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For many years in the UK, there has been a bizarre situation that can only be described as a national game of charades played by nearly all of the country. From the media to the politicians, it is well known that within certain communities there is a terrible problem with grooming, crime, barbaric practices such as FGM, anti semitism, plus alarming and inciteful hate speech. It appeared that in recent months certain sections of the media, a few politicians, and some of the police are finally being honest about what everyone actually knew anyway. The BBC documentary ‘three girls’ dramatised the grooming scandal in Rochdale. It provoked political debate and an admission of a problem in the British Pakistani community. The ugly truth that the victims were seen as ‘easy meat’ and white trash revealed a cultural problem, girls were shared between family members which suggests it was deemed acceptable to them. It is hard to imagine rapists and pedophiles being anything other than loners, but here we saw, time and time again, that girls were shared without remorse, or acceptance that a crime was being committed by brothers, cousins, uncles and fathers.

By the time of the Quilliam Report in late 2017 that showed 84% of grooming gang members are ‘Asian’ (namely British-Pakistani), it seemed that finally the elephant in the room could be openly talked about. If circa 2% of the population (assuming the perpetrators are male) are 84% of the entire country’s groomers, the time to address the issue had surely long passed. I expected the media to soften their approach to people such as Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters, who had been telling the public these uncomfortable truths for years at great personal cost. SHOOTING THE MESSENGERAfter demonising them, smearing them and doing all in their power to silence them, surely an apology was the minimum they could expect for speaking out about what was now unequivocally true, and finally out in the open? Britain must be angry at what was happening to their most vulnerable, right? The people that had tirelessly represented their voice would be brought in from the cold?

So imagine my surprise to hear the BBC reverting to type by covering an interview with the outgoing counter terrorist chief Mark Rowley suggesting that we should now be concerned with ‘far right’ extremism, and went as far as to name Tommy Robinson as a problem. This is a baseless slur, and one that should draw an immediate apology from both the BBC and Rowley himself. I know Tommy Robinson reasonably well, he’s nothing close to ‘far right’ and he probably wouldn’t describe himself as particularly right wing. But where does ‘left’ and ‘right’ even come into this debate? To suggest that there’s an equivalence between ‘right wing’ terror and the Islamic terror threat is both dangerous and misleading.

There are far right wing idiots. Actual nazis. They are dangerous and despicable individuals, but they are a tiny impotent group. To ‘lump in’ people like Tommy Robinson with these people is shameful. There’s no ambiguity as to why people like Tommy and Anne Marie have large followings, it is because the media and the elites have decided to ignore a public concerned with the erosion of Western values, and the rise in criminal offences specific to Islamic culture. If perpetrators of FGM were prosecuted for child abuse, as they should be under British law, nobody would have to speak up about it. If, when ISIS announced that they would flood Europe with refugees and place operatives among them, the Government had been far more rigorous on immigration controls from outside the EU, people wouldn’t be marching against their policies. If, when years ago Anne Marie and Tommy Robinson were called fascists and racists for pointing out what was actually happening, had that not happened there wouldn’t be any rising of the so called ‘far right’.

Mr Rowley, nobody believes for a second that we have enhanced security at airports for any other reason than the Islamic terror risk. Nobody thinks concrete blocks around Christmas markets are there to protect shoppers from ‘right wingers’. When a ‘right winger’ commits a violent act, he is roundly condemned by every section of community. No group steps forward and claims the crime for their cause. That person never has a network of people helping prepare the attack, and they didn’t attend a holy building to sit in a group and be told how evil and bad muslims are. I ask Mr Rowley to consider the reaction of the media and the security forces if ‘right wingers’ were preaching hate on a weekly basis. If ‘right wingers’ were targeting and raping Pakistani girls on an industrial scale. If ‘right wingers’ were butchering the genitals of tens of thousands of young girls. I could go on, but you get the point.

You may be surprised that people listen to Tommy Robinson, but I suspect you are not. Deep down you know that politicians and the the police have been keeping a lid on some unpleasant and uncomfortable information. You’re probably aware that there might be a public backlash if the scale of it all was more widely known. So when you say that the UK needs to be concerned about ‘right wing terror’, let me leave you with a statistic to ponder:-

Specifically in the name of Islam, there have been over 32,000 documented deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9/11 globally. When these heinous acts are carried out, large groups of people (millions) celebrate them, and so to equate this with other acts (such as the ones perpetrated by lone mentally ill people like Darren Osborne) is gross misrepresentation. You know it. The BBC knows it. We all know it. The police aren’t carrying sub machine guns outside a football match or at the rock concert because of ‘the next Darren Osborne’, it’s because of the next Salman Abedi.

I thought we had stopped shooting the messenger and were starting to be honest. Sadly we aren’t there yet thanks to people like you. We are glad you are stepping down, and so are future potential victims who may now have more of a chance.