After another weekend of horrific knife crime across London, it might be expected that Mayor of London Sadiq Khan would be locked away for days with the Met Police, desperately trying to find ways to stop the endless death to injury to young black men in the capital.

Instead, he has taken to twitter to announce the next stage in his attack on the history of the Capital by announcing his ‘commission for diversity in the public realm‘, loaded with left wing activists already blowing away any hopes of impartiality or considered balance.

Last year, rather than tackle BLM ‘protestors’ in the capital who were gathering illegally during a pandemic, he chose to cover the statue of Winston Churchill, something that will never be forgotten (or forgiven) by millions of Brits. Every poll reveals that the majority of the British public object to this type of tampering with history, so the question must be asked, why is Khan pushing ahead with such an inflammatory and divisive strategy? His history reveals the answer, so more importantly, why is the Tory Government allowing him to?



As we have seen, Khan has a temper and ego typically associated with insecure people of short stature. When asked to help the Jewish community of London in an assembly meeting and ban the flags of Hezbollah being carried on marches, how this manifests itself can be clearly seen.

One would expect the panel set up to review London’s history to broadly represent the UK, ie approximately 84% white. However of the chosen people for this panel, only 4 of the 15 are not BAME. Some are not even from or based in the UK. All have a left wing activism background. It would not be unreasonable to assume that they have an axe to grind before they have even started, as we look at the backgrounds of a few:


Keith Magee – “Professor of Social Justice”. As an American who was raised and worked in the US, he will have a say on English historical representation. Vocally anti Trump.

Debbie Weekes-Bernard – Deputy Mayor of London for Social Integration, bio reads “anti-poverty, social justice, race, gender, equality”.

Justine Simmons – From Manhatten, New York – the supervising producer for video for TIME, 10 years at the New York Times and earlier career at CNN.

Toyin Agbetu – a ‘Panafricanist’ from Hackney who founded the activist group ‘lIgali’, created to challenge British media on ‘Afriphobia’.

Pedro Gill – Member Architects for Change (AfC) the RIBA Expert Advisory Group which advises on matters relating to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Lynette Nabbosa – whose profile flies the flag of Uganda rather then the Union flag, and contains a picture of the far left activist group ‘Black Lives Matter’. In October 2020 wrote that the UK is the common denominator in atrocities across the world, and ‘where you find examples of white supremacy, all roads lead back to my country of birth’

Riz Ahmed – called Boris Johnson ‘an out and out complete c*nt’.

Aindrea Emelife – celebrated the mob removal of Edward Coulston’s statue in Bristol and described the treatment of the statue as ‘karma’.


Social Media is quite revealing about their potential ‘unconscious bias’ before they even start the process, which suggests that the panel should not have been made up of activists and those with an axe to grind. The outcome die is already cast it appears.


The there is the matter of cost. At a time when the Mayor of London is pleading with Prime Minister Boris Johnson for more funding, how can this exercise by a justified use of taxpayer’s money. The initial setup of phase one has already cost a quarter of a million. However from a mayor who has spent millions of petty political stunts with fireworks on New Year’s Eve, perhaps this unpopular waste of public money should come as no surprise.



It is without question that the vast majority of the British public is against tampering with history in this way. Anyone ‘triggered’ by a statue of someone who lived 400 years ago frankly requires help rather than indulging. The thin end of the wedge means, what is next? There will never be a point of ‘that is it, we are happy now’. The media and identity politics of the left has created an out of control grievance culture, and unless this is challenged quickly, the future of where this could lead to should concern us all.

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