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Tommy Robinson is speaking out, he is exercising Free Speech and now the state is taking aim.  Be under no illusion, the state can kill Tommy Robinson to ensure silence, they have allegedly killed for it before.

I am going to look at the situational similarities of 2 men, their backgrounds are another story and completely different but the situation they were/have both been placed in is uniquely the same.

Tommy Robinson is currently serving a prison sentence of 13 months in HMP Hull for, in the view of judge Geoffrey Marson QC, committing contempt of court whilst reporting on a child rape gang case via Facebook Live outside Leeds Crown Court.

Many people believe Tommy was sent to prison for one reason and one reason only, to silence him.  Me personally, I share those feelings.  You could argue that if this were not so carefully orchestrated and decorated it would be the return of Internment without trial.

The state needs Tommy Robinson to stop immediately, he has been responsible for waking those sleeping themselves into a Government created nightmare.  If you need to look at it in a slightly different way then look at Tommy as the Character, Morpheus, from The Matrix, he is unplugging people in their thousands and forcing their eyes open to the truth.  The State doesn’t like this, not one little bit and their mask is slipping.

History tells us the step by step process the British State will follow to silence an opponent who is ‘getting in the way’ of their agenda.  The first step is isolation.

Take the individual, in this case, Tommy, and place them behind bars. Once inside they are under complete control and monitoring.  If you look at today’s news coming from UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten, for example, he said HMP Hull have cancelled a family visit for Tommy at the last minute, this was more of a welfare check to see how he was – this is the isolation process being exercised to its fullest.

Isolation was also used in a similar situation in Northern Ireland in March 1997 when another man had to be silenced for a political purpose.

Prison is isolation but short term only, how would the State ensure someone remains silent long-term?  You make them disappear, this brings us to the second step.

You would think that most people serving time in Prison would have a resentment for the British State and/or justice system and would take no part in anything which would help aid them I mean why would they?  The truth is that prison is the ideal pond for the Government to cast their bait into, how many people would take a bite at something if it has a taste of a shorter sentence or extra privileges?  A fair few I’d imagine.  Especially if both parties involved share the desired outcome.

Most would agree that death is the only thing that can forever silence someone, For the State to take such measures it must always look like an accident, history tells us this.  Easy enough to get others to do the States bidding inside Prison I’d imagine, especially for a decent deal on offer.

State Sponsored Assassination was allegedly used in a similar situation in Northern Ireland on the 27th December 1997.

Tommy Robinson speaks out against Islam, and the failures the Government has had integrating it into British society, this goes massively against the current agenda of the British State.  Let us now look to the late 1990’s where we saw another man go against the British State agenda, the agenda in those years was to accept peace at any cost with the Irish Republican Army, even if that peace saw deals done with Terrorists.


Loyalist Leader, Billy Wright.

William Stephen “Billy” Wright was a Loyalist Leader, known mostly for his activities and alleged crimes whilst serving with Loyalist Paramilitaries during ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

The backgrounds of Billy Wright and Tommy Robinson are completely different on every level, but the situation they have both been placed in by the British State is completely the same.

Billy Wright just like Tommy Robinson was sent to Prison in March 1997 in a desperate attempt to isolate him, they wanted to isolate and silence him because he was a threat to the peace process.  HMP Maze was where Billy Wright would serve his time in Prison, it would also be the place where his life was taken and the question that remains to this day is – who gave the order for his death?  The British State or the INLA?  Once isolated it is believed the State worked hard to find natural enemies of Billy and do a deal with them which would see their threat silenced forever, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?  Tommy is locked up with some extreme Muslims who would jump at the chance to do him serious harm or more if given the chance, plenty of friends for anyone wishing to do Tommy harm.

On the morning of 27th December 1997, Billy Wright was being escorted to the visitor’s centre where he had an arranged visit with his partner.  Whilst in the forecourt of the Prison, Billy did not know that there were three members of the Irish Nationalist Liberation Army (INLA) ordered and preparing to kill him.  The INLA was also against the Peace Process, they were the perfect face for this plan.

The three INLA men rushed through the turnstile leading to an exercise yard. Removing a pre-cut section of wire fence, they climbed onto the roof of the prison block and dropped into the forecourt where the transport vehicle containing Wright had just started to move forward towards the exit gates.  The van was ordered to stop by the armed INLA men, however, the driver accelerated through the partially opened gates in a bid to escape. He was prevented from doing so when the gates were automatically shut.

The assassins proceeded to open the side sliding door of the vehicle where Billy was situated, they then shot Billy Wright 7 times, he was later pronounced dead by the Prison doctor.

No one else was hurt in this attack, not the driver, the other prisoners or the prison guards.  In fact, the three assassins calmly walked back to the block and handed themselves over to the guards.

One of the most secure Prisons in Europe yet three prisoners were able to obtain firearms, escape and quickly get to Billy’s exact location?  The security cameras just so happened to not be working, the visit times were changed last minute and the overhead watchtowers were unguarded… Furthermore, the INLA Gunmen simply and without fuss handed themselves over to the guards after doing all this and murdering another prisoner?  You can make your own mind up but to many people, including myself, this was a state-sponsored assassination of a man who was a threat to the agenda of the British Government at that time.  The same threat Tommy Robinson is now presenting.

The similarities of the situation Billy Wright was placed in are all too similar to Tommy’s situation.

Now if it were the State that ordered the execution of Billy Wright in one of their own Prisons, it is worth noting how quickly an order such as this was carried out.  Billy Wright was imprisoned in HMP Maze in March 1997 and was murdered in that prison on the 27th December 1997 – 9 months from the plot, to the plan, to the final kill.

What is the Government going to do next?  The right thing and release Tommy Robinson or keep him in prison where the risk of history repeating itself is highly likely.  Look at it this way, if Tommy were to be seriously injured or worse whilst in Prison, either way it was our Government who allowed it to happen.  I disagree with Tommy Robinson on many issues, this is not a matter for liking someone or disliking them, it is a matter of right and wrong – this is wrong.