When we read of the death by murder or manslaughter of a defenceless child, a death which should have been prevented by officialdom, by Social Workers who, either by incompetence, or an inability to see what should have been patently obvious in a household where tragedy has struck, or sheer laziness and reckless action or inaction: we feel outrage. When we read or hear of the sexual abuse of hundreds of children and young girls, abuse which is and was tolerated by Officialdom in any disguise, when we read or hear that this abuse was known about and, literally ignored: we feel outrage. When the defenceless, defenceless as determined by their incapacity to make decisions for themselves are attacked or abused in any manner, we should and do feel outrage, because they cannot defend themselves.

So how should we, as a body, view the huge pile of generated excrement and bullshit, masquerading as ‘Outrage’ which presented itself both before and after Dominic Cummings had told the assembled news media about his attempts to shield his young son from harm, when Cummings was fearful about both himself and his wife succumbing to Corona virus. The miles of newsprint, literally hours of News Broadcast time, all expressing ‘Outrage’; all aimed at one man whose job it is to advise the Prime Minister.

So what did that unprecedented press conference achieve or show? I watched the entire thing, and I saw one man give a detailed account of his, repeat ‘HIS’, decisions to protect his young son whilst both he and his wife were of the belief that they both had Covid-19 symptoms. He did give his story, he did answer some pretty arrogant and abusive questions in a calm and moderate fashion, and he did satisfy me as to both his veracity and his decisions.

But did he satisfy his multifarious critics? Did he convince his detractors and opponents, of which there are plenty? Of course he didn’t!

“Why not say you are sorry?” they howled; why not admit you broke the rules because you are rich, your parents are rich, and they have enough accommodation available to give refuge to a small regiment, never mind a small family unit?”

“Why not admit that the Rules, as laid down for everyone; don’t apply to you?”

“Instead of driving to Barnard Castle to find out if your driving is impaired, why not seek an optical specialist?

And so on, and so forth; ad bloody infinitum!

I will attempt to tell the readers why they all jumped like terriers down a badger hole at the  very sound of his name, in conjunction with some story that he wasn’t where he should have been during the  lockdown. It simply is because they hate him. They; the press, tv and print journalists all: have a deep and searing hatred because he was so successful at what he does in the field of Politics.

He would not, and did not, apologise. He would not, and did not, say he was sorry at any stage!

He helped deliver Brexit.

He helped Boris win the respect and admiration of enough voters after delivering an exit strategy from a deadlocked Parliament.

He helped Boris win through to a solid majority in Westminster, and at the same time helped destroy the myth of Magic Grandpa.

That is why they hate him, that is why the hundreds of stories arrived like a hurricane, all in the faintest hope that he might stumble, all in the faintest hope that Boris might throw him under a passing TfL bus! That, folks, is why the Mirror and the Guardian literally salivated with the very suspicion that, at long last, they could get rid of Dominic Cummings; and in doing so damage the Prime Minister.