I first joined Twitter in January 2011 – I wanted to share my views, after all that’s what Twitter first started out for, a platform for people to express themselves. I did not want to use my real name for the very reason I may get hounded for having a different opinion.

Social media to me is important it’s a form of socialising and debate, I could share things I liked and discuss things I find appealing and interesting. Great! Well for a time anyway.

I don’t follow the gay crowd and have often been referred to as the ‘Gay Black Sheep’ as I walk in a different direction to most all of the other gay people. However, I have since found that I am not the only gay person here who has a different opinion to that of the many.

For speaking out and giving my side of things I find myself on the end of abuse from certain individuals because I say something different and not ‘toe the line’ of the gay community as a gay person.

I first started to get aggressive attention from a user in late 2012 who seemed to think I should have the same outlook as he does because I’m gay. That I should join forces and stop being ‘homophobic’ – Now, I’m a bit confused here, how can I be gay and be ‘homophobic’ all because I don’t have the same comments or views as he does.

So following this campaign of targeted obsessive behavior and harassment, I changed my user name, but after a few weeks this individual found me again and it continued.

Getting a bit fed up of getting these tweets, I muted him ( I won’t block people just because I disagree with them, for me it has to be serious to block someone) Because I muted him, he wasn’t getting to me, so he would now take screenshots of my tweets and, and retweet my tweets so others will come and Target me. And then it started.

This individual went out of this way to recruit at least five other people to harass and stalk me on his behalf, they would all share my tweets which in return encouraged more of their kind to target me. I did block him on one occasion, but this turned out to be worse, as he would take screenshots of my tweets, and post them. His gang would soon after do the same, and they did. Every day I would find myself getting messages and emails and tweets from people I didn’t know, but seem to relate to this individual and the others that he has recruited. This went on for 14 months.

These people then searched the internet to find out who I ‘really was’ – I mean can you believe this? This is really bordering on severe stalking, when you are so obsessed with someone that you search for details about them. They found my Facebook profile, remember they didn’t know my real name, or my location, but they found me. It would then appear that they had been sharing information with other people who them come and harass me on the individual’s behalf, I have had emails comments, direct messages, all telling me that I am.

If you are a follower you will see that I use a caricature image of myself, it is a sketch of me because. Why you ask? The first thing the ‘offended’ brigade go for when you disagree with them is your image. They will plaster it everywhere. Because they are immature little people who cannot handle someone else saying something that goes against their own thinking, outlook and beliefs. I have seen other people vilified online for not having the same views, and their photo or image is being used to harass and vilify them and appears all over the Internet.

Since all this has happened I have gone to great lengths to protect my identity, I have had to change addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and I have also had to pay to hide my publicly available details.

Having my personal name placed on social media and being intimidated and harassed has caused me a great deal of alarm and distress and anxiety.

I feel exposed and violated and it’s all because this one individual who is a gay man seems obsessed that I, a gay man, speak, think and believe differently from him, and he cannot accept or in fact cope with the fact that I see things differently and have a different opinion. He sees it as his mission to ensure that I must, and should, think and believe as he does.

Finally, in late 2016 I reported it to the police with reams of tweets and paper, they were not sure how to deal with it. A gay man having a different view that went against the others?

It took them six months to look at my case and they didn’t really want to do anything; my belief is that they didn’t want to get accused of being ‘homophobic’.

The suspect was officially warned and was told to call off his gang and all went quiet. It still is thankfully. Several weeks later, I found out that he had been permanently banned from Twitter for several reasons.

The radical LGBT do not like people having a different view, especially those whom share once small aspect with them, they really do believe all gay people should have the same view, be the same, act the same. Heard that somewhere before? I have too.

Those that were once bullied, have now become the bullies. These are the people demanding tolerance, crying foul when people don’t agree or support them.

My views haven’t changed, if fact I have grown more determined, and have found that I am not the only man who happens to be gay out there with similar views and thoughts.

This man shall not be beaten.