by Andy Mac 22/05/2019

Not far from where I work in the Bradford suburb of Queensbury, there’s a fabulous little sandwich shop called ‘Maguires’. I pop in there on occasions when I fancy a treat. As a creature of habit, my sandwich choice is nearly always the same – ham with lashings of English mustard on a brown teacake. I love mustard in sandwiches. I can’t get enough of it.

Recently, a chap standing behind me decided to copy my order and request the same sandwich filling (but on white). After taking his first bite, he went on to complain about how much the copious amounts of mustard had burnt the inside of his mouth. ‘If that’s the case’, I thought, ‘why order a sandwich with mustard in it?’ If you know something is dangerous, unpleasant, troublesome or incompatible, you don’t go around asking for it, engaging with it or encouraging it!

Bearing that in mind, I had to laugh at Birmingham Yardley MP, Jess Phillips, when she was remonstrating with one of the Muslim school protesters yesterday. You may have seen the coverage on the telly of a group of burka and pyjama-clad Neanderthals, who object to their children being told that we live in a country where homosexual relationships have been legal for 52 years, that some people are naturally drawn towards others of the same sex, and as a consequence they have the right to be accepted fully by the rest of society.

Phllips in heated debated with Shakeel Afsar (who has no children at the school) c/o Sky News

“You don’t get to choose what bits of the Equality Act 2010 you like and which ones you don’t, mate” said Phillips, angrily, as she exchanged verbal assaults with Caveman-in-chief, Shakeel Afsar. I have news for you, Jess: they DO get to pick and choose which aspects of the Equality Act 2010 they like and which ones they don’t. Or at least they think they do. And do you know why? Because so-called ‘progressive’, multi-culti-loving morons like you have not only spent decades importing these people into our country by the tanker-load, but telling them time and time again just how much their cultural proclivities are equal to the prevailing cultures and norms we’ve had in Britain for generations. You’re amongst the devotees of a sociological train of thought that has legitimised prehistoric dress codes, prehistoric attitudes towards women and gays, prehistorical attitudes towards the sexual innocence of young girls, isolationism of Muslim communities and all the other negative facets of having this religion’s footprint in our country.

Finally, the unstoppable force of ‘progressive values’ has met the immovable object of Islamic intransigence. People like you created this mess; you own it, love.