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As your train approaches King’s Cross Station on the East Coast Main Line, if you look to your left you’ll see the graffiti in large, clear white lettering on a wall beside the railway tracks. ‘Tory Scum’, it reads. It’s a message to all those who travel into the centre of the capital from the Home Counties and beyond – most of which are pretty solid Conservative constituencies. The graffiti is another reminder that London is today a place apart – not just culturally and demographically, but politically too. Whereas the Conservatives are ahead of Labour (and growing in many areas of the UK), in London Labour enjoys a massive 22-point lead.

It wasn’t always like this. Although a proud Tyke, I was pleased and privileged to be raised in London between 1980 and 1993. In the final General Election (1992) before I returned north, the Tories won 48 of the capital’s 84 parliamentary constituencies and, with 1.6 million votes, were 300,000 ahead of Labour.

Several mainstream news sites have covered the remarkable rise of Labour in the capital this past few years, though few are candid enough to state the principal reason why. In short, it’s immigration. Lots of it! When I was at school on the outskirts of London in 1985, 67% of the capital’s primary age kids were classified as ‘White British’. Today, that figure is 24% and falling. Between 2001 and 2011, the ‘White British’ population of the capital declined from 57% to 44%, and I fully expect this figure to have fallen to well below 40% by the time the results of the next Census are revealed in 2022.

In the London of 2018, one-in-nine of the population is made up of Eastern European immigrants alone! Such an incredible demographic shift has largely taken place since the A8 countries were admitted to the EU 14 years ago. That’s not even taking into account the massive immigrant arrivals from the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Africa since Blair’s government decided to make immigration less about economic well-being and more about deliberate population replacement on a grand scale.

When Labour lost a large chunk of its traditional working class voters in the 1980s, it had to create a new client group to bolster its electoral base. This it has done with mass immigration. The process works in two distinctive steps: Firstly, bring in people irrespective of what economic good they can bring to the UK; secondly, weaponise their ethnic and cultural grievances for your political ends. Hence, we see the story of ‘Monica’, the ‘Romanian girl’ whose plea for fellow Eastern Europeans to vote Labour in London in order to soften up Brexit has appeared on election literature for the Opposition. We see successive Home Office inefficiencies and carelessness over the Windrush generation turned into a protest against any immigration controls whatsoever, courtesy of MPs like David Lammy; and we’ve seen illegal immigrants in Grenfell Tower elevated to the status of ‘honourable citizens’ due to a tragedy the spin machine of the Left has managed to convince people was entirely down to the Bogeyman of Tory austerity. See how it works?

Don’t be fooled. The London of today is what the Left wish to make the rest of Britain tomorrow: A cocoon of multiple identities with no cultural commonality and certainly little in the way of patriotism or loyalty to the idea of Britain and Britishness. A place where historical achievements and landmarks become less of the basis for societal strength, identification and continuity, and more about museum pieces to be exhibited to eager tourists. Collectively we mustn’t allow them to succeed.