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Imagine picking up a book on the human body, turning to the chapter on how the respiratory system works, and not once coming across the word ‘oxygen’. You would ask yourself just how reliable that particular book was in terms of accuracy.

Something very similar is happening, and has happened, with the, now, thousands of grooming cases across mainland UK. Whether it be Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Bradford or Newcastle, each report on the issue studiously avoids mentioning THE one common denominator in virtually every case: Islam.

Take the BBC report below, for example. One passage states, ‘most of the men were British-born but all came from Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian or Turkish communities.’ Well, what’s the common denominator in that lot? It can’t be their Asian background, because I’ve yet to hear of grooming scandals in the Japanese, Thai, Singaporean or Nepalese communities. It can’t be simply to do with their foreign heritage because, if such were the case, there would be comparable examples amongst other ethnic and religious minorities in this country. The fact there isn’t can only lead to one blatantly obvious factor. If it isn’t racial and it isn’t cross-religious, what is it? It’s Islam!

Peter McLoughlin, in his excellent book ‘Easy Meat’ writes the following:

‘There is tacit admission from Parliament that Islam is fundamentally connected to this crime. Why did the Home Affairs Select Committee have input from a Sheikh, but nor from a Bishop? Because Pakistani Christians in Britain are not involved in this criminality. If there is no connection between Muslims/Islam, why was there to be a sermon in mosques in June 2013, instructing Muslims that grooming schoolgirls for prostitution was against Islam. No such sermon was to be read out in Christian churches, Sikh gurdwaras, or Jewish synagogues’ (p.230)

Today’s British Establishment has a palpable fear of offending a community whose negative potency through demographic growth and cultural spread is precisely a consequence of the mass immigration and multicultural doctrines that same Establishment has pursued since the 1970s. They are hoist by their own petard: Frozen in fear of causing a violent uprising in British Muslim communities who, if we’re honest, have something of a record in that field, and prepared to effectively sacrifice tens of thousands of predominantly young white girls in order to avoid it.