union flag however is something new and dangerous in 2018.

Jeff adds:

“Oh I forgot to mention, the 10 or 12 of us were escorted out of the City by a dozen or so police in the middle of the high street watched on by thousands upon thousands of people and banned from returning to Durham for 24 hours. That was my first ever trip into Durham. Looking forward to next time!”UNION JACK SPAT ON IN DURHAM

The only arrests on the day were participants of the event. The local police seem to have avoided the issue with Chief Inspector Richie Allen issuing a statement to the local paper, the Chronicle Live, stating “We would like to thank everyone who attended the Gala for making it such a great day and making it run so smoothly“. He went on to say “there were no unexpected issues for us to deal with

In London we saw pro Trump supporters issued with written warnings that gathering in groups of more than 3 may result in arrest, at the same time as an effigy of a beheaded President was being paraded through the streets by anti Trump protestors. The Mayor Sadiq Khan incredibly tried to suggest ‘Extreme Right Wingers & Pro Trump protestors’ caused violence, after a group were attacked by masked ‘Antifa’ thugs.

If you are not able to attend an event because other people may commit criminal offences, and are punished for trying to attend if you do so, what does this say about British policing? The Mayor? The Government? Where will it end?

Thanks to Liz Britain for images and video.