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I came across John Woods on Twitter and reached out to him for an interview. There are not many people in Glasgow who are vocal about the rape gangs and I know that there is no way Scotland has escaped this evil so to find someone else who believes this and is vocal about it too is very positive.

John Woods Co –Editor of Column Five, from Glasgow

Why are you not able to do this interview via Skype?

Like many people, I cannot write as my own name publicly, because a cohort of perpetually offended far-left activists seem to get sadistic pleasure out of ruining the lives of those who they disagree with.

All over the Western world, good people are being sacked and having their lives turned upside down because they said something in public deemed to be ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ to leftist kangaroo courts.

The media is fully on board with these witch-hunts, Police Scotland are constantly tweeting about ‘hate speech’ and receive huge support from a censorship-obsessed Scottish Government.

It’s the whole establishment and their ground forces, the SJWs, all geared up to sort anyone out who posts a mean tweet or offends someone with a fact.

At this moment in time, I am not prepared to go public. I will absolutely go public in the future, because like many people in Europe, I’m getting tired of seeing our countries turned into Third World hell-holes by Muslim migrants who refuse to assimilate.

How did you become aware of the rape gangs?

I first became aware of the rape gangs in Glasgow via the press last year. In August, information had been passed to the Wishaw Press that a group of men from Glasgow have been preying on girls in the Lanarkshire area. In September it was announced in the media an investigation had been launched into a grooming gang that’s been targeting teenagers at the ‘Four Corners’ in Glasgow, near Central Station. Most weekends, teenagers, from very young to older young adults hang out there, usually drinking or smoking weed. It seems this grooming gang had been picking up minors there.

Is it common knowledge in Glasgow? Are people scared of being called ‘racist’ or just turning a blind eye to it all?

I don’t think it is common knowledge in Glasgow that these child rape gangs are in operation here – we’ve been a little naive in Scotland and assumed these were problems limited to England.

After all, we’ve not had the same levels of immigration consume our neighbourhoods, we’ve not lost entire towns like parts of England have to Islamic immigration from the Middle East.

One area that has been badly impacted is the south side of Glasgow, especially an area called Govanhill – it’s been infamous for rapes, sex attacks and violence. Much of Govanhill is more akin to Middle Eastern slums now.

While everyone knows this about Govanhill and the demographics of the south side of Glasgow, I do not think the public expected there to be child rape gangs or grooming rings there. Perhaps locals are, but I and people I know certainly were not.

So, its come as a slight shock, despite everyone being well aware of the dangerous environment immigration has created in parts of Glasgow.

It makes it all the more important that members of the public begin to take up arms, metaphorically, with blogs and social media to contribute to this new public information campaign that seems to be gathering momentum.

Have you contacted any politicians and what response if any have you had?

As Column Five, we have been approaching politicians on social media to encourage them to acknowledge the mere existence of news articles about child rape gangs operating in Glasgow.

Members of the public will not believe how vastly these announcements from police have been side-lined and ignored by mainstream politicians in Glasgow and across Scotland.

We managed to get James Dornan MSP to make a statement on Twitter when we piled some pressure on him. Even when he did answer, his response was shallow.

You see, people like Dornan are fully governed under the speech-codes and rules of left-wing politics, which basically means you cannot criticise any of what they believe are ‘marginalised’ communities, such as any racial minority, Muslims or transgender people, to name some.

They are driven by their ideology and not reality, so go to great lengths to kid themselves on that the problem isn’t related to a particular racial or religious group. They find so many excuses to relieve the said group of responsibility. It is Cultural Marxism, to put a term to it.

Dornan refused to acknowledge the problem that these grooming gangs are men from Pakistan – or roughly from that region – and more often than not of the Muslim faith. Recognising this pattern is not racist; it’s actually a fairly scientific method of analysing information.

James Dornan might be the first politician to speak out on the matter, which I think is fairly terrifying given how crap his statement was.

The reason so many children were raped in the likes of Rotherham and Rochdale is because politicians and authorities held back due to fear of being branded racist by left-wing agitators, media outlets and opposition politicians. This same lack of will is what we’re observing here.

What reasons do you think are behind the cover up?

The reasons people don’t speak about it is because they fear being called racist or Islamophobic, and being seen as some sort of bigot. They know these child rape gangs are dominated by Muslims and those of Pakistani or similar origin, so they feel they are criticising that community and causing offence.

There is also the fact that their ideology on immigration is directly responsible for these grooming gangs forming across the United Kingdom. To admit they exist and speak out against them is an admission of their own failures.

Regularly, Scotland’s progressive politicians stand up and argue for more immigration, that diversity is our strength and if you disagree you are racist and close-minded. Are they suddenly going to turn around and recognise their policies have created child rape gangs? I don’t think so.

There is also a problem that our side is very working class, so our arguments can often appear unfettered and let’s just say, very passionate. Would a self-centred politically correct politician want to share a stage with us? They are too scared of the optics of sharing a reality with those they have spent years calling ‘fascists’ and ‘Nazis’ for speaking truth to power over mass migration from the world’s shit-holes.

Some think politicians won’t go after the Muslim communities because they rely on the vote. I don’t think that is true, I hope it isn’t, but you never know.

Where do you see this heading?

I predict more and more people will start venting their disgust at establishment politicians, media outlets and authorities for their lack of action over grooming gangs and radical Islam.

I think a lot more people will begin to learn about Islam and what motivates these men to organise child rape gangs and commit acts of terror against civilians.

Most loud critics of Islam are censored to varying degrees in public life, so I predict more and more people being banned on social media and refused wide-reaching platforms.

I highly doubt there will be any arrests made in the near future, unless it’s of people criticising Islam – which makes our activism all that more important.




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