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When voting, or driving, or even sitting on a bus; people have a right to know that you are who you say you are! In all of GB&NI, when you hire a car, you present a driving licence; because that card explains both who you are to the Hire car people, and also tells them that you hold a valid licence to drive the car which you are proposing to drive away in.

When you arrive at any airport, somewhere along the line which stretches through the truly abominable and disgraceful body searches, initiated because the authorities cannot be seen to target the most likely terrorist suspects; namely dark- or swarthy-skinned men and women, and therefore target even seventy-seven year-old white Geordie grandfathers whilst passing through ‘Security’; through the extended cash-trap known as ‘Duty Free’; and onwards through the overpriced and badly-cooked fast-food stalls, to the final hurdle of the Departure Lounge: you will have had to prove your identity complete with photo, at least twice, along with the fact that you hold the magic ‘boarding card’ before you board the aircraft and settle into your overpriced, uncomfortable and cramped seat.

If you are as I am, over the age of 65, you may travel at no cost to yourself on a bus, if you hold a bus-pass which identifies you as the genuine deal, a pensioner; complete with photograph; and as such, there is a taxpayer-funded access plan to free travel in most local council-approved areas.

There are any number of occasions when you are asked to prove your identity, to prove who you say you are, and no-one objects; because it is patently obvious that the rules for access have to be policed. For example, if you have to enter, say, an NHS hospital for treatment, for what might be extensive and expensive surgery, you want to be sure that the people in charge of the scalpels are all up to scratch at their jobs, and they want to be sure that you are a British subject, and thus entitled to all the taxpayer-funded resources of the British National Health Service; its as simple and at the same time as complicated as that!

So why, might we ask, are we hearing of all this unadulterated bullshit when it comes to proving your identity before you are allowed to enter a pencilled ‘cross’ upon a Ballot slip, in a Polling Station, in certain Local Elections now; or in all future National Elections. At one step, the possibility of a fraudulent vote is cancelled out; at one step, the Polling Station attendants know exactly who you are, and if you are registered on local Council Tax lists; because if you are not: you simply cannot vote. The entire voting organisation in Northern Ireland is monitored by means of photo identity, and the formerly massive voter fraud, perpetrated  upon both sides of the political aisle, has virtually disappeared.

It seems that the Guardian newspaper is applauding the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, and their legal officer, Claire Collier, who told Government Minister Lidington: “The Commission is concerned that the requirement to produce identification at the given local elections (Bromley, Gosport, Swindon, Watford and Woking) will have a disproportionate impact on voters with protected characteristics, particularly older people, transgender people, people with disabilities and/or those from ethnic minority communities. In essence, there is a concern that some voters will be disenfranchised as a result of restrictive identification requirements.” She also stated “the EHRC says evidence of supposed fraud is minimal and warns that there is a real risk that legal residents who might not have a passport or driving licence – or might be reluctant to produce them at polling stations – could be disenfranchised as a result.”

The question must be asked, is the Equalities Commission wishing to override the Electoral Commission, as well as the Government? The EHRC should, in my view, mind its own bloody business in the fields of Democracy; we’ve been doing this a lot longer that they have even been alive, without their poking  noses into areas which does not concern them!

Now I, being a member of at least two of these protected species, being both old and a Geordie, resent being told that I am reluctant to produce identification at a polling station; after all, if I was reluctant to prove who I was, I would not be able to drive a hire car, get on board an aircraft, or sit on a bloody bus. The reasons given are spurious, the real reason all these bloody liberals wish is to allow as many illegals and muslims as possible to vote, and we all know who they will vote for, don’t we? Yes; the bloody Labour bunch!


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