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Political Islam is not creeping into the British establishment anymore but quickly being inserted into positions of power, Through strategic appointments of Ministers like the newly appointed Shadow Minister for Women and Equality Naz Shah and the more dangerous appointment of Sajid Javid as Home Secretary – who was interestingly promoted after the convenient “Windrush scandal” – Islam is being positioned everywhere.

The good new is that the British public is waking up but it needs to do so faster. The working class know the reality of Islam because we have had to live along side its growth and witnessed just exactly what it entails.

I think the middle classes are coming to a point now where they realize that they’re not safe from the violence that the religion of peace brings. In Worcester a child of three years of age had acid thrown over him and it won’t be long before these crimes begin to touch the lives of people who have never experienced it.

The faith in main stream media has all but vanished, I spoke to an elderly lady about the reasons many don’t watch the BBC and refuse to pay the licence fee. She said “I don’t watch Eastenders anymore, I stopped after the one about the knife crime”.

Although saddened to think that this woman had lost her daily half an hour viewing pleasure, I was astonished and pleased when she continued by berating the main stream news for attacking President Trump’s visit to Britain. She knew they were lying and was angry that they didn’t represent her feelings towards his visit and had dis-respected the leader of our cousin country.

The world has become politically aware, from the elderly right down to the new batch of young people that fight the lies of Islamic propaganda on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and GAB. I think Islam and the insane left have made a mistake that they can’t control. That mistake being the internet and alternative news sources.

People are thinking for themselves.

The day when the middle and working classes come together en masse to stop the Islamization of Britain is very close.

Having read Dan Hastings “Active” – a fantastic book akin to 1984 – I’ve come to the realization that things must change in this country. If we want to keep Britain from future Islamic rule and oppression then all classes and ages must come together and become politically active.

Sherlock Holmes @AlertEnemy221b