Allow me to paint a picture. It’s not a picture of a scene of fiction, but of a recent past, of a place not a million miles from here, on Europe’s doorstep.

I want to take you to the Soviet Union, or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics . This was a totalitarian state, where one-party rule was ensured by one simple method, the criminalisation of opposition. It’s the method utilised by communist and socialist states throughout the world, and throughout history.

Totalitarian states always maintain themselves by means of political policing – that is the policing of political opinion, propaganda through a state controlled media, the restriction on free discussion, disempowerment via means of a loss of property rights, surveillance, and open persecution of specific groups or holders of specific ideas. This was the Soviet Union. Political dissent was a serious offence, and the punishment was severe.

From the early days of the gulags, horrific prison camps where people were sent for political dissent or during the collectivization of private property and where over a million would meet their deaths, to the later days, during which citizens “rights” stretched only as far as the interests of the state would allow them, the Soviet Union served, or should have served, as a warning of what happens when the state controls the citizen. It’s a warning of what happens when the state rules via propaganda, exclusion of political opponents (by whatever method), and through fear.

The Soviet Union fell in the late 1980s. That is, the machinery fell, the ideals did not. The ideas remained, but they began to wear a disguise, and this disguise has allowed them great power, in Europe, and all the way to the United States. Who would have thought that the United States, the defender of Western liberty, could be on the verge of totalitarianism, but it is. Just like the rest of the free world.

Totalitarianism is characterised by a lack of rights, but so clever is the disguise that totalitarianism has made its way to the halls of power in free countries by disguising itself as an advocate of rights.

The modern human rights industry is that disguise. Giving itself a veneer or morality, in pretending to promote the rights of the individual, it is in fact eroding them. It will allow rights yes, but only to those who hold it’s political viewpoint – the very essence of totalitarianism.

Totalitarianism disguised as human rights may yet bring about the downfall of the free world, indeed we are on the very breach, we are staring down the barrel, and For Britain is here to issue a warning – a warning that we in the free world are on the edge, communism is back, totalitarianism is back. Right here in the heart of Europe.

We believe in freedom, we believe that the citizen should hold the state to account, we believe in the rights of the individual and therefore oppose collectivism, we believe in democracy, privacy, and we believe in the country we fight for, we believe in Britain. So let me describe to you what is occurring inside our beloved Britain in 2019. It’s a pattern repeated across Europe and across the West. We are being overtaken by totalitarianism, disguising itself as human rights.

In a free society, the right to speak is paramount. It is the most fundamental right and it has provided the foundation on which the most advanced civilisation in human history was built, Western civilisation. Because it is the foundation of freedom, it is under sustained attack by the enemies of freedom, and nowhere can this better be seen than in the United Kingdom.

Censorship in the UK comes in several forms – from the unwritten rules to the written ones. Formally, we are prevented from speaking our minds by means of the criminalisation of opinion; this occurs via means of ‘hate speech’ laws. So-called “hate” is a very serious matter in the United Kingdom. The policing of “hate” takes precedence over the policing of violent crime, theft or even rape. In London alone, where violent crime is at unprecedented levels, more than 900 police officers are entirely dedicated to policing hate. In the same city, police told the public in 2017 that they would no longer investigate what it called ‘low-level crimes’, which were to include theft and even assault. The reason given was lack of resources. In other words, during a time of low resource, London’s Metropolitan Police, the largest in the United Kingdom, prioritises “hate” over violence and theft. To date, 1000s of people (yes, 1000s) have been arrested, in London alone, merely for posting messages on Twitter or Facebook.

The actual human right of free speech has therefore been replaced by a newly invented “human right”, the apparent right to avoid ever being offended by the thoughts or words of another. Public discourse in the UK treats offence as more serious than violence, it treats offensive words as violence, and the restriction of offensive words as a moral act. In destroying rights, this totalitarianism disguises itself as a defender of rights, the apparent right not to be offended – which according to UK police, takes precedence over the right to free speech or even safety.

Beyond the law is the unwritten threat that pervades UK society. This is a threat every bit as powerful as the threat from the state, in fact, even more so. The representatives of totalitarianism in the UK take on the disguise of anti-fascism – giving it that essential veneer of morality. Known collectively as Antifa, the British representatives of totalitarianism dominate our every day lives and they do it the way totalitarianism always – through threats of violence or other punishment. The most successful method of controlling opinion in British society is the threat of job loss. It is very common for a person to lose their job in the UK as a result of their political opinion or allegiance. Companies, but especially the public sector, monitor people’s online activity and even in my own party, several people have lost their job, or have been reported to police by their employers, simply for the expression of an opinion on social media. Antifa ensures there is nowhere to hide. They regularly write to employers and harass them, threatening to portay them as racist or fascist if they do not fire a certain employee. The representatives of totalitarianism have made sure that a mere accusation of racism is enough to destroy a person or a business, so it is sadly the case that companies concede and an employee loses their job, a family loses its breadwinner, and all because an incorrect opinion was expressed.

So terrifying is the lack of freedom of thought in the UK that a mother may even lose her child if she holds incorrect thoughts. In 2012, a local council in the north of England sought to remove a woman’s baby as soon as it was born, because the woman was active with the anti-Islam English Defence League. The woman’s unborn baby was placed on the child protection register because of its mother’s views. This in a country of rampant child marriage and FGM, which carries on under the nose of the police without punishment.

British police have even begun to police non-crimes. That’s what they’re called. Non-crimes. A man recently shared a poem about transgenderism on his Twitter account. He soon received a phonecall from police, concerned about his thinking. He had committed no crime, but they were contacting him regarding his thinking.

Freedom of the press is an essential component of any free society, and in theory, the UK’s press is still free… but is it free in practice? What do we suppose would happen to a journalist who wrote that opposition to mass migration is an entirely valid position? What do you suppose would happen to a journalist who wrote that actually Islam is not a peaceful and misunderstood religion, it is in fact a violent religion posing a great threat to Western civilisation? Do you think they would get much work? Do you think they’d be hired by the BBC? To work in the mainstream press, you have to toe the line. The press giants are dominated by the representatives of totalitarianism, and they only hire their own. To work in the mainstream British press means sticking to the mantra, a free press has been replaced by an arm of activism that polices thought and ensures the status quo on behalf of the state.

The press presents illegal immigration as asylum, paying mind only to the manufactured rights of migrants while ignoring the actual rights of the host population. It has set about shaping the public mind so that it believes that so-called refugees must be prioritised regardless of the harm many cause to the host population.

The press has decided who matters and who doesn’t, and if you don’t, prepare for a merciless assault on your character. The press in Britain can label you a racist, far-right, fascist, and it will never be called upon to justify the label. It will destroy lives with a stroke a key, and all because a person held the wrong opinion.

The press will punish those who hold opinions it doesn’t approve of, which happen to be the same opinions the state doesn’t approve of. It is punishing dissent via character assassination, and it does so on behalf of the state. The state wants mass immigration, the press will punish you if you disagree. The state insists Islam is peace, the press will punish you if you disagree. The state insists that a man may become a woman simply by saying so. The press will punish you if you disagree. The press has teamed up with the state to punish dissent. Just like in Soviet Union and other totalitarian systems, the press is effectively an arm of the state.

Just like in the Soviet Union and other totalitarian systems, the education system in the UK also acts as an arm of the state, where the state’s propaganda is injected in to the impressionable young minds, who are taught not how to think, but what to think… children are taught what the state wants them to be taught; mass migration has no downside, a man can become a woman simply by saying so, and Islam is peace. This is taught to children at the expense of their actual education.

Let me give you some examples. Teachers in the UK have been known to phone the police when a child was ‘misgendered’ by a teacher, or when a pupil looked up the Ukip website at school. The under-resourced police who have no time for burglary or assault or even rape, have plenty of time to investigate if a child is misgendered, or looks at the wrong website.

There’s a reason for this. Britain’s school system is dominated by the National Union of Teachers. This is a group positioned on the extreme left, whose website is critical of President Trump and his migration policies, attacks Israel, and promotes transgenderism in the classroom. Do we think a teacher who didn’t conform to the NUT’s politics would work? Possibly, but only if they keep their political beliefs and identity secret. This is a totalitarian state.

So Soviet-like have our schools become that children have actually been encouraged to spy on each other and report each other for wrong-think. Children as young as four years old in Cambridge were told to report “misgendering” among pupils, and police have even attended a school because of name-calling on the playground.

Another vital freedom in a free society is that of association. Again, in theory, we are allowed to gather in groups in the UK. We are able to form clubs and associations. We are allowed to hold events and discuss whatever we please. In theory. In practice, it is very different indeed. In practice, the representatives of totalitarianism will physically shut down events it doesn’t approve of. Parties like mine have to meet in secret, any attempt at a public meeting has been shut down. Political dissenters must meet in secret locations, in Great Britain in 2019. If we attend a public meeting, we must keep our attendance secret until the last minute.

In theory, the police should protect our right to meet and speak, in practice, police do nothing to protect our right to meet and speak. In fact, the police shut us down on behalf of the representatives of totalitarianism, as I have found out on numerous occasions, most significantly when I stood for Parliament and could not attend a public event because the representatives of totalitarian were threatening violence. The police did not remove the threat, they did not arrest those threatening violent disorder, they told me to stay away for my own safety. The police acted as the enforcers of the representatives of totalitarianism.

I’ve said that totalitarianism has disguised itself as a cause for human rights, giving it that veneer of respectability and hiding its true darkness. But as in any totalitarian system, it gives rights to those who agree, and removes the rights of those who don’t. It has declared that some people deserve rights and others don’t. Some people are guilty of their crime of “hate” while others are not, there is no consistency in this, “hate” is arbitrary and is defined by the representatives of totalitarianism, defined to suit their agenda.

Make no mistake, we are facing the age old battle between liberty and serfdom, between freedom and totalitarianism. It’s a battle that has fought many times, and is now being fought again. Those of us on this side of the political divide may disagree on much, but we’re united in our belief in the right of others to hold opinions of which we disapprove. That is liberty, and we are its defenders.

But make no mistake either, totalitarianism is currently in the winning position. It’s on the home strait. It has assumed dominance in the press, schools, policing, and mainstream politics – it controls via censorship, propaganda and the punishment of dissent.

It is in a position of dominance because it has assumed the moral high-ground and persuaded people of its moral superiority. It uses language like equality, rights, it presents itself as a defender of the oppressed when in fact it is the oppressor.

For Britain will continue to fight the oppressor, and bring freedom back to the country of its birth.

Anne Marie Waters
Leader, For Britain