When was the last time you heard a politician use the phrase “Equality Before the Law”? Clearly it is not a concept that Anna Soubry MP has any grasp of, judging by a recent incident involving Yellow Vest protestors. In the incident two Yellow Vest protestors called Soubry a traitor, and she reacted by trying to get the men arrested for a public order offence.

She cited section 5 of the Public Order Act to the policeman, which states:

A person is guilty of an offence if he—

(a) uses threatening [F1 or abusive] words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or


within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby.

Now of course that above section in the Public Order Act is extremely vague and possibly Anna (she’s called Anna by the way as she repeatedly says in the clip) is indeed alarmed and distressed by the suggestion that she and her colleagues in the Houses of Parliament may be involved in treasonous activities in their efforts to try to thwart the will of the British public, who voted to leave the European Union.

A longer video clip of the incident is available here on Youtube:

Yellow Vests UK intercept Anna Soubry outside Parliament today – epic !!!

During the exchange that follows, Anna accuses the protestors of belonging to the English Defence League (EDL) (@2:55), though they have done and said nothing at all to suggest that they are. At this point the protestors respond in kind by calling her a Nazi and pointing out that Adolf Hitler also tried to “unite” Europe by destroying the nation states of Europe. She is particularly offended by this and she stops and turns to the police and says:

“I’m not taking that”

Join the club Anna, the mainstream media and many politicians have been calling all sorts of people Nazis and “far-right” for quite a while now. It’s not very nice is it, but if the law can be used to silence people who use this kind of language then half of the journalists in the UK should have been arrested by now.

The protestors pursue Anna and the police eventually warn them to desist, saying that “your language has already been highlighted as causing offence”, and the protestor responds to the policeman that she is causing him offence @4:10.

Soubry of course thinks nothing of using language that is designed to offend the protestors when she accuses them of belonging to the EDL! Presumably then she believes that an MP is free to break the Public Order Act with impunity. As the protestor says in the clip:

“You’re here to protect them not us”

Of course I want to live in a country where people are free to speak their mind and to speak truth to power. Laws that are so terribly vague can easily be abused by unscrupulous, unprincipled, morally corrupt politicians like Anna Soubry, who thinks that a democratic vote can be overturned. Anna Soubry clearly doesn’t believe in the right to protest or in freedom of speech for that matter. We need to drain the Westminster swamp, reform the law, and restore the principle of equality before the law.

What do you think? Are we equal before the law?


From legislation.gov.uk :

Public Order Act 1986 – Section 5

There is a shorter clip in this Tweet:

BREAKING: #YellowVests today outside Parliament today. Anna Soubry gets intercepted


The Independent produced this biased article where they once again use the phrase “far-right” and try to associate these protestors with all sorts of other people:

Far-right ‘yellow vest’ Brexiteers chase Anna Soubry shouting ‘traitor’ and ‘Hitler’