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The Telford grooming gang should be headline news on the front-page of every mainstream media newspaper – breaking news on the BBC, Sky and Channel 4 who should all be covering this story non-stop. For 40 years Pakistani Muslim men have been raping white children as young as 11-years-old, there have been three murders and fear of being called a racist has allowed this to continue. Where is the outrage for this blatant hate crime?

Instead the counter-terrorism police have launched an investigation after letters were posted through the doors of Muslims in West Yorkshire, six reports, London and Birmingham.

Six reports in West Yorkshire and the counter-terrorism police are involved, compare it to the 1,400+ children who were brutally gang raped, passed between male relatives, sold to other men to be raped. Many of these girls were told they were ‘white slags’ as they were being raped. This is a real hate crime and where was the same level of police urgency to protect these victims?

Tell Mama have gotten involved in this ‘letter incident,’ and those who are familiar with Tell Mama will know that many of their ‘hate crimes’ have proven to be fake. Now I am not suggesting that there is no hate towards Muslims from racists in Britain – there is, of course there is. Racists exist in every corner of the UK and having grown up with racism I know only too well how terrifying it can be. The racism from the Muslim community towards white people is, in my opinion and experience, far worse than that from the white racists.

In my opinion many Muslim organisations are like the boy who cried wolf. Time and time again when there is an attack against a Muslim it has been proven to be a fake attack. Take the hijab wearing Muslim woman in Birmingham who said she was punched. Police investigated, checked CCTV and no proof that this happened. Yet Tell Mama still ran the story on their website, no apologies for faking an incident.

Whenever there is a new rape gang uncovered or another terror attack by Muslims there is a flurry of stories released the focus shifts to the poor Muslims who need to score victim points and the police increase security around mosques to protect Muslims from a backlash that never comes.

The letters being posted to the homes of a handful of Muslims are disgusting and I can imagine they would be frightening to read. But let’s get some perspective here. What is more frightening is being 11-years-old and being gang raped by a group of men while those who should be protecting you turn the other way for fear of being called a racist.



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