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The mass hysteria being created by scaremongerers over the thought of a No Deal Brexit is quite staggering, no more so than the very fact that people are actually swallowing what the media are saying and then regurgitating the nonsense as much as they possibly can, some of whom are quite high profile figures. Apparently, according to some the Horses of the Apocalypse are going to come charging down onto Britain should we leave the EU in a No Deal Brexit scenario… Roads will come to a standstill because of customs checks, medicines and food will no be able to get through and this is going to turn Britain into something that is far worse than the current situation in Venezuela… Really? Do people actually believe that nonsense?

Let’s just stop and think about this logically for a moment… As members of the EU, under their own trade negotiations, we actually already deal with 24 countries, purely on WTO rules. Now amazingly, none of those 24 countries has the same devasting problems that are supposedly going to happen in Britain should we leave with no deal in place (with the exception of Venezuela who of course, who do have serious problems but that is down to a socialist dictatorship not trade)

Here are the 24 countries the EU trades with on purely WTO rules:



So basically, should we leave on a ‘No Deal Brexit’ which I have stated in other articles has always been the most probable outcome simply because the EU will not risk agreeing to any deal with the UK because to do so would only entice 27 other member states to also want a better deal or follow our lead in Brexit, it would mean that the UK will simply become the 25th country that the EU deals with on WTO rules alone. I do not see, America, China and Russia, running out of food and medicines and we will continue trading with them in the exact same way as we have been doing as members of the EU, well actually we will probably deal with them even more. Then there are two other important factors that are in our favour that for some reason do not get mentioned very much by the media, who seem intent on causing this mass hysteria…

  1. The EU will simply be in no position whatsoever to lose our custom after they lose our massive contribution. There are currently 28 states in the EU and the UK contributes more than 22 of them combined, that is a massive shortfall the EU will need to make up and as we have a £80 billion a year trade deficit with the EU, they are certainly not going to want to lose access to our own single market, that is a clear fact.
  2. Article 8 of the Lisbon Treaty dictates that the EU has to have special relationships with neighbouring Non-EU countries, it is defined in their own rulebook and this means that they will not be able to punish us for leaving by imposing unfair trade restrictions on Britain.

Funny how the media fail to mention this, isn’t it? Then there is the nonsense about medicine shortages, we do happen to have the worlds 5th and 6th largest pharmaceutical companies here in Britain,  AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline and as well as those two, we do have an awful lot of pharmaceutical manufacturers here in the UK… Here is a list of them:


Now the one the scaremongerers have picked up on is diabetes insulin manufactures and it is true we do import over 90%, however, that does not mean that we are actually incapable of producing it ourselves. The largest manufacturer of insulin is Nova Nordisk, a Denmark company who have just opened a new £115 million Research and Development centre at Oxford University. Something else the media have been somewhat silent about as it doesn’t fit their current narrative.


Will leaving the EU on a ‘No Deal Brexit’ be Armageddon for the UK, of course, it will not. We managed to survive two world wars, so leaving the EU will be nothing in comparison but it will entice businesses to expand so as to start creating some of the products we currently import. Without the restrictive EU regulations we can become far more competitive both at home and on the world market and that will create more jobs and increase wages. Since we voted to leave the EU over two years ago, unemployment has fallen and the average wage has already increased and that is a clear indicator that the Doom & Gloom merchants could not be more wrong but then it is the same people who were saying Britain would crumble if we did not join the Euro and look how wrong they were with that particular prediction.

I look forward to a bright and prosperous new future for Britain outside the confines of the EU and I strongly suspect that so many Remainers will deny ever voting for Remain once they realise it was the best move Britain ever made. Of course, the high profile figures who have helped to promote the nonsense will quite deservedly get ridiculed but for me, that is just the icing on the cake. A cake which we will have and we will eat…

People simply need to have more faith in Britain’s capabilities and realise that the time has come to let go of the EU’s apron strings, then we can all get back to showing the world why we were known as Great Britain before we joined the EEC/EU… What many people do not realise is the fact that of the 5.1 million UK businesses less than 4% of them actually deal directly with the EU and yet 100% are burdened with restrictive EU regulations that stop us competing with other non-EU countries that do not have those same burdens. Leaving the EU will put Britain back on a level playing field with the rest of the World and that can only be a good thing for Britain.

I strongly suspect that future historians will look back at Brexit and seriously wonder how anyone could have tried to stop Brexit!

Marty Caine

Leader of Engage Party

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