The election of Sadiq Khan to Mayor of London in 2016 was a cause for concern for much of the British public, certainly outside of the multicultural melting pot of London. In the run up to his election, Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith was predictably smeared as an ‘Islamophobe’ for raising genuine concerns about the suitability for the role of Khan. Legitimate questions were shut down with cries of ‘racism’ in the all too predictable fashion by Labour politicians and the media. But were those concerns legitimate? We review Khan’s history as the Met Police Federation announce that they have ‘no faith’ in Sadiq Khan following the stepping down of Met Police Chief Ms. Cressida Dick.

The question we raise is this. Should Sadiq Khan hold the position of Mayor in England’s capital city?

Khan was born in 1970, the son of Pakistani immigrants. Khan trained and worked as a ‘human rights’ lawyer in London prior to becoming an MP. His position in the law firm ‘Christian Khan’, of which he was a partner, was “Head of Actions Against the Police”.

1994 – 2004 Khan’s law firm sued the police 328 times, whilst taking in £1.3m in taxpayer funded legal aid.

2001: Khan represented black supremacist and anti-white conspiracy theorist ‘Nation of Islam’ leader Louis Farrakhan in a case versus the Home Secretary

2002: Represented Maajid Nawaz and three other men accused of trying to revive Hizb ut-Tahrir in Egypt

During much of this time, Khan was a Labour councillor on Wandsworth Council representing Tooting. He became the Labour candidate and was elected to Parliament in 2005. He wasted no time in opposing Tony Blair’s proposal to hold suspected Islamic Terrorists for 90 days without charge, a campaign he was successful in along with other Labour MPs. In 2016 he wrote to Blair along with other prominent muslims opposing British foreign policy, claiming British policies fuelled the extremists that threaten us all.

Khan has to repay expenses on more than one occasion after being found to have breached the rules.

In 2004, Khan shockingly shared a platform with five Islamic extremists at a political meeting at Tooting Islamic Centre arranged by ‘Friends of Al-Asqa’, a Pro Palestine group who had their banking closed down in 2016. One of the attendees threatened ‘fire throughout the world’, while others included a Hamas supporter, a preacher who backs an ‘Islamic State’ and a muslim leader accused of advocating attacks on the Royal Navy if they stopped arms being smuggled into Gaza. Women were forced to enter the meeting by a separate entrance, and Khan claimed he wasn’t attending as a Labour representative, but as a ‘human rights lawyer’, despite being billed as such as seen on the poster below. Jeremy Corbyn was also scheduled to attend but his office claim he didn’t.

Speakers on the bill included Daud Abdullah, who led a boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day in 2005 when he was deputy secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain. In 2009 Dr Abdullah signed the Istanbul Declaration — a document that was widely interpreted as calling for violence against Israel and condoning attacks on British forces.

Another speaker was Ibrahim Hewitt, who wrote a notorious pamphlet that branded homosexuality a “great sin” and suggested adulterers should be “stoned to death”. Mr Hewitt spoke as chair of Interpal, a charity that says it provides humanitarian and emergency aid. In 2003 Interpal was designated as a “global terrorist” organisation by the US Treasury with claims that it was “utilised to hide the flow of money to Hamas”.

Speaker Dr Azzam Tamimi has said he wants Israel destroyed and replaced with an Islamic state. In 2006 he was among speakers at a protest in London against the publication of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed when he told Sky News: “Fire will be throughout the world if they don’t stop.”

Next up was radical Tooting imam Suliman Gani, who has called women “subservient” to men and has condemned gay people.

2008 The Sunday Times claim that a conversation in Woodhill Prison between Khan and Terrorist prisoner Babar Ahmad was bugged by Anti Terror Police – with the police deciding it was necessary and authorising the action.

2010 Khan used Harris Bokhari, an anti Israel activist in his election campaign, who reportedly used anti Ahmadiyya sentiment to stir up the predominantly Sunni muslim vote at at Tooting mosque. Bokhari claims he ‘does not remember’ the meeting. Khan’s Lib Dem opponent was Ahmadiyya muslim Nasser Butt. The hostility towards Ahmadiyya muslims and the muslim sectarianism in Britain revealed itself to the public with the assassination of Glasgow Shopkeeper Asad Shah, who wished ‘Happy Easter’ on Social media, enraging Sunni muslim Tanveer Ahmed who drove to Scotland from Bradford and stabbed him to death in his shop. In 2019 Khan appointed Bokhari onto his “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Group”, and in 2020 Boris Johnson made him a trustee of the Natural History Museum. Bokhari was awarded an OBE in 2015.

2015 Khan nominated Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Leadership Election

2020 Khan allowed violent BLM gatherings in London without opposition, whilst condemning gatherings of ‘statue protectors’ who were appalled at the vandalism and destruction of British monuments going unchallenged in Khan’s London. The police response to both groups have been heavily criticised, as has Khan’s decision to ‘board up’ the statue of Winston Churchill rather than protect it from vandalism. Khan supported the removal of statues with ‘links to slavery’ and authorised removals, setting up a controversial tax payer funded group to look at London’s historical architecture, road signs and statues. The group includes actor and muslim activist Riz Ahmed who we have covered previously.

Khan showed his displeasure for democracy post the Brexit referendum, repeatedly agitating against the majority vote of the British people, including a petulant tax payer funded firework display on New Year’s Eve displaying EU colours. His lack of financial competence has been relentless, with his answer to all London’s woes being demands from the Tories for more money. For example, when the stated the traditional free TFL services on New Year’s Eve in 2021 couldn’t be afforded, he ignored calls to find a commercial sponsor to cover the costs. This lack of proactivity and tight management has resulted in spiralling TFL costs and a Council Tax rise of 9.5% in 2021.

At the start of the COVID pandemic, mask and lockdown enthusiast Khan struck a different note. Despite no medical background he claimed there was ‘no risk’ of catching COVID on the London Underground. Strangely, the critics of Tory policy, including Khan himself, seem to have overlooked this dangerous and reckless advice in the early stages of the pandemic. Khan and his advice will likely not feature in the public inquiry. Khan struck a lone voice calling out for masks to continue being worn on the Underground, without providing evidence to justify, after the Government dropped the mask mandate sparking much criticism and suggestion that Khan’s approach was preventing London’s economic recovery.

Khan entered a series of spats with US President Donald Trump, resulting in Trump famously referring to Khan as a ‘Stone Cold Loser’ as his plane was landing in London. One of Khan’s criticisms of President Trump was the decision of the American President to move the Embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

Acid attacks, knife crime and gang violence has risen sharply in London under Khan’s tenure, after Khan opposed ‘stop and search’, stating it unfairly targeted the black community (despite the overwhelming majority of attacks / victims being young black men). Khan has been criticised for diverting attention away from his terrible record in this area, being accused of allowing London to become a lawless city.

The question remains – was Khan a fit and proper person to become Mayor of London?

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