The UK Home Office has refused to be drawn on demands to extend the proscription of Islamist militant group Hizballah but said it “acknowledged” the fresh calls to do so.

Almost 15,000 people have backed a campaign to proscribe the Lebanon-based Shi’a Islamist group which has called for the extermination of Jews and is responsible for murdering and maiming British soldiers. At present the British government only proscribes the “military wing” and not the “political wing” despite the organisation having only one flag and openly ridiculing any distinction between the two factions.

And in a confusing and somewhat contradictory statement from British Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s office, the government outlined that “wearing clothing or carrying articles in public” that invite support of a proscribed organisation could be an offence under UK law before admitting that the yellow and green AK-47 Hizballah flag was a symbol of both the so-called military and political wing and that “context” was important.

The statement, in response to the official Parliamentary petition, reads: “It is a criminal offence for a person to belong to a proscribed organisation, invite support for a proscribed organisation, arrange a meeting in support of a proscribed organisation, or wear clothing or carry articles in public, which arouse reasonable suspicion that an individual is a member or supporter of a proscribed organisation.”

Before going on to say: “The flag for the organisation’s military wing is the same as the flag for its political wing. Therefore, for it to be an offence for an individual to display the flags for this organisation the context and manner in which the flag is displayed must demonstrate that it is specifically in support of the proscribed elements of the group.”

A screenshot of the petition

The government said it “condemns any language or act which attempts to delegitimise the State of Israel” but failed to comment on Hizballah supporters yet again gathering in central London last Sunday for Al Quds Day where people flew the flag depicting an automatic weapon and shouted “…5,6,7,8, Israel is a terrorist state.”

They added: “The Government acknowledges the request to extend the proscription of Hizballah to cover the group’s political wing, however, whilst the list of proscribed groups is kept under review, the Government does not routinely comment on whether an organisation is or is not under consideration for proscription.”

The petition is being spearheaded by volunteer-led charity Campaign Against Antisemitism and has been signed by people from all corners of Britain with outspoken Imam Tawhidi and retired British Army officer Col Richard Kemp also voicing their support.

To view the petition, visit this link.

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