By Anne Marie Waters

It’s difficult to take when a government simply ignores us.  It’s deflating.  The referendum to leave or remain in the European Union, that took place in the summer of 2016, was supposed to be binding.  Time after time we were told that leave meant leave.  We were told we would leave the single market.  We were told we would leave the customs union.  We were told that whatever we decided to do, the government would honour it.  But as soon we voted to leave, they went back on their word. 

The message received by the British public at this kind of government treachery is a very damaging one.  It tells them who’s in charge, and that democracy is only a charade – we are merely going through the motions.  People from across the country, who rarely feel they have an impact on the direction of their country, went out and voted in good faith.  To be ignored is a devastating loss of their sense of empowerment, and that is exactly the effect the governing elite are hoping to have.  What would be better for career politicians than to remove the power of the vote?  They do so by removing our faith in the vote, and that is why we must now reclaim it.

The reason the government didn’t enact our will following the Brexit referendum is because they can get away with it.  It really is as simple as that.  But even in ignoring our decision and taking our power away as we watch, they haven’t yet achieved the invalidation of our vote at election time.  That we can only do to ourselves.

To cut to the chase, the Brexit fallout has meant low turnout at elections: even at the height of significant political events in British politics, people have just stayed away.  While campaigning in Newport recently, the majority of people who engaged with us, said they would not vote again as they no longer saw any point.  This is a tragic irony, because it is now that people most need to use their vote. 

The vote is the only power we have, we must exercise that power.  We have a chance this week as local elections take place, and there is every possibility of political change if people let go of the old guard and vote differently. 

It is vital that we remember our power, and go out there to make use of the democracy that others fought and died for. 

For Britain wants a complete change in how local government is run; we want to get rid of cronyism and corruption, and remind councilors, as well as unelected executives, just whose money they are spending.  Council tax must be kept low and spending re-prioritised – a safe and clean place to live, good schools, green spaces, good transport, and strong local businesses are top priorities for our party. This is what local government must get right, it is the bread and butter of politics and it has an enormous impact on our daily lives.

We want to get back to basics and get the basics right.  We are subject to un-paralleled smearing from opponents, who refuse to engage in debate with us because they know they can’t win.  They smear us because we take a common sense approach to immigration and want to restore sanity.  They smear us also because we love the liberties enshrined in British law and culture, and want to preserve these for future generations.  We have to overcome this injustice to take our message directly to voters on the doorstep, and overcome it we will.

Britain is crying out for a party that is fair, honest, and driven by principle.  The working people of the country are crying out for someone who knows them and wants to represent them.  For Britain will fill the void left behind by Labour when it abandoned its leave-voting heartlands.  This will take time and effort, but we are driven by passion for freedom and justice, and will therefore prevail.   

Our party has members from all walks of life, but most have no previous experience of politics.   For Britain is the first party to inspire them to get involved in the governing of their country.   We have therefore proven that we have the message the silent people of Britain are waiting for.   

If turnout is once again low this week, then we will simply continue, and when the country is ready for a party that will really put them first, For Britain will be ready too.