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A petition signed by almost 7,000 people is calling for the London Assembly to pass a vote of no confidence in London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Following months of negative headlines and a recent murder rate which has eclipsed even New York, the online petition argues that false promises on transport, policing, housing, health and air pollution mean the city’s first Muslim mayor should step down. And the change.org petition, which has been signed by 6,730 people, states that a motion of no confidence could be carried if all 13 non-Labour Assembly Members voted the same way.

Two further social media polls in recent days suggest opposition to Khan is growing, with 95 per cent of over 5,000 people saying the Mayor should go in a Shy Societypoll and the same percentage of almost 4,000 people agreeing in a similar poll carried out by AltNewsMedia. It is not the first time thousands have called for the controversial London mayor to be removed, with 83,909 people signing a petition in 2017 for his impeachment.


Claims made by the latest petition

The latest campaign to remove him from office accuses him of letting “egotistical ambitions” distract him from serious issues affecting Londoners, instead focusing on interventions in world politics such as his very public spats with President Donald Trump.

“He seems to think it is acceptable to make false promises to get people to vote for him and then go back on his word on many issues, and to then do as he likes for his own political ego with no regard for the consequences of his failures,” the petition reads.

“London needs a Mayor who is honest, strong and respected and who will take positive action on serious issues. After nearly 2 years Sadiq Khan does not meet the requirements and is not fit to be Mayor.”

It adds: “If any of us in any job had a track record like this, failing at what we do, we would expect to be sacked, and the Mayor should be no different to the rest of us. If we had lied on a job application or in an interview we would expect to be sacked.

“The Mayor lied about what he would do as Mayor and should be sacked. The Mayors ongoing failures will continue to have a massive negative impact on people’s lives and cause misery for thousands of people.”

On Saturday the Metropolitan Police deployed an extra 300 patrol officers on the capital’s streets after a spate of stabbings and shootings. But despite the increased police presence, another woman was arrested on Saturday night after a stabbing outside Highbury and Islington tube station in north London.

Police have announced a new 120-strong Violent Crime Taskforce of specialist officers to target the most violent individuals and gangs in the capital. Khan insists he is doing all he can “with the powers and funding available to me to tackle this menace”. He also pointed to a decision he made earlier this year to divert £110m of funding away from other priorities to support the 1,000 police officers on London’s streets.

To view, sign or share the petition visit this link.

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