When Asia Bibi, an innocent Christian woman, was finally freed following years awaiting execution for allegedly breaking Islam’s deadly blasphemy laws, she and her family knew there was no safety for them in Pakistan – they needed a place to run to. Britain however was closed.

In an admission that it has turned the UK in to a country where criticizing Islam is unsafe, the British government refused to offer asylum to Bibi and her family (citing ‘community tensions’).

There was zero sympathy from the mainstream media, in fact, she and her plight were barely mentioned. Politicians weren’t on the news pleading that this innocent woman be offered assistance, nor was there any discussion of the abhorrent injustice that she and other Christians face in Islamic societies. There was instead a deafening silence, as there so often is when discussion would entail any negative reflection on the religion of peace. Fast forward to 2019 and the story of Shamima Begum gets a very different response.

Begum left the UK of her own volition four years ago to join the monsters of Islamic State (IS). Islamic State is a medieval terror group that uses the most horrific methods of cruelty in their bid to establish a hellish sharia state the world over (as commanded in the Koran). IS has been responsible for massacres of innocent people across the Middle East. It has slaughtered, mutilated, and enslaved. It is so terrible that even mainstream politicians have been forced to condemn it, yet for Begum, they have all the sympathy they can muster.

Having spent four years watching her beloved Caliphate dream go up in flames, Begum has suddenly decided it’s not for her – she now wants to come “home”. In stark contrast to Mrs Bibi’s case, the UK press has gone in to empathy meltdown for Begum. Politicians from across the floor have expressed their willingness to ‘understand’ why a young woman would hate Britain so much, and be so cruel that she would indulge the horrors of Islamic State.

Celebrities too can’t wait to signal their ‘not-racist’ virtue by backing up this awful woman. “She has a right” they demand. But in fact she doesn’t. Asia Bibi did, but she was ignored by the exact same celebrities.

The excuse offered by the politicians, celebrities, and media for their latest signal of submission to Islam, is that they wish to “learn” from Shamima Begum, to better “understand” – but they want nothing of the kind.

If Begum were to tell them exactly what motivated her and others to join medieval barbarians across the sea, the politicians, media, and celebrities wouldn’t listen to her. They’d completely dismiss her. Because to be fair to her, she’s offering no platitudes, she’s spelling it right out. She has no regrets about what she did, and if not for the fall of the Caliphate (the military defeat of IS in the region), she would still be there, still fighting for Islamic domination of the world. She’s clear that she’s only coming “home” for the child benefit. Given this, one assumes that if asked, she is likely to tell the truth about what her motivation is: Islam.

Her true motivation is the reason she won’t be listened to by the people the very people who want to “learn”.

If Begum told the bleeding-hearts that the cruelties of IS are mandated in the Koran, nobody would listen. If she told them that her motivation for going to Syria was devotion to her religion, nobody would listen. If she told them that Muslim youth across the country are increasingly religious and increasingly devout, and this is the cause of their rejection of British society and their willingness to murder fellow British citizens, they would not be believed. If however they lied and blamed it all on Britain, it would be the next day’s headline.

What we’re witnessing here are three things: British self-hatred, a twisted version of white supremacy, and further submission to Islam. Those who sympathise with Begum would never acknowledge or recognize their white supremacy, they instead deflect from it by throwing the accusation at others. White supremacy is characterized in a belief that all things in the world are somehow caused by white people. Non-white people do not act with autonomy, they merely react to the actions of white people. It is exactly this supremacist belief that permits the British press, politicians and celebrities to sympathise with a non-white terrorist, but happily blame Western populations for the acts of terror against them. Such people firmly believe that non-white people can cause no harm. That is the level of the racism on display.

Secondly, the anti-British hate and bias hardly needs to be pointed out. This woman despises our society and all it stands for. She rejected it outright and decided to fight against it. Yet our entire establishment class sympathises with her, understands her. That’s rather telling is it not?

Finally, submission to Islam. This is also self-explanatory. We have rejected a woman (Asia Bibi) who deserved our help and support, because she was alleged to have insulted Islam. By contrast, we fall over ourselves wanting to help a jihadist and devout Muslim, despite her hatred of us and her willingness to support mass murder. Once again, the Muslim is the victim, the Muslim must get what they desire because if they don’t, they may harm us. We must bow down to Islam, at all times.

The fina l part of this story is the reaction of Home Secretary Sajid Javid. Javid has stripped Begum of her citizenship. Desperately trying to position himself as the tough guy, Javid likes to make the right sounds and put on the right performance to appeal to the Tory right. Sadly, some will fall for it.

Sajid Javid has done nothing to reduce immigration since coming to the Home Office; in fact, he did quite the opposite. His immigration proposals will involve removing the cap on skilled workers and re-defining what it means to be a skilled worker. Javid will increase immigration to the UK – that is very clear. In his first hours in the Home Office, he undid Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’, intended to make life difficult for illegal immigrants. In immediately reversing this, Javid sent out an invite to illegal immigrants to make their way to the UK. This same Javid is now throwing out one woman to appear to undo all the damage he is otherwise doing. He thinks with the right headlines, he can be the strong hand we need. It’s a stage-show.

Does throwing out one woman do any good when thousands continue to arrive from the very same regions and countries that engender the very beliefs that brought her to Syria? One out, thousands in (and counting). That’s what Javid is doing. He’s covering up.

I’m very clear on many things and one of them is that immigration must stop, especially from regions where Islam is dominant and Britain-hatred the norm. Yes jihadis should be thrown out, all of them (one won’t do Mr Javid), but that too is pointless if the borders remain open for more.

The starting point is the end of immigration for people who hate us. Until that is done, the rest is just a bad stage performance.