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We all know about the horrors that have been occurring in Britain in places like Rotherham, Telford, Oxford, etc in regards to child grooming gangs, if you don’t then you seriously need to pull your head out of the sand and take a good look around at what is happening here in Britain. Unfortunately, it is not even a case of the laws are not there in place to protect our children, it is far more of a case of our laws are not being implemented as they should be because far too many people are in fear of being branded racists for doing so. I am not really sure how any person could ever seriously justify such an argument to themselves but it is clearly happening and that is only making a bad situation far worse.

However, there is also another major problem that is being wilfully ignored just as much, if not more; and that is the plight of young women actually from the same communities as those responsible for the grooming gangs. These young women are the modern day slaves of Britain and it would be wrong to imply that one form of abuse is worse than the other because in a civilised society they are both so abhorrent it is hard to imagine what all these young girls have had to go through. What must it be like for young Muslim girls who are forced to undergo FGM, forced into marriages where they are abused and treated as slaves, then killed should they do anything whatsoever to dishonour their own family, such as speak out against the abuse they have been enduring and more times than not are actually murdered by their own family members.

Isn’t it time we admitted that the abuse of British children is at an epidemic stage and it is not limited to working class white girls being plied with alcohol and then sexually abused. There is a clear and undeniable problem within the Muslim community here in Britain in regards to how they treat women, inside or outside of their own community and if they are going to treat women within their community with such disdain then they are going to treat those outside it even worse. We will never find a solution to this problem unless we first admit it really is such a widespread problem with the victims only ever crime is to be young and female.

To fully understand the plight of a Muslim young woman here in Britain, watch this video about Banaz Mahmod, who was brutally murdered by family members in 2006:


The video is heart wrenching and shows us all a problem within the Muslim communities that is being ignored and unless we find a way of putting a stop to the mistreatment of women within their own community, we will stand little chance of stopping the continued abuse of young girls outside of it. It was refreshing to see that the police investigation team of the murder of Banaz were truly diligent and never gave up on bringing her murderers to justice. Listening to some of the comments made by them certainly restored a little bit of my own faith in the police but it is very clear that there are many who have been all too willing to turn a blind eye and in some cases they have even arrested victims of grooming rather than actually arresting the perpetrators. If working class white girls are being failed so badly by the authorities what chance do those like Banaz actually have, she went to the police five times pleading for help before she was brutally murdered. It really is deeply concerning that we seem to be allowing a certain culture in our country to simply get away with what has been happening, not just in regards to grooming gangs but also the abhorrent treatment of young woman in their own community.

The figures for honour related attacks, here in Britain is really quite staggering and these are only the ones that are being reported. If a child goes missing, it is only known to the police when the family report that child as a missing person. When the family are the perpetrators, that initial report is less likely to happen. To understand how bad this is in Britain today you only need to check out the statistics here:

Over 5,000 reported “honour” related attacks a year, should be of concern to anyone, especially when only a small fraction actually get reported, I dread to think what the actual true figure is. As to what is actually honourable about attacking and even killing young women for nothing more than wanting a life better than being abused on a daily basis is beyond me!

Even the BBC have recently highlighted the problems in regards to grooming gangs and the lack of justice that has been happening in Britain but the plight of young Muslim women in forced marriages, who are receiving the same brutal treatment, probably on a more regular basis are being ignored. It is time we addressed the real problem which is quite clearly there are some men in Muslim communities that have zero respect for women and government has a duty to protect all women regardless of race or culture from those sort of men. It is simply a mindset that is not compatible with our way of life here in Britain and unless we attack the problem at the source we can never expect to cure that problem. I actually doubt very much that if we managed to put a victim of grooming in the same room as someone who has gone through the same horrors as Banaz, their stories would be very much different. So we need to find ways to protect all the victims.

Laws are created to protect all of society and by not implementing those laws fully we are failing as a society. The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 makes it a criminal offence to force someone to marry. This includes taking someone overseas to force them to marry (whether or not the forced marriage takes place) and yet forced marriages still continue to happen here in Britain. The Prohibition of Female Circumcision Act 1985, made FGM illegal in Britain and it was later extended to cover anyone who took a child out of the country to have this abhorrent treatment done to their child. It is still happening today and as far as I know there has not been a single conviction and yet it is reported that over 50% of London doctors have had to deal with cases of FGM. Between April 2016 and March 2017 there were 9,179 attendances reported at NHS trusts and GP practices where FGM was identified or a procedure for FGM was undertaken according to government figures.

So it is axiomatic to state that the government and local authorities are failing in their remit to protect society’s young women and that needs to change very quickly because once people lose faith in the law, anarchy will undoubtedly soon follow. How can we ever expect a victim of FGM to come forward and speak out when they can clearly see that the law in regards to that particular crime is already failing them and they also know they a probably risking death by speaking out about it. We need government to step up to the mark and ensure that so much more is done to protect young people in Britain because the longer they do nothing the worse it is going to get and that will only ever make it so much harder to eradicate a clear and present danger to young women of Britain.

Marty Caine