The Muslim British Home Secretary is quoted as saying that ““Unfortunately, this means that there are no easy answers,” he wrote. “So our response is focused both here in the UK and abroad.”. His position, which is to sympathise with the fools who are massing on the French shores, is typical of a Muslim who wishes to see as many Muslim compatriots as possible allowed into England, is his reply to the rhetoric of ‘no easy answer’

Well, Home Sec., I tend to disagree with both your statement and your attitude of commiserating with a horde of criminals who want to get to the bloody ‘promised land’, where the free benefits flow, where the Law is abused every second, and where the scum proliferate.

As one observer stated, “they’ve had plenty of practice in the Med, a few ferries and a number of slow-moving albeit massive cargo ships aren’t going to worry the dangerous fools (comprehensive term combining bogus asylum-seekers, migrants, so-called refugees and a regiment of Muslim fanatics) bent on making the short passage across the Channel between Calais, Dunkirk and the English coastlines around Dover?

There is a course of action which is readily available to any Government, but they will not take it up because of the ‘liberal backlash’ which would erupt from every twat under the skies. What needs to happen is that Great Britain firmly states that it will no longer give any access to any criminal clown,, migrant, refugee, asylum-seeker; bogus or not, who arrives, by any means whatsoever, onto British soil. The form of address which should be adopted is simple, swift and easily achieved. The Police can simply arrest the criminal, or criminals, because they have broken the Law by avoiding the correct path of entry, and state, “ Turn around; I am now handcuffing you; you are being arrested, and will now be transported back to the shores of France, where you were able to gain asylum, and thence you will be deported back to the sewage-pit from which you came.”

There you are; Sajid: its as easy and as uncomplicated as that!


In a less than stunning announcement, the Muslim Home Secretary caved in and recalled two Border patrol boats from the Med., in order to provide the promised taxi service for the throngs of thugs who are now poised to swarm across the Channel. He  states that Britain will provide support to the French authorities, and “persuade” this mob that they will be stopped. Under British Law, immediately the scroungers get past the half-way mark in the Channel, they are British responsibility. To house, to provide all legal benefits, to support and, in the end; to allow to remain, as a festering scab on the British taxpayer.

As a Daily Mail reporter stated:- In France, she reported that local police were pointing immigrants camped out at ports towards Britain. Part of Javid’s new emergency plan to halt the flow is to rely on increased co-operation from the French. Good luck with that. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that our French ‘partners’ can’t be trusted.

If they were serious about stopping immigrants heading for Britain, they would turn them back at the border when they attempted to enter France.Under international law, migrants allegedly fleeing oppression are supposed to seek asylum in the first safe country in which they arrive. In this latest case, that means Serbia. None of them should have any right to settle in Britain.

But the reason this country remains their No 1 destination is the same as it ever was. We’re not just perceived as a soft touch, we are a soft touch.

In Calais last week, Sue Reid spoke to a 33-year-old Iranian, who told her: ‘My friend reached England from here in a boat and is now in a three-bedroom flat in Birmingham. He likes it very much.’

I bet he does. What’s not to like? There are plenty of people born and bred in Birmingham who have been on the council waiting list for years and would just love a three-bedroom flat. Yet an Iranian can jump out of boat on a beach in Kent, make his way to Brum and move in straight away.

While we roll out the welcome mat, immigrants will continue to make the Channel crossing, secure in the knowledge that, once they set foot in Britain, the chances of them being deported are less than zero. Despite the current song-and-dance at the Home Office, the numbers will go on rising. In no time there will be so many small boats heading our way that it will be like Dunkirk all over again.

In ending, I would make specific reference to the Header photo of the small body of the Syrian boy who drowned as his father went with his family off from a Turkish beach in an attempt to gain a foothold in Greece. In spite of staying in Turkey, where he had a job, and safety, his sister paid thousands of dollars to people smugglers who stated that a professional would take them to Greece. But of course the smugglers lied, and it was the father, who had taken his family to their deaths, who was the only survivor. The photo itself, slanted and marketed as “Dead Refugee child” galvanised the world into hasty action, and pushed the Muslim mob ever forwards on their journey towards the conquest of the European world.

All it would take to get that bloody mob of scroungers, scum and the flotsam of the world a virtual free pass would be a similar picture on a Kentish beach: and our lords and masters would organise Channel Tunnel trains into a bloody shuttle service for this bunch of Muslim menace!