The launch of a new book on Islamic extremism has been postponed after its author was inundated by the heroic survivors of grooming gangs right across the country.

In an exclusive interview with AltNewsMedia, former Vote Leave coordinator Jay Beecher said the release of his new book The Fifth Column had been delayed by up to two months after dozens of victims of Muslim grooming gangs came forward to break silence on the abuse they suffered. In total, the 30-year-old says he has spoken to around 30 victims of child sexual exploitation in towns such as Telford, Manchester, Birmingham and Bradford as well as across the border in Scotland.

Some of the gruesome accounts in the book include:

  • One girl who was raped by neighbours and regularly gang-raped by up to 10 men at a time
  • 19-year-old girl who just weeks ago was allegedly spiked and raped by a Muslim man in his 50s
  • A girl from Peterborough who was raped regularly by a group of eight men of Afghan and Pakistani heritage
  • Birmingham female who, at the age of 12, was raped by a Muslim neighbour and bent over a table before having five £1 coins placed into her hands as she was asked “is that enough?”

The ex-UKIP campaign manager began research into his book more than a year ago and was due to release it later this month but has now delayed its publication until June 2018 so that additional stories from the rape epidemic sweeping Britain can be included.

Talking to Shy Society, he said: “These people have been downtrodden, let down, humiliated and now deserve to be heard. It was an easy decision to postpone the release of The Fifth Column and the detailed accounts from the girls themselves and the subsequent research and investigation I’ve carried out as a result makes it impossible not to include in the book.

“Any time or money lost is far outweighed by, in a sense, the moral duty to provide these victims with a platform to finally speak out, to perhaps gain some minor form of closure, and just as importantly, to promote awareness to that other victims may find the courage to come forward and so that others can learn the signs to look out for.”


The tweet announcing the delay of the book publication.

The Fifth Column pitches itself as an investigation into Islamic extremism including the “true history and violence of Islam”, interviews with Islamic extremists, survivors of terrorist attacks and how Britain is becoming a terror state from within.

Jay added: “I’ve spent well over a year researching and becoming literally obsessed with the subject matter. In a sense it has completely taken over my life and I feel extremely passionate about raising awareness and attempting to piece the pieces together, to try to understand the historical roots and causes and the aftermath and consequences related to an event such as terrorism or rape, just as much as the event itself.

“At times, interviewing victims of terrorism and sexual exploitation; hearing their vivid stories, having grown men break down in tears in front of me, and young girls recount in uncomfortable detail their horrific ordeals at the hands of grooming gangs and Muslim men; has been mentally and emotionally testing to say the very least. But I’m extremely conscious of the importance of the work I’ve been carrying out, the impact it might have, and the truth it will most definitely expose.

“I have to admit, I knew that we had a serious problem in this country with Muslim grooming gangs and immoral, incompatible cultural practices, bit through researching for my book; speaking to survivors of rape, terrorism, female genital mutilation, forced marriages, and also to the very perpetrators of such heinous acts themselves; it’s quite clear we’ve got a far greater problem on our hands than we initially thought.”

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