“Caroline Santos was UKIP’s West of Scotland Chair until she resigned earlier this year and severed her connections with the party. She previously stood in four elections under the UKIP banner, twice in U.K. general elections, once as a Holyrood candidate and in a council election. She was part of the top team winning UKIPs first elected representative in Scotland. Made up part of a think tank contributing to the Scottish manifesto. Now she says it’s time to bury the stinking corpse of UKIP.”

No more holding your nose and vote for UKIP! This was the week that UKIP died.


And Gerard Batten, the man who has led UKIP since the last man who led UKIP ran off with his girlfriend to start another party that nobody votes for, the man who became leader because they couldn’t afford to have an election to choose the leader, was the man who killed it.

Why would you want to lead a political party if you don’t want to be Prime Minister? What’s the point of politics if you don’t have at least a chance of power? Without that it’s just a shouty club. And Mr Batten clearly does not want to be Prime Minister.

This week he hosted UKIP’s latest star recruits at a visit to the European Parliament. Markus “Count Dankula” Meechan and Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin bring no great political experience to the party. They are YouTubers. They get paid by YouTube for hosting adverts on their YouTube channel. The more people watching their stuff, the more adverts get seen and the more they get paid.


You might imagine that there’s not much demand for well-thought out political discourse and carefully crafted policy on YouTube – and you’d be right. These gentlemen are professional controversialists throwing red meat to the extremes and making a lot of money out of it. Sargon has 100,000 YouTube fans helping the pennies pile up.

Dankula shot to fame after posting a video which showed a pug dog, trained to raise its paw in a Nazi salute in response to the phrase “Gas the Jews”.

Sargon hit the headlines when he went to war with Labour MP Jess Phillips who dared to complain about 600 on-line rape threats she had received.
“People talking about raping me isn’t fun, but has become somewhat par for the course”, she said. Unleashing the full force of his sparkling wit, Sargon tweeted: “I wouldn’t even rape you, Jess Phillips.”

Now, tell me, would you be pleased if your daughter brought either of these two characters home to dinner? Never mind voting for them, quite honestly, you wouldn’t have these people in your house. What woman is ever going to vote for a man who could say such a thing? What’s going to happen if these people ever appear on any kind of political platform, at a Press conference, in front of a TV camera or even, God help us, on Question Time?

What happens when they face the simple questions like: “Mr Dankula, aside from gassing the Jews, what are your policies?” “Mr Sargon, we know you wouldn’t even rape Jess Phillips MP, but who would you rape?”

And all this came in the week when UKIP decided to bend its own rules to allow Tommy Robinson into the party – only to discover that they couldn’t.
That’s Tommy Robinson formerly of the English Defence League. Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon, the jailbird. The guy who went to prison for assaulting a police officer who was trying to stop him assaulting his girlfriend. The mortgage fraudster. The passport fraudster. The man who went to jail for contempt of court when he endangered the prosecution of dozens of people accused of grooming young girls and using them in a sex ring and then bleated about freedom of speech. That Tommy Robinson.

If UKIP were a serious political party and any of those men were members, they would have to be kicked out. But they are being welcomed in because UKIP is not a serious party and Gerrard Batten doesn’t want to be Prime Minister. Imagine him welcoming President Macron of France to No.10 for a discussion on raping women. Imagine him sitting down with Angela Merkel for a chat about gassing the Jews. UKIP is dead. It’s long past time for the funeral because the stink is becoming unbearable.