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Guest Article by Pym Purnell


On the 26th January 2018 five young men were walking along Shepiston Lane (Hayes) on their way to a girls sixteenth birthday party at a local football club. At 20.40 that night they were hit by a black Audi driven by Jaynesh Chudasama (28) killing Josh McGuinness (16) George Wilkinson (16) and Harry Rice (17. Following the collision the driver  and his passenger fled the scene and the other two young men who were also hit by the vehicle chased after them, capturing Chudasama and detaining him until the Police arrived. The passenger was able to complete his escape.

Note – Regarding the identity of the passenger this has not been released, although his age was reported as 34 on the BBC and other media organisations. He eventually handed himself after 7pm on Sunday 28th January, although it is believed this may be because he was aware that he was about to be imminently arrested. When the Police were looking for him they released photographs of someone they wished to speak to and obviously this may or may not have been him. Whoever he was it was also claimed that he had posted support for ISIS on his social media and it would be helpful if this could be clarified one way or the other.

It is also claimed that after the sentencing of Chudasama this man posted a video on instagram where he shouted at the Police, again it would be interesting if we (the public) could get to see this.

After the ‘incident’ the Police very quickly released reports stating that it was not terrorist related and the media simply reported that it was a case of dangerous driving, that the stretch of road is a death trap. Witnesses also described seeing 2 boys attacking a man before Police arrived. You may recall  reports that claimed the young men were waiting at a bus stop at the time of the collision.


Harry Rice, 16 (pictured), was making his way to a 16th birthday party alongside two friends when he and two friends were ploughed into by an Audi at a bus stop in Hayes, West London.

Chudasama was jailed for 13 years after admitting three counts of death by dangerous driving and it seems that the Police, court, media and politicians have accepted that traces of alcohol and cannabis found in his system were a contributing factor. Eight hours  after the crash he was registered as having 79 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, which is 1 milligram below the legal limit, and from this it is estimated he would have had 213 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood at the time of the crash.

It was noted that he was driving at 71mph on a 60mph road using the right turn filter lane to overtake a car travelling at 30mph and went the wrong side of a number of keep left bollards. Some street lights were not functioning and there was overhanging greenery from the cemetery.
The passenger has so far not faced any charges.https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-43574133

Jaynesh Chudasama, jailed for 13 years, was driving at more than 70mph when he crashed in London.

So, it would seem this was just a simple case of two young men drinking too much, taking a bit of cannabis, driving too fast and losing control of the vehicle causing this very tragic event, a very sad and all too familiar occurrence.

But just how accurate is that portrayal, or are there more sinister motivational factors behind the actions of Chudasama and his passenger  that might be connected to a desire to wish to commits acts of terrorism, or support for terrorism, or possibly hatred of those who are not muslims or do not look like muslims and in particular look like white English people?
Shall we start with their ages, 28 seems slightly too old to be unaware of the dangers of drink driving, while someone aged 34 would be expected to be well aware of the dangers.

During the trial the defence Q.C. claimed that Chudasama was in Stockley Park drinking with friends due to peer pressure, although why a man of 28 would be influenced to drink and drive and what friends would do this to their companion was not explained. I can not find any information of where Chudasama was alleged to have been drinking with his friends and as far as I know no CCTV evidence of them drinking was provided and no evidence of drinking in the car was found, no empty beer cans or bottles. It also begs the question if a man of 28 can be influenced to put his and others lives at risk by drink driving, what else could he be influenced into doing, and what might a 34 year old possible ISIS supporter try to influence someone to do?

And although Chudasama had previous convictions for battery, plus cautions for cannabis possession and possession by theft, these were from 2012/13. Incidentally the family were originally told by the Police that Chudasama had no previous convictions, which may have been an attempt to hide the facts. The Police also informed them that he was born in England when he was of Indian origin. I can not find credible information saying when he came to the UK.

If Chudasama had lost control of the car and veered onto the pavement into the group of lads, would you not expect to see him try to swerve back out of the way, or at least brake as hard as he could – would you not expect to see his instincts take over, and if we do not see this is it not fair to wonder if he has decided mentally to over ride his instinctive reactions because of some premeditated decision.

In the official Police collision report it was clearly stated that Chudasama was in control of the car when he mounted the pavement. This report was not produced during the court case, and the media have failed to look into this disparity between what was said in court and what was said in the collision report.

It is also worth noting that Chudasama worked in a car hire establishment, and if he worked in the collection and delivery of vehicles would it be unreasonable to suspect that he would have a good standard of driving and would at least have a very good knowledge of driving laws, particularly concerning drink driving. He would have known that if he was caught drink driving he would lose his licence and quite possibly put his job at risk.

Additionally when looking into whether or not Chudasama and the passenger were motivated in any way into committing this act, or something similar, maybe clues can be provided by their actions in the lead up to it. It is known from Police reports that they spent 2 hours and 20 minutes in the car in Asda car park, without getting out, and this is confirmed by CCTV. They left Asda car park at 6.20pm turning left as they exited. There is no further CCTV available until they appeared at Shepiston Lane at 8.40pm. The Police have said they had used mobile phones while in Asda car park, but have not said to whom. After leaving the car park it is claimed they went to Stockley Park where they met some friends and drank alcohol. Who were these friends, did any of them confirm this and why is there no further CCTV available that supports this, did they not pass any more CCTV cameras? There are plenty of CCTV cameras in and around Stockley Park including vehicle recognition cameras. The families were told that the picture quality was not good enough and there was not enough time to recheck them or get the images enhanced. Although it was claimed that the passenger’s phone was picked up in Stockley Park during the time period. Again, it has not been revealed with whom he was in contact.

It would also be appropriate for us to be officially told the religion of Chudasama and the passenger, and this  should include whether they have shown any support for terrorist, or terrorist acts, or in way shown that they have anti-western and/or anti-British views or opinions. It is notable that we have not been told anything about their political / social / religious views, although, there is plenty of speculation available online. It has been reported in GetWestLondon that Chudasama allowed his beard to grow which may or may not signify something.


Hayes fatal crash: Updates from the Old Bailey as Jaynesh Chudasama sentenced over deaths of Harry Rice, George Wilkinson and Josh McGuinness


Of further concern is the attitude of the Police and legal services towards the families, and the apparent desire by these organisations to ensure that the case was not considered in any way to be anything other than a terrible accident. Such examples of this are where the Police informed the families that Chudasama was born in the UK and had no previous convictions, and then saying to them that it could not be a terrorist attack because they had no weapons and had been drinking. It must be noted that there were witnesses who said the passenger had a bag, which could have contained weapons, but it is self evident that the car itself is a highly dangerous weapon. It is also worth noting that there are cases where terrorists know they are about to embark on a terrorist attack use drugs, alcohol and prostitutes just before because they believe they will be forgiven for those sins because of their actions. It was widely reported that the 9/11 terrorists visited prostitutes and strip bars just before killing thousands of innocent people.

There are many cases both in the UK and around the world where cars have run into people in what appears to be a deliberate and targeted attack, yet they are treated as accidents or some other reason other than possible links to Islamic terrorism. An example is the case of Lugman Aslam  who drove his car at 5 men in Leicester and claimed in court that it had been in retaliation for racist abuse, although the argument had finished and the 5 men were walking away


Van driver who mounted pavement in revenge attack has sentence cut on appeal. Luqman Aslam drove his vehicle onto the pavement after seeing red following an earlier clash with the group of men in Leicester city centre.

There are other cases from New York, Melbourne and Moscow during the world cup, and in all cases the authorities and media state that they are not connected to terrorism.


A former Afghan refugee faces 18 counts of attempted murder after the incident in Flinders Street.
In many respects this is similar to the grooming cases that have plagued the United Kingdom and other countries for many years, possibly since the late 1970’s. The authorities had been, and still are unwilling to look into any possible connection with islam, and fear of being called racists or islamaphobic has made the authorities nervous about discovering anything that might mean the victims are being deliberately targeted for some reason. And it is this possible reason that we are afraid to uncover or discuss or contemplate.
For example, in Rotherham alone the Independent Police Complaints Commission identified 60 officers and 100 others were in their sights for ignoring victims pleas.


Rotherham sex scandal: More than 160 officers facing claims they ignored victims’ pleas ROTHERHAM abuse scandal investigators are probing more than 160 police officers over allegations they systematically ignored complaints of widespread child sexual exploitation.
As well as the reluctance of the Police to investigate all possible angles and motivations for this crime, the judicial services, including the prosecution have appeared unwilling to apply critical thought and open mindedness to this case, and instead seem determined to prove it was accidental, case closed. This culminated in the impact statements of the parents being altered with large sections being crossed out. On the CPS website it states that
‘Once the statement is completed and signed, a VPS (like any formal statement) cannot be changed or withdrawn, However, victims can submit a further VPS to add to or clarify anything in the original VPS (Victims’ Code Chapter 2 Part A paragraph 1.18) 
See section in the link below headed the form of the VPS


Prosecution guidance. This guidance assists our prosecutors when they are making decisions about cases. It is regularly updated to reflect changes in law and practice.

I am not saying this is a terrorist incident, I am simply saying there is enough evidence and reasonable suspicion to suggest it could be and this needs looking into, but at the very least these 2 men demonstrated a total disregard towards the lives of 3 young white English men. But it was not only Chudasama and the passenger that showed this disregard to Josh, George and Harry, it is also the Police, all the legal services, the media for failing to properly investigate and demonstrate healthy curiosity, and finally our politicians for failing to get involved and ensure justice is pursued for these young men and their families.

I recall hearing a particular phrase when detectives and the Police service investigate any crime –  follow the evidence, and it seems, in this case, that the evidence was not even searched for, moreover, the only evidence looked for, was to prove the case they wanted to make.


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